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Resistance to Communist Tyranny: The Falun Gong Example

March 14, 2021


"The brazen theft of the US election showed the world, this cabal just doesn't care how people actually vote or what the public wants -- they only want their way and they will lie, cheat and steal to get their way.  Many patriots worldwide are wondering what they need to do next."

by CK

The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and those aligned with it have been waging a silent war on the USA and the world for decades.  This is a war for your mind and soul and it's being fought asymmetrically.  

Unconventional means like bio-warfare, election rigging, bribery, blackmail and murder, as well as the weaponization of medicine, banking, education and media are being used against civil society in ways undreamed of in the past.  The evil cabal's hidden hand is being revealed as they force the world into their New World Order.

The brazen theft of the US election showed the world, this cabal just doesn't care how people actually vote or what the public wants -- they only want their way and they will lie, cheat and steal to get their way.  Many patriots worldwide are wondering what they need to do next.

Direct and kinetic confrontation with this evil is not recommended.  All electronic communications are fully transparent, including everything advertised as "secure and private".  You are being watched 24/7.  Security agencies, law enforcement and the courts have always been in their hands.  

"They have it all" -- Q said that, but you thought it was the bad guys, Q meant YOU.  Don't even think about any kind of organized, pre-planned anything.  Only spontaneous and non-violent acts can be effective on a large scale.

Those who think their personal armoury will bring salvation are dreaming.  That will make you dead in a hurry.  This is a war being fought against the CCP virus.  Can guns ever defeat a virus?

If the traditional solutions of voting and armed rebellion won't work, how can you win a Silent War?


This is a different kind of war and it will require a "revolution in your thinking".  The real battlefield is in people's minds and ideas.  It's a war between good and evil.   You win by exposing the evil and convincing people to stop supporting the evil.  You are literally saving souls.

One group has shown the way, against overwhelming odds and superior firepower in China.  Falun Gong practitioners, who have faced 20 years of terrible persecution that includes arrest, torture, forced labor and even live organ harvesting have persevered to this day.

Falun Gong practitioners follow Truth, Compassion and Tolerance.  They have no access to media, are arrested for exercising their rights under China's constitution (which is ignored); they are fired from their jobs, lose bank accounts, have poor social credit scores, and their misled friends and family shun them.  

Does this sound familiar?  It should because those aligned with the CCP, who persecutes Falun Gong in China, are now helping paid off politicians, media and others persecute good people in the USA and other countries.  If you are a good person, you are about to be persecuted like the Falun Gong!


Falun Gong has chosen a righteous path, they never resort to violence or politics.  Here is how they have convinced over 300m Chinese people to quit the CCP - it's called Tuidang. (from

"Tuidang, an emerging non-violent movement in China that encourages Chinese citizens to renounce their ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Short for Tuichu Gongchandang, Tuidang translates literally as "withdraw from the Communist Party."

Participation in the movement means that a person has made a public declaration that he or she wishes to disavow any previous ties with the CCP or its affiliated organizations, such as the Communist Youth League or Young Pioneers. These statements are typically signed using aliases to protect the identity of participants, and are often accompanied by explanations from the individual about why he or she no longer wishes to identify with the CCP. 

A majority of Chinese citizens belong to or previously belonged to at least one of these organizations. The term "quit the party" therefore refers to a symbolic denunciation of the CCP or any of these affiliated entities.

Is Tuidang's aim to overthrow the Communist Party?

While the Nine Commentaries denounce the Communist Party, they do not prescribe an alternative political system. Thus, while the Tuidang movement implicitly supports regime change in China, it does not advocate an overthrow of the CCP or a coup, nor does it prescribe specific institutional reforms. Rather, the focus is on a rejection of the culture of violence and duplicity propagated by the CCP and on a revival of virtue to bring about a more just and humane future China. The Tuidang movement is, in many ways, less about political revolution or institutional change and more about a spiritual and ethical revival."

