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Mike Adams: The Engineered EXTERMINATION of the Human Race

March 17, 2021

"Covid-19 has spotlighted the promise and peril of 'transhumanism,' the idea of using technology to overcome sickness, aging and death." -Official spin

Mike Adams seems extreme but genocide certainly fits the Illuminati banker's transhumanist agenda. Remember they destroyed the economy for a "virus" with a death rate of 1/4 of one percent.  They actually "think they're going to transition from carbon-based life to silicon-based life by "uploading" their consciousness into machines" and leave this planet's smouldering ashes.

Mike Adams - "Building their massive fleet of space exploration ships, terminator robots and silicon-based domination systems for Earth and other planets requires immense resources. Those resources -- water, minerals, land, energy, etc. -- are currently being consumed by the billions of human beings who inhabit the planet."

by Mike Adams

To understand why the globalists are actively working to exterminate the entire human race, you have to first understand their plans for themselves. They believe in transhumanism and think they're going to transition from carbon-based life to silicon-based life by "uploading" their consciousness into machines.

Once they are in the machines, they believe, they will have infinite power, immortality and the ability to expand and conquer the entire universe. In essence, they believe they will become gods.

But building their massive fleet of space exploration ships, terminator robots and silicon-based domination systems for Earth and other planets requires immense resources.

Those resources -- water, minerals, land, energy, etc. -- are currently being consumed by the billions of human beings who inhabit the planet. That's why the globalists need to exterminate the human race in order to free up resources for their new silicon realm that they plan to dominate and weaponize to literally conquer the entire galaxy.

Humanity stands in their way, you see, of achieving their goals. They also believe that humanity has now served its purpose in giving rise to Artificial Intelligence and highly advanced silicon-based lifeforms. Therefore, the human race is now expendable in their view.

This is precisely why the globalists say they are waging a "war on carbon." All humans are made of carbon. All humans must die, they believe, in order for their own lives to achieve immortality via silicon.

Covid-19 vaccines are the perfect weapon to achieve mass extermination because stupid, gullible people line up and volunteer to commit "vaccine suicide." This is the ideal scheme for globalists because they don't have to bother with shooting people, gassing people or even rounding them up. The cattle / sheeple will volunteer for suicide, thinking they are "smart people" who have "done the research" and are trusting "authoritative sources" when they decide to engage in vaccine suicide.


"Ultimately, however, the hope is that we won't just use computers--we'll become them."

"Soon, you may be able to pay someone to take your place in the disease- and danger-ridden physical world, while you stay behind the safety of a screen."

By   Adam Kirsch
Wall Street Journal June 20, 2020

It sounds bitterly ironic now, in the midst of a global pandemic, but not long ago some of the most forward-looking people in the world believed that humanity was close to abolishing death. 

"If you ask me today, is it possible to live to be 500? The answer is yes," said Bill Maris, the founder of Google Ventures, in 2015. Three years later, biomedical researcher Aubrey de Grey estimated that "people in middle age now have a fair chance" of never dying.

Eternal life through advanced technology seems like a pipe dream for a society that, until recently, had trouble manufacturing enough masks to save doctors' and nurses' lives. Yet Covid-19 may turn out to be just the kind of crisis needed to turbocharge efforts to create what its advocates call a "transhuman" future. 

With our biological fragility more obvious than ever, many people will be ready to embrace the message of the Transhumanist Declaration, an eight-point program first issued in 1998: 

"We envision the possibility of broadening human potential by overcoming aging, cognitive shortcomings, involuntary suffering and our confinement to planet Earth." 

Transhumanists, many of them associated with non-profits and think tanks like Humanity Plus and the Extropy Institute, have long been driven by the fear that our entire species could be wiped out by nuclear war, asteroid collision, technological accident--or a pandemic. 

In March, as the coronavirus was spreading around the world, the science writer Tom Chivers observed that it proves the need for technological protection against such existential threats: "Humans could be around for a billion years, or more, if we don't screw it up. Coronavirus won't be the thing that kills us all, but it's a bloody good illustration of how something could," he wrote in the online magazine UnHerd.

People have always feared death and dreamed of escaping it. But until now, that hope has been formulated in religious terms. Transhumanism promises that death can be conquered physically, not just spiritually; and the movement has the support of people with the financial resources to make it happen, if anyone can. Jeff Bezos, Peter Thiel and Elon Musk are among the Silicon Valley moguls who have invested in life-extension research.

 In 2013, Google entered the field by launching the biotech firm Calico, short for California Life Company. 

