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Mike Stone - Stupid White Liberal Women Destroyed the US

April 22, 2021


Where did all of these selfish white liberal women come from? Why have they turned traitor on their own people? Why are they in open rebellion against God? 

by Mike Stone

How many votes did Sleepy Joe Biden get in the 2020 election? 30 million? 40 million? 50 million? Let's say 50 million. 

Most likely, he received less votes than that, but for the sake of argument, let's assume 50 million. That's an awful lot of votes. An awful lot of people who hate America. An awful lot of people who hate Christianity. An awful lot of people who hate themselves. And here's the kicker: upwards of 70% of those alleged 50 million votes were cast by white liberals.

What's more, white liberals didn't just vote for Biden, they played major roles in every facet of the stolen election. Without their assistance, it's most likely the overthrow of our government would not have succeeded. 

It was Kathryn Murdoch, the white liberal wife of James Murdoch, the white liberal owner of Fox News, who tweeted out, "We did it," before the theft was even complete. She donated 1.2 million to the Biden campaign.

White liberals are major supporters of the riots, the looting and the violence our country has experienced over the last twelve months and more. It's selfish white liberals, safe and smug in their gated communities, who oppose a wall on our southern border. It's selfish white liberals, cowering behind their double masks and face shields, who want the rest of us to sacrifice our health and lives by getting jabbed so they can feel safe. It's selfish white liberals who are now a menace to society.

Think about it. Who's more likely to complain about you to Human Resources and try to get you fired: a white conservative, a person of color - either liberal or conservative, or a selfish white liberal? Who's more likely to report you to the PC Internet Police and try to get you cancelled? Who's more likely to roll their eyes and mouth off when they see you without a mask? I think you know the answer to all of these questions.

What's especially appalling are the actions of selfish white liberal women. They've betrayed their children (both aborted and living), betrayed their country, and betrayed God. It was a white liberal woman judge who ignored the pleas of Amanda Broderick not to remove the ankle bracelet of her husband after he was arrested for sexually assaulting their 16-year-old daughter. 

Judge Karen Sage, left, ordered the bracelet removed anyway and Stephen Broderick promptly murdered his wife, his daughter and the daughter's boyfriend.

It was a group of selfish white liberal women who, only days ago, organized a rally for a motorist shot by police after he opened fire at them. That is, until they discovered the motorist was white. When they found that out, they immediately cancelled their rally. 

Where did all of these selfish white liberal women come from? Why have they turned traitor on their own people? Why are they in open rebellion against God? 

Your guess is as good as mine. But it's safe to say that without them - without the multitude of selfish white liberal women in this country - we would not be experiencing any of the problems of mass immigration, widespread crime, children born out of wedlock or being raised by single parents, the rise of pornography, poverty in our inner cities, riots and looting across the country, and the complete breakdown of society.

As a character in my novel "Based" so eloquently put it: "Left-leaning white women? They don't care. Despite having every advantage and privilege in the world, despite having Mary, and St. Anne, and St. Theresa and all the other saints throughout history as guides and role models for how they should live their lives, despite all that and more, they've become the most vile, the most disgusting, the most despicable life form on the planet."

If you're a single white male reading this; if you're a decent guy looking for love and female companionship, I feel sorry for you. The odds of your finding a like-minded white girl - a girl who honors God, the family, and the rule of law - are slim to none and falling lower by the day. If you do find one, get down on your knees and thank God in Heaven, because you've just won the lottery.

If you're a single white female reading this; a nice girl looking for love and male companionship, I feel doubly sorry for you. Your mating pool has been reduced to a pit of soy-ingesting, selfish white girly-men who care more about the latest Marvel or Star Wars movie than they do about starting a family.

Should any of us be surprised by the Men Go Their Own Way movement? It's fuelled entirely by selfish white liberal women.

Should any us be surprised by the intense hatred other races have for white people? It's fuelled almost entirely by selfish white liberals.

Now that selfish white liberals have destroyed the United States of America and handed it over to the communists, what can we expect? 

One thing we all know is coming is the quick and inevitable eradication of selfish white liberals. Easily swayed and manipulated by their masters, their usefulness will be complete when the takeover is complete. They will be dealt with in the old communist way: they will be lined up against a wall and shot. I for one will not shed a tear.
Mike Stone is the author of Based, a young adult novel about race, dating and growing up in America, and A New America, the first novel of the Alt-Right, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles - - Available on Amazon.

