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Patrick Byrne - We Face a Communist Coup d'Etat

April 23, 2021

"Fascism was always from the Left.  "The principles of our Constitution favor the Individual over the Collective. This Collective stuff comes from the Left. Benito Mussolini was the famous Socialist and the Editor of the Socialist magazine of Italy. That's what's coming for us. We're facing a Socialist coup. A Socialist-Fascist coup."

Makow - I don't think Patrick Byrne has the big picture. This is the big picture.  Cabalist Judaism is a Satanic cult. Communism is Cabalist Judaism. The Rothschilds are Cabalist Jews. They control our society through Freemasonry. Almost everyone in a position of power, including Trump, is a Freemason. They intend to enslave and dispossess us. Byrne is behind the curve. Trump is false opposition. What makes Byrne think future elections won't also be rigged? He warns against violent resistance but how long until the Communists stage false flags and blame them on "white nationalists" etc. ? We need to face the fact that our government, media, corporations, education are all controlled by Satanists thanks to their control of money (credit.) Anyone pushing the covid hoax & vaccines belongs to this group. They have  declared war on society. We are at war. 

At the Tulsa Conference, Patrick Byrne explained how the election was stolen on November 3rd and who the main party was behind it. "In the United States, there are 3,006 counties...To steal 3,006 counties, you don't really have to cheat in 3,006 counties, you just need to cheat in six...because, if you cheat deeply in those six counties, out of 3, flip the states that they're in; and since all six of those states are swing states, you hence flip the Electoral College and there, you hence flip the National Election. So again, to flip 3,006 counties, you don't cheat in 3,006, you cheat in six...

"And on November 3rd, that evening...they just stopped counting for three hours in six places - and those six places were Las Vegas, Phoenix, Milwaukee, Detroit, Philly and Atlanta. If only there were a pattern? So to me, it leaps off the page and it's so funny hearing people saying, 'Where's the evidence?' Well, the evidence is right there.

"The Socialists are behind it. And I don't want to scare you, but I want to tell you who's really behind it. For 15 years, in Chinese national security literature, there's been a reference to a coming 'Assassin's Mace' for the United States. There's an expression in Chinese, 杀手锏 (Shāshǒujiàn).

"Shāshǒujiàn means the 'Assassin's Mace' and it's a reference to 2,500 years ago, one kingdom was going to fight another kingdom and instead of fighting, one king got an assassin into the other king's bedroom and hits him with a club - a mace - and kills him and the one kingdom takes over the other without a fight. And the greatest way to fight is to win a fight without actually firing a shot or an arrow, in the Chinese mentality.

"So for 15 years, there's been discussion in their national security literature about a coming Shāshǒujiàn for the United States and our side has been wondering, 'What is this? Is this their new aircraft carrier? Is this the new hypersonic missile? Is it a new ballistic anti-ship missile? What is it?'

"I think we're living through the Assassin's Mace. Basically, it means a one-stroke, sucker punch knockout. And I think we're living through it. I think this is a Chinese PSYOP.

"And the other piece of bad news is our enemies have information dominance. They have information dominance so they can spin reality to this ridiculous point, it's hard to even comprehend. Well, they have so many Americans confused in so many ways.

"So that's the bad news. The good news is, as I mentioned yesterday, we have 51-64% of American adults - and probably closer to 64% believe that the election of Joe Biden happened because of fraud that was significant or very significant. And that's what they'll tell a pollster, so how many people who really think it is higher than that."

Byrne then gives a brief history of the Republican Party and how it was originally formed by four men in a tavern in New Hampshire in 1854 led by Amos Tuck with the sole purpose to eliminate slavery, contrary to the lies and spin of the Democrats, who were pro-slavery, pro-segregation and who are today the despicable race-hustling traitors, acting on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party to collapse America.

He says, "The Republican Party as it stands; the leadership of the actual party infrastructure is corrupt, it's terrible. Through the Fall, I got an exposure to all of those people I ever want to see in my life. They have nothing to do with you. They detest Donald Trump. 40% of the problem Trump faced was them. And I saw it!...As I described it in my book, I told the folks in the room; it's the most surreal conversation I've ever seen; to see these goofball lawyers yelling at the President. It was astonishing."

Byrne becomes serious. "We have a couple years, at most to come out of this OK or we are the victims of a complete Socialist coup. There's no way to start a new party to stop it. We have to take over the Republican Party from the inside.