Transhumanists envision several possible avenues to immortality. Nanorobots could live inside our cells and constantly repair damage, halting aging in its tracks. Genetic engineering could eliminate the mechanisms that cause us to age in the first place. Such technologies are still out of reach, but transhumanists believe we will be able to master them sooner than most people think, with the help of super-powered artificial intelligence.

Ultimately, however, the hope is that we won't just use computers--we'll become them. 

Today, cognitive scientists often compare the brain to hardware and the mind to the software that runs on it. But a software program is just information, and in principle there's no reason why the information of consciousness has to be encoded in neurons. The Human Connectome Project, launched in 2009 by the National Institutes of Health, describes itself as "an ambitious effort to map the neural pathways that underlie human brain function." 

If those pathways could be completely mapped and translated into digital 0s and 1s, the data could be uploaded to a computer, where it could survive indefinitely. The physicist Michio Kaku has theorized that this is how humanity will overcome the logistical challenges of deep-space travel: "We're going to put the connectome on a laser beam and shoot it to the moon. In one second, our consciousness is on the moon. In 20 minutes we're on Mars, in eight hours we're on Pluto, in four years our consciousness has reached the nearest star."

This may sound like science fiction, but it's also the natural conclusion of the technological advances of the last 20 years. The internet has already made it largely unnecessary to physically visit places like banks, post offices and movie theaters, and the lockdown has given a big push to this trend. 

As our physical worlds shrink in an effort to avoid contracting Covid-19, our virtual worlds are expanding to make up for it. For the foreseeable future, many of us will be attending virtual schools, worshiping at virtual churches and socializing at virtual parties. And the history of the internet suggests that once things move online, they seldom move back--just ask department stores and CD manufacturers. 

The pandemic is also exposing one of the biggest challenges that will emerge along with the transhuman future: new kinds of social inequality that will make the existing ones seem minor. During the months of lockdown, a sharp division emerged between people who work with information--images, words, numbers--and people who work with objects--shelving groceries, delivering packages, nursing the sick. The former can shelter in place and communicate through screens, but the latter have to venture out into the physical world, putting themselves at risk of infection.

As technology makes it possible to escape more of the burdens and dangers of physical existence, this class and professional divide could deepen into an existential one, with a virtual elite being served by an embodied working class. Of course, wealth and power have always offered some insurance against life's risks. 

During the Civil War, Americans could pay a substitute to take their place in the draft; soon, you may be able to pay someone to take your place in the disease- and danger-ridden physical world, while you stay behind the safety of a screen. A transhuman future in which mortality is optional may sound like paradise, but if it arrives sooner for some of us than for others, it could prove to be a dystopia.

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First Comment from Thomas F-

If any dark and demented materialists have a plan like this, they will be sorely disappointedIntelligent AI will never exist, and there will be no "Singularity". It is a delusion.

Computers have the level of consciousness of the silicon chips that their processors are made of. The same level of consciousness as rocks. Even common house plants are more conscious.

The A.I.'s that so impress people are nothing more than mathematical jugglery, spun up to be something mystical by geeks that have read to many sci-fi-novels (no criticism of geeks that read sci-fi intended :)).

And sure, they are very well-made contraptions. But they are not conscious, and hence, will never actually have any intelligence, or self-will. They do what they are programmed to do by the people who make them - nothing more, and nothing less.

As for the plan of "uploading their consciousness" to a computer, it hinges on the assumption that the brain creates consciousness, and that if the neuron structure can be recreated, then the mind can move there, by a computer reading the mind. It is ridiculous, and it will never happen.

They are fools. The brain is merely, lets say, an "antenna" for the soul.

Eric B wrote-

It starts with 'building their massive fleet of space ships...' 

Elon Musk and Space X is a money generating operation, only to fill Musks pockets. First you had Mars One an ambitious project to set up colonies on Mars, they went bankrupt, now you have Space X, a private company, a way more down to earth goal just to put satellites in space. Anything more ambitious is placed far into the future... Before that he was involved with Zuckerberg but he failed to deliver the Facebook satellite in September 2016's last attempt. 

Going to Mars or set up colonies on the Moon are only the billionaires wet dreams to escape the Earth in case of severe Earth Changes which they are aware of and expect soon (2021) Same here with this agenda 2021/Great Reset and the virus-scam. Why all of them together now? Because it's 2021, the year tptb expect things will start changing beyond their control.  

