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Rothschilds Courting Financial Collapse

April 25, 2021

The Illuminati always tell us what they're going to do. We never listen.

So I repeat, someone whom I believe is Jacob Rothschild wrote the US dollar "is being phased out not with a whimper but with the bang of a mushroom cloud in the creation of unlimited trillions." 


Nathaniel C. J. Rothschild
·Apr 22
The next crisis will hit you during your sleep, and you will wake up poor.
It will happen lightning fast. 
Music is still playing. 
Few do realize that every market is deep faked. 
So prepare.
Buy physical #Gold and #Silver!!

It's all about to dethrone #USD as the world reserve currency without destroing everything. A smooth transition to a new digital monetary system would be great. Fair level playing field. But who knows, evil is on earth right now. (May 2)

They plan to inflate the money supply until they precipitate an economic collapse that will be the pretext for world government/currency. The WEF is already prepping us for another "crisis" much worse than COVID. The timetable? They are inflating the balloon until it pops. 

updated from April 10, 2021
by Henry Makow PhD

The Fed is engaged in an orgy of money creation. More than a quarter of all $USD were created in the last 15 mos. alone.  Why? 

Obviously they've opened the "stimulus" floodgates to mitigate the harm from their pandemic, which Rothschild admits is a "plandemic." However, this "stimulus" is not reaching the hardest hit, and has driven the stock market and cryptocurrencies to insane valuations. 

But the larger agenda is to replace the $USD with a digital world currency. However, Rothschild insists, a one-world-government is the prerequisite.

 I am surmising that these developments could only happen in the aftermath of a financial collapse.  

Our "leaders" have sold us out to the NWO without any consultation.


 "Just about every other nation in the world has agreed to take that power from the US, and allow our central banks to create a new world currency, and to be their banker... 

For a good number of decades now the governments of over 190 nations have agreed with ... the necessity of there being a one-world government to ensure the necessary financial stability....

Such a world government that our families have envisioned will have to give them something in exchange for giving up their local and national controls over trade and commerce. In this respect, we have exercised our powers of creating hundreds of billions mainly of fiat-created dollars and "loans" to fund not only the UN but also all of its Agendas, to provide credible, urgent, and existential justifications for the necessity of a one-world government.

To supplant many of the alleged "sovereign" of nations particularly in the West, it has been necessary for us to be very generous allowing the borrowing and indebtedness to us to become virtually astronomical. 

As the governments of the nations have become subservient to us so also are the people of those nations. Whether our sustainability measures are actually necessary or not to cure the problems, like global warming or inequality, which issues our NGO's, government agencies, media, and corporate minions have developed and featured in their various campaigns, what really matters most to us is that there is some real substance to there being a one-world government. We need all the support we can garner through our efforts to convince people everywhere of the "necessity" of a one-world government."

The take-away here is that they plan to inflate the money supply until they precipitate an economic collapse: "The US dollar is being phased out not with a whimper but with the bang of a mushroom cloud in the creation of unlimited trillions." 

How long this will take is unclear. As Jacob says, "quite frankly even if we were to make the US dollar debt to us $70 trillion as you say, what we have found is that people around the world...still keep demanding the stuff."


A consequence of this money-printing is that money increasingly is divorced from productive activity and reality itself. 

When I compare how hard some people have to work to make money, with how the Fed creates it out of thin air and gives it away, I can't help but think that "money" is make-believe. 

The $USD is not a currency; it is a concept, a confidence-game. They create it out of nothing and use it to ascribe value. We picture it in its coupon-form but in fact it is just digits on a ledger which the Rothschilds keep. 

There are billions of financial transactions every day. Do you think any "money" actually changes hands? No, the only thing that changes are digits. These digits determine how many coupons you can get but eventually all transactions will be cashless. 

What does a trillion dollars look like? Digits on Rothschild's ledger. 

Similarly, stocks and cryptocurrencies trade as "concepts" (i.e. renewable energy, cannabis etc.) divorced from reality. Companies valued at tens of billions have no profits. 

Meanwhile, a whole swath of the population is being "retired" and put on the dole. Small business. Travel and hospitality. "You will own nothing but you will be happy."

In Chinese social credit style, the Rothschilds will give them digits so long as they behave themselves. And, if the vaccines don't kill them, something else will. 

 I'll give JR the last word:

"It has been mainly the economic independence of most of the common people which makes them so unruly in these nations, and likely apt to support the sovereignty of their own nations and local control, which is the main obstacle to our plans, and precisely why the severe economic restraints have been necessary under the guise of the pandemic. If the people do not comply, undoubtedly a second wave will come their way, and with that food shortage, and complete government domination in order to usher in all of our proposed changes."


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First Comment from Chris Pirnak-

Keep in mind that perpetuation of this can continue for a long time. Those who bash the fiat currencies were saying the same things the gold bugs in the 1980's were saying. I recall how my college girlfriend's dad would gush over gold after the stock market crash of 1987 and before. At the time, he would debate me about Economic concepts and such.  I recall how FNN, the forerunner of CNBC would have a gold watch. That was 35 years ago.

When it comes to Economics and religion, everyone's an expert; yet most people are unprincipled and broke.

There were fortunes made waiting for the collapse. It may or may not come. When as many people are dependent and focused on the government and its affairs as they are today (and this number grows tremendously every year) the collapse won't come.

