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CCP Official: Chinese are Wary of Jewish Threat

April 19, 2021


Dongsheng makes it clear that the Chinese are fully aware that for almost 50 years, Jews have been subversively using their control over America to try and ingratiate themselves with China's political elites.

by Eric Striker  (Dec 2020)

A Tucker Carlson segment putting the spotlight on a November 28th, 2020 talk by Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) foreign relation's expert, Di Dongsheng, is being circulated throughout social media, including by Donald Trump.

According to Carlson, the video reveals that Joe Biden and his supporters are agents of the Chinese government.

What was dishonestly edited out of the segment was what professor Dongsheng really said: Joe Biden is controlled by Wall Street Jews, who the CCP deal with directly when they need something from America.

Dongsheng recounts his experiences with an "old friend," an American power broker who, in the original video, he mockingly describes as a "big nosed Jew" that speaks fluid Mandarin and has been trading influence over the US government in exchange for a foothold in China over the years.

During the speech, he talks about his initial reluctance when the Jew told him that she was a Chinese citizen, as dual citizenship is illegal in China. Dongsheng hints at homegrown corruption going back to the 1970s, stating that it is otherwise unlikely the figure in question would sacrifice her "Israeli or American" citizenship.

While Dongsheng does not specify who this person is, some are speculating that it is Roberta Lipson, left, a US Chamber of Commerce figure who serves as CEO of Chindex International in Beijing.

What is most striking about the video in question is that Dongsheng makes it clear that the Chinese are fully aware that for almost 50 years, Jews have been subversively using their control over America to try and ingratiate themselves with China's political elites.

The CCP expert goes on to speculate that China's "old friends" have been less effective in winning them concessions in recent years due to what he assumes is the waning influence of Wall Street.

Experts in the United States disagree, however. Permanent Washington under Biden is expected to maintain Trump's aggressive posture towards China for the foreseeable future.

Yesterday, Democrats and Republicans voted together to bring the entire population of Hong Kong to the United States. The bill's sponsor, New Jersey Democrat Tom Malinowski, rationalized the decision using Cold War rhetoric.

It's increasingly looking like China's Jewish "friends" are starting to give up on ever gaining an upper hand over the world's oldest continuous civilization. The powerful state, its control over the economy and media, and the turn towards ethno-nationalism inside the CCP under Xi Jinping, who Jeffrey Goldberg's influential Atlantic recently accused of being inspired by the philosophy of the Nazis, is closing tried and true vectors traditionally used by Jewish interlopers.

China's assertion as a military and economic superpower is also a problem for the Zionist-liberal world order. China has become a vital military and economic lifeline for Iran and has been supportive of Basher Assad's government against America and ISIS in Syria throughout the civil war. China also exerts enormous economic influence over Israel, a potential checkmate officials in both America and Israel are desperate to break out of.

Bringing the ascendant Chinese to heel is beginning to look like an impossible task. China is not America. World Jewry may have just met its match.

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Comments for "CCP Official: Chinese are Wary of Jewish Threat"

MM said (April 20, 2021):

Communism is something new to China. For many centuries, most of the Han Chinese followed the teachings of either Buddhism, Shintoism or Confucianism.

then we have the Hui Chinese- most of whom are muslims.

i wont add the Uighurs because Xinjiang is actually a separate country thats been taken over by force due to the greed & merciless nature of Communism.

its only after Mao rose to prominence that we see Zionist Jews like Sidney Rittenberg, Israel Epstein, Frank Coe, Elsie Fairfax-Cholmely, Solomon Adler, Rewi Alley etc who ingratiated themselves with Mao & began to act as advisors to him.

Without these parasites, its likely that the regime in China would never have turned to Communism.

Since Zionist Jews control mainsteam media & hollywood, this sort of news is stifled & those who mention it are quickly silenced.

The ones who have suffered the most under the CCP are ordinary Chinese ppl. its just that due to Chinas economic success, the ppl are enjoying access to the trappings of materialism & the CCP passes that off as proof that their people are happy.

please see the link below and include it if you decide to finally publish my comments on this subject.

CK said (April 19, 2021):

China is controlled by the same people who control the banks.

The CCP was created by the Hexagram worshipers on Wall Street.
Communism is a creation of this group, as is the current overthrow being attempted by the Great Reset.

You can learn a bit of the history of this group and how Wall St. aided
the creation of the CCP here:

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