Earth's population will soon be reduced  by severe Earth changes but our controllers want to try to keep total control till the end. I hope Mike Adams does not believe himself that transhumanism as described will ever materialize; it's just one of Satan's psyops; his time is up. Nor will they ever go to Mars or the Moon to set up anything. Lol.

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Comments for "Mike Adams: The Engineered EXTERMINATION of the Human Race"

Alan said (March 19, 2021):

Uploading one's consciousness to a server is just like a 'Black Mirror' episode and now a terrifying possibility. Perhaps that's why in the Bible in Revelation 9:6 it says "During those days people will seek death but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them". Can you imagine having your consciousness trapped in some monotonous, hellish server somewhere for what feels like eternity, desperately trying to find a way to escape it.

If the genocidal global elite decide that is what they want - permanent separation from God to do their own thing - perhaps God in His wisdom will let them have their way...

Doug P said (March 19, 2021):

do not agree with this conclusion. I think that the current version of humanity is being destroyed and that there will be a humanity 2.0, but I think they are living in an isolated place - Antarctica? and they have generations of people who are better bred and better educated ready to take the planet for themselves and our elites- the ones you don't see or hear of that actually run things. I don't think the talking heads on TV have any more freedom or a greater chance of getting out of this alive than I do. We have it in the Bible - Soddom, and Gemorrah. We have a devil-worshipping cult running things and they will destroy themselves because they are sick because they try to be of a nature that is not human. We are not hunters by nature. I think my explanation is more plausible and more possible even though I am an evolutionist in a limited way).

Balkan Guy-1 said (March 18, 2021):

The plan is not to 'transition' humanity into something 'Neat & Sci-Fi', but very simple = 2 exterminate everybody but about half a billion dumb mongrel peasant slaves to grow crops & clean toilets for the (((Bank$ters))) & their 'Elite' Buddie$. All the krap Alex Himey-Humper Jone$ & other half-azzed clowns like 'Health Ranger' Adams spew is tangents 2 run patriots off the cliffs as they 'BUY MORE GOLD', which is the underlying theme of all their 'exaggerate the implications' nonsense. Remember, Jone$ is a product of 'GCN' = a gold peddler, & Adams is his 'apprentice'!

Promoting the idea that 'you may get to become an immortal space robot' is APPEALING and designed to appeal to people's greed for 'more life'. Also it neatly ties into the idea 'well then I won't have to worry about corona' because 'I'll be synthetic' HAHA =)) They are tricks the same as 'UBI' (Universal Basic Income) & 'Health Care' (that U will get 2 rob people who do actual work so U can get 'free' $ervices'), & 'pod' living, where U will get a 'free' apartment in a high rise where U can play your video games 'on the network' (#SafeFromCorona LOL).

Balkan Guy-2 said (March 18, 2021):

Know this, anything other than a simple culling so the (((Elite$))) can enjoy being masters of an obedient slave 'flock' are (((Lies))) 2 trick U into going along with their (((Agenda))). There is no 'space bot' or 'upload your brain' nonsense in the works. If you want 2 'Live Forever' you must fight in the here and now to expose the (((Corruption))) & PROSECUTE the (((Criminal$))), including the ((($wamp))) in so-called (((Government))), & make for yourself & future generations quality offspring to take your place. The 'Idea' of 'jacking into a port' or something & 'transferring your mind' is 'cute' but total (((B.S.))) & is never going 2 work. If U want 2 keep your 'ideas' & 'personality' going, teach it to your kids & others around you, and WRITE IT DOWN and other 'media' to SHARE what you know. There is & will never be any kind of 'brain coppier' other than that, same way humans are not going anywhere. Space is hard core deadly & Mars is a $hit hole. Fight for this planet here & now & don't give up, because this is all there is.

'Artificial Intelligence' is doable, but it will not be 'you', but at best 'robots' with their own 'minds' who you can send out into space to colonize wherever down the road... maybe with you tagging along frozen so you don't catch cancer on the way during the 10,000 year trip to the next habitable place. THAT is realistic. U will not get 2 ever B a robot, sorry =))

DD said (March 18, 2021):

Welcome, folks, to the great lie through technology. this is lucifer, the fallen angel, making his final goal to be God. he will show signs & wonders because he knows his time is short. there is only one way to eternity; the bible makes that very clear. His name is Jesus & he died for us to prove it. He says in the book of John: 'he who believes in me I will raise up at the last day'. these scientists can only mimic such things with their so-called technology & vain ideas. it is a sign of false reality. 'that which is of the flesh is flesh, but which is of the spirit is spirit'.

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