He urges audience members to get involved in Sidney Powell's DefendTheRepublic, and/or his American Project (text "USA" to 84576 to join) or get on Mike Lindell's new Frank social media site. He says, "I think we have a 60-70% [chance] of making it intact, 19 months to the 2022 Election.

"They're talking about admitting new states now and of course, they're going to stack the Supreme Court; they're doing all these things to completely change the United States. We may make it to 2022.

"If that happens, we have to be prepared by getting involved in your election process. Election integrity - and that means not just the 4 hours of training that lets you be an observer, it's the two days of training that lets you work in a precinct - and especially in any Swing State.

"But this is going on, not just in Swing States. We think they stole four Congressional seats in Virginia, two in Nevada, half a dozen in Texas. This is going on all over the country.

"You're also going to learn one day, I don't want to get too far ahead but you're really gonna learn some day, this has been going on since 2004 at a modest level. They went for broke this time but they've been doing this for some time...

"I think the truth of January 6th has yet to be seen. But I will tell you something, The plan was, we had presented, the day before, to a number of senators and their staffs, everything they needed, exactly the right questions they needed to ask to challenge the votes in different states, of the Electoral votes that were being submitted. And that was what was going to happen on that Wednesday afternoon; the senators were going to stand up and challenge these votes and we had given them all the intellectual ammunition they needed to do it.

"That break-in to the Capitol, which may have actually happened before Trump finished his speech...and which may have suffered from some agents provocateurs infiltrating the class - all that said, they won. They won that...We can't afford to make that mistake again. I hope everybody listening on the internet or television, whatever understands that. We lost because that happened.

"I think we would have won. It would have been nice if we'd had a little help from Pence but we had a dozen senators ready to stand up and prepared to stand up and challenge what needed to be challenged and we lost that opportunity because our side ended up in the Capitol. Who knows how that really happened. Maybe we were sold out by traitors but we didn't do the right thing. The right thing would have been to grab 'em and hold them in the grass and keep the thing peaceful..."

Byrne is adamant that we remain non-violent and that we nip the bud any violence of agents provocateurs trying to instigate violence, as violence is what the Biden administration wants more than anything.

"They have the DHS, they have the FBI...they want it to turn violent, because...they get to throw you in FEMA camps, they get to round you up - all kinds of things. They want it to be violent.

"You're going to be asked sooner than you think to go back to a world where you are expressing your political beliefs without fear - and just remember the lesson of January 6th...

He reminds us, "We are fighting for you, you're not alone. If you read my book, you'll hear about names of people with funny names, like a guy we call 'Weaponized Autism', hackers and stuff. Just know we are all together. Yeah, we lost that one, we are all together. We are working for you, you're not alone. We're at the, please check it out."

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Comments for "Patrick Byrne - We Face a Communist Coup d'Etat"

Mat said (April 24, 2021):

I wanted to emphasize a point of difference H. Cabalistic Jews are mentioned frequently and in a way that's quite correct. However the satanic brotherhood goes beyond the Jews. As Bill Cooper found out through decades of research it not the Jews, it's it's brotherhood to which Jews and Muslims Muslims Catholics alike belong to. The knights of Malta, Jesuits, knights of the holy sepulchre, higher ups in freemasonry, Rosicruciansim are also a part of the Illuminist luciferian structure.

The Rothschild's have been long time allies of the Jesuit order and holders of the Vatican treasury. Therefore how can they be cabalistic Jews. The book of revelation clearly shows how the Vatican is the whore of Babylon. My point is that they cannot be continually overlooked here.


Thanks Mat

Follow the money! These others are bit players.


Doug P said (April 24, 2021):

I believe that you are 100% right, but that there is another layer underneath who runs Judaism for a purpose - to kill off humanity 1.0 to make way for humanity 2.0. The essential problem is what Jack Nicholas said in that movie, (I forget the name) "You want the truth ? You can't handle the truth!". People have been propagandized over and over again to specifically reject the actual truth. One globalist intellectual predicted this when he said there would be a time when people would be no more capable of questioning authority than sheep are of questioning the practice of eating mutton.

My guess is that Patrick Byrne knows what the truth is, but you cannot reach many people by laying it bare the way you do.

I could never recommend Catharine Austin Fitts enough to anyone, whether they are new to this or have studied it for many years. She provides a great mainstream gateway that steers people toward truth.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at