How did the Falun Gong achieve these accomplishments?  They did it with tens of millions of practitioners who risk their lives to go out and talk to people face to face, heart to heart.  Good people from all countries will need to find their courage to be a hero for the future and make a difficult choice -- they need to stand up, NOW.  If there are 10m people willing to step forward and each person talks to 20 people, 200m people can hear this message in a very short period of time. Be sure to let everyone know what is behind the wicked CCP - a vicious cabal of evil satanists who are literally hellbent on mass destruction.  Everyone can:

-hand out flyers on the street

-create memes and post comments online

-make phone calls to people you don't know

-get people to quit both political parties, the Uniparty is controlled by those aligned with the CCP

-tell people the truth about how the CCP has bribed many officials in the USA

-expose the hoax virus and warn people about the dangers of the "vaccine".  It came from China!

-hang posters and paint tasteful messages in public places where they will be seen

-ask people to contact their elected officials to fix corrupt elections and bring the real lawbreakers to justice

Everyone learned from the last rigged election that you can't count on corrupt politicians or crooked laws and courts to ensure justice.  This will be a Do It Yourself operation talking to people from heart to heart.  Reject the CCP's violence and revive virtue; restore the constitutional law.  That is the way to a bright future!

Makow Comment -  What do you think of this approach? ([email protected]) My view is that the opinion of the masses is not important if the masses are unwilling to act. The Communists don't care what the masses think. They only care what the masses do. On the other hand, if the ultimate prize is the soul of man, then perhaps the Falun Gong have the right idea.


First Comment from Ken Adachi -

This is the sort of approach you would read in the Epoch Times. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the author is associated with the Epoch Times. Philosophically, it's OK and helpful to adopt an attitude of passive, righteous resistance -- when you have no other choice (E.g. Falun Gong in China) - but Americans are accustomed to the personal liberties guaranteed by our Constitutional Republic, are not submissive by nature, and have  the 10th Amendment which says that any power that's not SPECIFICALLY allocated to the Federal government - by the Constitution - shall remain in the hands of each individual state and its citizens. The Demo-Commie Thievery Party stole the election thanks to the installation of electronic voting  machines originated by Illuminati go'fer George W Bush around 2003 (Diebolt) .

Russell Ramsland of Allied Security, did a terrific job in explaining precisely how the Demo-Commies stole the 2020 Election in a Nov. 5, 2020 interview with  L. Todd Wood, just TWO days after the Nov. 3 election.

Personally, I think it's wiser to ban all electronic voting and go back to verified paper ballots and mechanical voting machines like we use to have throughout America until Bush and his JWO Neocon Team help push through the HAVA Act, bring in JWO-controlled electronic machines/software, and trash the traditional mechanical voting machines - which were nearly impossible to rig.

Ramsland said that electronic voting COULD be made secure if we actually took some intelligent and common sense precautions by keeping all of the data in trusted hands, in trusted locations, and subject to rigorous public scrutiny and oversight - instead of opening the barn door wide and handing it over to JWO subversive clowns like Dominion, et al.

To resist the Commie takeover of America, the FIRST thing is to avoid ruining the rest of your life by getting that damn Covid Killer Injection - because your life is TOAST if you do. You'll will either feel it NOW or later, but you WILL feel the effects of that poisoning in time and rue the day you got it (it's astounding to me  that so MANY people are wholly ignorant of the true facts surrounding the Covid Killer jab ).
People must network and organize locally on the neighborhood, city, county and state level to END rigged electronic elections and push the JWO whores OUT OF OFFICE and into JAIL.

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Comments for "Resistance to Communist Tyranny: The Falun Gong Example"

CK (author) said (March 16, 2021):

The latest comment nails it.

"pearls before swine".

So true, but should we give up on people? I don't think we should ever give up on people.

Many are no doubt reprobates...literally headed to Hell. But there are still good people out there who still have a chance.

Did The Creator give up on us? Never! We should follow that example

The reaction to the lockdowns is one result of the cabal's money printing machine. Other countries that don't have reserve currency status can't just print money and give it to people to bribe them. Lockdowns were to destroy the rich countries.

Most people will not want to go talk to people about this because they are perfectly happy to take the bribe. They want others to do everything for them. Bribe enough people and you'll get nearly any result. How many people today truly can't be bought off with money?

And then we wonder why things are so terrible.

The problem can be seen in a mirror.