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Comments for "Mike Stone - Stupid White Liberal Women Destroyed the US"

Jenny said (April 23, 2021):

To answer Mr. Stone's question why and where did these women come from, they came from the white liberal teachers in our public toilet school system.

That's where my sister got her feminist attitude problem from. She got it from her third grade ultra liberal teacher. Who taught "her girls" as she called them (all advanced placement kids) that their poop didn't stink and they were better than everyone else. It stuck.

Stuck so bad that my sister grew up being ashamed of my mother, who did more for us than many mothers do. She was my role model. She was the best mom a kid could have. She (gasp) stayed at HOME and took care of us and my dad by making gourmet home cooked meals.

My sister had zero respect for her, apparently because she didn't have a Ph.D. or some doctorate or some high powered executive position at a major corporation. My sister was not raised to be this way by my mom. She tried to reign her in, but such is the power of liberalism on the weak minded.

So now she has a "great" job in an industry that fights to put a global tax on first world countries because of the myth of global warming, I mean 'climate change'. She's a shill for the globalists and the long in coming Rockefeller plan to put a global tax on every person in the world. I'm sure her teacher would be just so proud of her.

Doug P said (April 22, 2021):

I have met more of these women than I could ever possibly count. Every single one had the worst character I have ever seen. I have known many drug dealers, strong arm types, and even murderers, but not one of them come close to any of these evil female freaks who, I am convinced, are absolutely rotten to the core - and they know it, and they are proud of it. Its a strength for them, they brag about their sickness. I'm glad I wasn't born to hate. I see the beauty that surrounds me every day and I know that to hate is to live in hell.

Karen said (April 22, 2021):

I agree. It’s like people are mind-controlled not to THINK.

JJ said (April 22, 2021):

This is right on.

I overheard a woman the other day speak of hard-working female principals are. What she doesn't realize is that when an incident happens, a male principal steps in and in five minutes has brought peace and order. And closure!

When a female principal steps in that's when hell is unleashed as she listens to everyone's point of view and understands feelings, records workers...validations of more feelings...blah, blah, blah...permanent files on everyone! The waste in taxpayer resources is breathtaking!!!

We cannot keep going on like this! There is a hope on the part of many that these vaccines all these stupid women are taking will close down their voices once the sickness' kick in. Sooner or later women must return to silence.

DD said (April 22, 2021):

This is a global continuation through women that started with their ancester Eve in the garden of Eden. lucifer came to her with the idea of being her own god; her & Adam. the devil lied right to her saying she would not die upon taking of the forbidden fruit. this is total dis-obedience to God. Adam & Eve had paradise and gave it over to the devil who has been deceiving ever since. the great re-set started then. the great psy-op continues to this day. women have fallen to feminism as Eve fell to lucifer. Godliness is lost in this deception thinking we are our own gods; total lies. the big mess is obvious. we can't live without the one true God.

Rick said (April 22, 2021):

It’s too bad they don’t put liberal women on the front line in America’s wars. This would give them the chance to prove that they are not only equally masculine and brave as their white male counterparts, but also equally gullible and stupid.

Luis said (April 22, 2021):

Dr Henry, it's sad that intelligent good people like Mike Stone still believe in elections. There are plenty of proof which points to the facts that any side across the political spectrum, and not just in America, are controlled at the top either by Jews themselves or through their invisible weapon: freemasonry.

All US administrations without exception have been under the thumb of what I personally call "international jewry" since the time of Woodrow Wilson.

I find utterly ridiculous and even embarrassing how so many americans, specially US catholics, still blindly follow Trump; don't they find strange and weird that not two months had passed and he was already hinting at the 2024 elections?
Can you see why this happens? It's a brilliant and cunning way to keep people divided and hating each other, a way to above all, keep them totally distracted with an illusion.

The same goes for the bogus China vs US conflict, simple propaganda to have 'public opinion' behind them in order to be able to unleash their long planned WW3.

I many times wonder why are so many people do uninformed; after all, this generation can obtain any type of information at a distance of two clicks, in seconds. So nowadays there's no excuse for ignorance....know what I mean?

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at