That is unless, the PTB, working through their boss, want it to come. They control the outcome now. This monetary system is a remarkably resilient one, given that humans are hopelessly dependent on government largess. Humanity has a vested interest in making it work.

Besides, there is no where in the Bible that says we need an economic collapse in order to get the endtime monetary system. The fear of collapse will suffice and the zombie ZeroHedge followers will doubt it all the way to the bitter end. Zerohedge is an anti-West demoralization propaganda outlet, and it has been tremendously effective in demoralizing and impoverishing the former patriots, Western resistance, and alt-media junkies who all now believe they are economic and monetary experts.

This was all accomplished with military precisions out of Arlington and McLean, VA.

With this said, this well-supported and satanic monetary system can maintain itself for as long as Satan says so. (Rothschild is also just a puppet doing the will of his father, the devil).

This amorality of this monetary system is a direct reflection of the amoral livestock population.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Rothschilds Courting Financial Collapse"

Christine said (February 16, 2021):

acob Rothschild said ".....allowing the borrowing and indebtedness to us to become virtually astronomical..."



How can counterfeited currency ever be considered "debt"? Counterfeiting is a criminal offence, isn't it?

I don't actually blame the Rothschilds at all: They are clearly insane.

The real culprit is the "elected" political class that has facilitated their utterly criminal scam.

Anonymous said (February 10, 2021):

I think the money supply is irrelevant. Plenty of goods and services to buy. They have hundreds of large screen TV's and goodies all over. Plenty of food. China manufacturing shifted to Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Mexico. I think the plan is to phase it in slowly. Using data analytics to guide their timings. But scare the crap out of everyone keeping their thinking short term and a fixed gaze on their facebook friend posts. No real-world activities.

Thats my head speaking. My heart says get one months food supply. Immediately.

Crushing the notions of American individual rights over the collective is the aim. Perhaps a better overall indicator is the rate at which they can shove high tech out the door of the US to Israel. The New Atlantis. Make Greater Israel great while making America suck

Todd Rivelle said (February 10, 2021):

from zerohedge

Fiat currencies thrive for the reason that all monies have thrived: because of trust. They are trusted to be reliable stores of value and unquestioned as to their role in payment for goods and services. But the Catch-22 of any fiat currency - the dollar included - is that you can print until the cows come home so long as your counter parties go on trusting. Lose the trust, and the Fed loses the power to "buy now, pay later," even if incrementally. Loss of trust in a fiat currency may not happen overnight (it took centuries for Rome!) but you don't need a fancy econometric model to predict the consequences: higher inflation! Were inflation to re-appear and rates to move higher, the Fed might rue the casual way we now disperse trillions. So, just how long can the current monetary regime last? Your guess is as good as ours, but for entertainment if nothing else, we thought we'd share these historical observations

David C said (February 10, 2021):

Clearly humanity is being setup for disaster, including enslavement and culling. What can we do to save ourselves? I see only one solution: stop supporting the corrupt monetary and political systems, which have enslaved us for centuries, and create a system of self-governance that works for everyone. We need to setup parallel governments in every population center, based on cooperation with love. The cooperative system is proven to work, when the seven cooperative principles are followed.

We don't need a monetary system, because a bartering economy can work. We should all be farmers, to the best of our ability. Cooperative organic farms can be created outside population centers, where homeless people can live and work. After the first year, the cooperative farms will create excess food, solving the hunger problem. God is on our side, but we must take action now, to save ourselves in the future.

Prayer is the most powerful force in the world, so let's pray for God's help, and get to work creating a solution, based on cooperation with love - before it's too late!

JG said (February 10, 2021):

What's making the dollar more worthless all the time is the inflated phantom numbers on Wall Street. Even 12 year kids have figured stock buying out. Buy all the penny stocks you can because the odds are at least one of those stocks has been artificially shorted and get rich overnight.

If this is allowed to continue everyone will be a day trader and no one will work. And, when that happens, the dollar will no longer be connected to labor and it will become worthless.

The day of reckoning for the American dollar is inevitable.

Eric B said (February 10, 2021):

My parents both came from generational freemason families. I only found out much later when i already left the elderly house. They were psychopaths. Most of my 5 brothers and sisters hated my dad but they ALL joined the Lodge! They never told me nor did my parents.

As a 33degree Mason, Rotchilds nephew Joseph Bobrowicz, once told me:”there are no poor Masons” and that is correct, because before they joined they got nowhere in life. I had an life long struggle with these deluded idiots and hate their guts. They all go to hell with their secret councils, they all took the oath on the KJV Bible, blindfolded and with their right trouser pipe up. Most in freemasonic circles are in pedophilia I found out only the lower degrees do not know this. My oldest brother, a high level mason in the Dutch government, once send me the abused daughter of Mr Vink, a Mason Police chief from Dordrecht, she was literally raised and handed out in pedophile circles in the Netherlands since a very young age, as she told me years later.

She lived in a suburb with masons and mason police officers called Starborough(Sterrenburg) her house was at the Moonsquare(Maanplein). See the names? Several killings took place here with satanist Police officers on very young girls, one had raped and killed his 12 j. old neighbour girl, Milly Boele. I can tell much more about two PvdA party Mayors from Amsterdam in a recent case where 86 children were raped for years in a day care center!

The Netherlands is pedophile country, most in Parliament are involved. There is a Dutch journalist who fled to Ireland because he writes about them, his name is Micha Kat.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at