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Nursing Home Worker Fired for Refusing Daily Covid Test

April 10, 2021


Take the vaccine or 
take a nasal swab 

"I didn't quit, I refused the test and 
was denied access to the building."

"This daily testing policy for the unvaccinated has nothing to do with protecting others from asymptomatic transmission. The terribly uncomfortable and invasive procedure is being used as an instrument of coercion, a form of medical torture meant to force our submission to becoming test subjects for the experimental vaccines."

Essentially means unvaccinated are being denied employment. What next? Food?

By a former Ontario nursing home employee:

As you may have heard, many healthcare workers have refused to take the experimental covid vaccines.  As a result, management has been ratcheting up the pressure in various ways.  Most recently, they enacted a policy that employees who have not taken the vaccine must submit to a nasal swab test at the beginning of every single shift.

I am well aware of my rights, including the right to refuse medical treatment, and as a result when I most recently showed up to work, I was turned away after refusing the test.  

Nobody may enter the building unless the submit to a nasal swab test, or show proof of vaccination against covid.  Supposedly the local public health department has authorized this new policy, despite previously saying that employees who have already been infected with covid must not take any tests due to the high probability of false positives.

This daily testing policy for the unvaccinated has nothing to do with protecting others from asymptomatic transmission. The terribly uncomfortable and invasive procedure is being used as an instrument of coercion, a form of medical torture meant to force our submission to becoming test subjects for the experimental vaccines.

This is the slippery slope that Western society is going down. "Experts" are calling for the use of Chinese anal swabs, as well as calls for the unvaccinated to be essentially cut off from the rest of society.  Every year we celebrate Remembrance day (Veterans' day in the US) to pay our respects to those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom, but now we are sacrificing our freedom and our children's future for a virus with a death rate below 1%.  We need to change course, right now

Some people are upset with the mandatory tests and have called the Ministry of Labour.  As far as I know they are all still taking the test though.  Most people are too weak to stand up for themselves, they will go through with it and then whine and complain after.  Better to die standing than live on your knees.

The official gov't directive says: "an individual who has previously had laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 and was cleared by the local public health unit, should not be re-tested.

So unless Ottawa Public Health actually told them to test us it's all bullshit, and it wouldn't be the first time they tried to make up their own rules and said it was the government who told them so.

I guess I'm out of work, I have some money saved and I should be able to get one benefit or another depending on what they put on my record of employment.  I spoke to the union rep and he is going to sort that out next week, but it looks like there is no way out of testing if I still want to work there.

I could work elsewhere, but Ontario is totally shut down for now so options are limited.  We will see what happens, but I won't be applying at any nursing homes.  I was getting fed up with that place lately so in a way it's a relief to be out of there, but the relief will only last for so long.


Related:  When Ontario first ordered weekly testing for long-term care workers, it was met with opposition from the Ontario Science Table:

"The potential harms and costs of testing long-term care home staff every week likely outweigh the benefits, experts with the Ontario's COVID-19 Science Table say in a new report."

"The report cites a number of potential harms related to weekly COVID-19 testing, including pain and discomfort of the nasal swabs, which could lead to more serious injury, testing fatigue, and a false sense of security with a negative result. It also mentions the risks of a false positive test."

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Comments for "Nursing Home Worker Fired for Refusing Daily Covid Test"

Yakov said (April 11, 2021):

Nasal swabs are a route to insert pathogens and toxins into the absorbent body tissues. Besides, rupture of the meninges or brain tissues is not ruled out. Rapid antigen tests create false positives because by definition an antigen is any foreign particle - germs, fungi, soot, suspended particulate matter from inhaled fumes etc - inside the body. Ideally, a sputum or blood test should be preferred over invasive nasal or anal swabs.

Ken Adachi said (April 11, 2021):

He did the right thing by refusing. If ENOUGH people followed his example, they would soon run into trouble and suffer a backlash.

The nursing home is wide open to a lawsuit for violating his civil rights in trying to force him to undergo a medical procedure without his consent. Since he didn't agree to submit to medical tests or take vaccines when he was hired, they can't fire him now for refusing to submit to tests or vaccines. Local, independent lawyers are typically self serving scum who don't want to upset the local political power structure and will turn you down, but there are still pro civil rights law firms who will represent you, or represent a gorup of people in the same situation.

If I absolutely had to get a covid test, the ONLY one I would consider is the saliva sample test in which you spit into a tube or funnel and the saliva is tested. You do not want to give them the opportunity to "swab" your nasal or oral cavity with ANYTHING because you have NO IDEA what that "cue tip" swab is REALLY doing - or putting into your body. The last thing you want to do is to TRUST these people on any level.

Even with the saliva sample test, which is not easy to find, they are still acquiring your DNA signature which then goes into any number of AI computer systems, like DARPA. Once they got your DNA, then they can do a lot of nasty things to you electronically, including harassment and torture.

John P said (April 10, 2021):

Henry, last year around this time Gov. Cuomo mandated all nursing home workers to be tested twice weekly as a condition for employment. My wife held a position as a director of activities which she worked hard to attain. She loved her job and the residents loved her. But she refused the invasive tests and was fired. Same deal as this writer. She wrote a nice letter to human resources explaining that she did not want to lose her job and she offered to work from home until the restrictions and mandates were lifted. They still fired her. We still believe this was a violation of her rights especially since this requirement didn't exist at the time she was hired. I spoke to five local attorneys and not a single one would take this case on. So she lost her position and we lost our health insurance in the process. I should also mention that I had to delay an important surgery until we settled our health insurance situation following her termination and it may have caused some additional damage to a kidney. We have all become so accepting of these executive orders that nobody stops to consider the violation of employee rights. How can an employer force employees into invasive testing?

Surely this is a violation of the US Constitution. It is one thing to scan the forehead for your temperature (which I also oppose) and another to conduct invasive procedures. This is medical terrorism and the attorneys are a sad group these days. thanks for another great article. john p

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