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March 10, 2021

Tony B: Since when is people dying "shortly after" being vaxed NOT PROOF that the poison killed them - always included with disclaimer remarks discouraging any examination at all to find true cause???????  Especially now that it is likely a daily occurrence.  The exposed list of poisons in these things is almost endless.

Who is dumb enough to believe these lies of "no connection", especially when these super profitable vax selling liars have bought every necessary politician so that they supposedly cannot be sued or otherwise brought to account for whatever damages they do to any human?

An unlawful crime on its surface for which every last participant in its development needs to be imprisoned forever AND ALL INVOLVED BE FORCED to take the shots on a weekly basis since they are so certain there is nothing to fear which requires rightful law to hold them to account for human damages.  All means ALL, including every last government employee or politician involved, if only by their vote.

People, get upon your feet and STOP THIS GENOCIDE.  You are NOT going to be excepted.  If you have stupidly already taken the shot your future has already been short-circuited.  The criminals now misrunning this nation will continue to take money for your life.  YOU have to stop this!

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