Gabriel said (March 15, 2021):

" It seems like every big group or organization is controlled by the evil forces. It's written in the protocols, every collective force will be under their control, looking through their spectacles, that they put over our noses. So you have to be wary of any group that managed to get big.

The chinese christian guy might have a point. I also heard weird stuff about buddhism before.
It's almost impossible to make people conscious just talking to them, how do you reason with a zombie? Their cognitive dissonance has no bounds.

Coming from a Jewish family, I've tried to educate my mom, for the last 10 years, about the reality of things. Told her not to get the vaccine and the reasons why. Talked to her a few days ago and told me she got the first dose. So you wanna frustrate yourself, you wanna throw pearls at pigs, like it says in the bible, then go try to awake the fools.

What to do then? Prepare for the worst and survive. It's getting to the point where we are gonna have to organize and create surviving communities in places like Central America. We are gonna need to get out of the first world before they bring the iron curtains down.

Cheng -Chinese Christian said (March 15, 2021):

As for Fa-Lun-Gong, here is a new thread, "A Japanese fascist mind control cult called Happy Science joins Falun Gong in the list of participants in the Conservative Political Action Conference."

As a Christian, I won't praise any cult-alike pagan religion like Fa-Lun-Gong. They are always diversions, leading people away from the only true religion, faith in Christ Jesus. Fa-Lun-Gong is derived from Buddahism, In which basically there is nothing false or true, nothing righteous or evil, everything is void and empty, and circling around. Its conception is a mess, and people need that toxin, to dumb their conscience, lusting after prosperity, or resting in pity. IMO, Fa-Lun-Gong is controlled opposition from the very beginning or it is infiltrated later. The Epoch Times is controlled opposition too. They belong to CCP now. But "9 Critics to CCP", produced by Fa-Lun-Gong, is very informative for ordinanary Chinese people, I've learned a lot from it. Many people heard about Tui-Dang movement, but nobody responded as far as I know.

Concerning opinion and act, I think opinion is critical, with or without act. Opinion is the power of word, which I explained to you in details in another letter.(that letter is from [email protected], the topic is about money, I have trouble in accessing gmail sometimes). And You've being doing great works in this critical area.

Sorry for my shabby English.

Essel said (March 14, 2021):

There is absolutely no chance of seeing anything intelligent and constructive emerge from a "mass" by spontaneous generation (!). For the good and simple reason that the said masses have been manufactured ad hoc, or rather have been born spontaneously from the devastation caused by rationalism (which is the refusal of the supernatural and of God).

The Spanish philosopher José Ortega y Gasset (1883-1955) described it perfectly in his book THE REVOLT OF THE MASSES, of which the following is an extract

"Over the entire surface of the West there triumphs today a form of homogeneity that threatens to consume this treasure. Everywhere the mass-man has arisen - the mass-man of which this book is concerned - a type of man hastily built up, mounted on a few poor abstractions and which for that reason is identical from one end of Europe to the other. To him is due the dullness, the stifling monotony that life takes on throughout the continent. This man-mass is the man emptied beforehand of his own history, without entrails of the past, and who, by this very fact, is docile to all the so-called "international" disciplines. Rather than a man, it is a shell of a man, made of simple idola fori (the celebrities of the moment). He lacks an "inside", an intimacy inexorably, inalienably his, an irrevocable self. He is thus always in availability to pretend that he is this or that. He has only appetites; he assumes only rights; he does not believe himself to have obligations."

The eminent Belgian Thomist philosopher Marcel de Corte (1905-1994) adds:

"Pure summation of scattered individuals, not communicating between them through any reality, extrinsic to each other, the mass aggregates individuals according to similar conditions against which they are unable to react because their personality, fruit of the conjunction of spirit and life, has dissolved. The beings that make up the mass are essentially passive, despite their explosiveness." ("L'incarnation de l'homme", 1944).

If some people think the opposite (that a savior will rise up and lead the crowd to victory against tyranny), it is an effect of Darwinian (cabalistic) propaganda that has succeeded in making the rationalist masses believe that "more" can come out of "less" as long as there is enough of it...

Only the Almighty God has the means to stop tyranny and the behavior of the earthlings that he observes from Heaven certainly does not encourage him to do so.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at