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Mia Farrow is an Avatar

April 28, 2021


We fuss over Mother Theresa but Mia Farrow,
who may be closer to a true avatar, 
is ignored or scorned. 

An avatar is a human being who expresses the Life Force (God) more powerfully and intensely than normal humans.

Banned from Twitter after tweeting this: "Farrow was raised a Catholic and attended a convent school. Her conflict with Allen is the cosmic conflict of Christian civilization and Cabalist Jewish Satanism (Communism, Freemasonry) in microcosm."

by Henry Makow PhD

After watching the HBO Documentary series "Allen Vs Farrow,"  I listened to her autobiography "What Falls Away" (1997) on Audible and was blown away.

Until recently I accepted the media image of Farrow, now 76, as a fruitcake who fills her house with disabled orphan children from all over the world. But her autobiography reveals a woman of rare intelligence and wisdom, a talented writer who does God's work. 

Compared to mine, her life is ten times more intense, interesting and fulfilling. She is living proof that real wealth is measured by the amount we love. 

Just being able to share her life for eight hours has enriched mine. This woman is an inspiration in desperate times. 


Her biography would make an incredible Woody Allen movie about the epic struggle of Good Vs Evil, with Allen playing Evil. Farrow was raised a Catholic and attended a convent school. Her conflict with Allen is the cosmic conflict of Christian civilization and Cabalist Jewish Satanism (Communism, Freemasonry) in microcosm. 

(That's Dylan on Allen's lap)

Allen and Farrow were like a married couple for a dozen years when Farrow discovered he was sleeping with her teenage daughter Soon-Yi and sexually molesting her child Dylan.

In Allen's movie Deconstructing Harry, his psychologist-wife berates him for sleeping with her clients. "Where else am I going to meet people?" he replies.

Allen personifies the moral bankruptcy of the West unmasked by the Covid hoax. Farrow believes that he deliberately left nude polaroids of Soon-Yi where she would find them because his unconscious goal was to destroy her family. 

This is consistent with a Satanist-- a psychopath bent on destruction and incapable of human love & empathy. 

This Woody Allen movie should be directed by someone like Alfred Hitchcock. The crowning scene would be Allen in an attic crawl space with four-year-old Dylan demanding she quit squirming while he fondled and penetrated her with his finger. 

Dylan:  "He put his finger in my vagina.  He made me lay on the floor all ways, on my back, on my side, my front.  He kissed me all over.  I didn't like it...Daddy told me not to tell and he'd take me to Paris and I'd be in his movies, but I did tell."

Ironically, Farrow adopted baby Dylan in the hope that she would inspire Allen to love her family. 

She adopted Soon-Yi off the streets of Seoul only to have the child steal her husband.

Farrow's whole life has been a quest for meaning by doing Good. It was almost destroyed by Allen. 

Farrow is an avatar. Yet in spite of her superiority, she was plagued by insecurity and allowed morally inferior men like Allen and Frank Sinatra to dominate her.  This failure to believe in ourselves is the biggest mistake many people make. 

Since winning her custody battle with Allen, Farrow has adopted three more children, two blind and one paraplegic. Orphanages called her with their difficult adoptions. What do you have to do to qualify as a Saint? We're so jaundiced, we don't even recognize them.

God has given us all a mission. Mine is to witness the Truth. What's yours? 

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Comments for "Mia Farrow is an Avatar "

Y said (April 29, 2021):

Communism is not Jewish satanism. Communism, Free Masonry, Feminism, Zionism, Nazism and other isms are creations of the NWO Globalists to use and abuse to fulfill their agenda of imposing authoritarian rule in the world post depopulation of 90% of the world's population. The very fact that the elites have converted Israel into a living hell by vaccinating 53% of its population to turn them into transmitters of deadly spike proteins to devastate the non-vaxxed population and to kill most Israelis should convince even the most diehard critic of Israel/Jews that Israel is a Globalist psy-op that is now after 74 years set to be destroyed as per Globalist witch Albert Pike's 1871 demonic seance. Israel won't last too long now. A spiritual Israel will arise from the ashes in the Messianic Age. Jews serve as useful gofers of the Globalists which is why many Jews are placed in positions of power. They'll be pulled down post 2030 when they're no longer needed. Jews are high up on the hitlist of the Globalists.

JG said (April 28, 2021):

Great article Henry. Mia Farrow is a living testimony of good works that the MSM is igno ring. If she were doing evil things they would be giving her front page coverage. I'm glad she left the Hollywood scene and the sickos that go with it.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at