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A Woman Needs a Man's Love

May 20, 2021

(Left, Women want to be adored like goddesses by their husbands.) 
A generation ago, that title was a truism. Now it
it raises PC eyebrows. We are being socially engineered.

I googled, Ten Traits of Happily Married Women  
and found not one, a sign that
the subject of "happily married women," is an oxymoron in
our satanically possessed society, and has been shadowbanned. 

Happily married women have their husbands' ardor and devotion.

"Having sex" has replaced "making love." But physical intimacy without emotional intimacy is degrading and dehumanizing. 

That's why Satanists promote it.  Sexual intercourse is the Ritual of Creation. It is sacred.  Anonymous sex cannot hold a candle to married sex.

 ("Having Sex" is not "Making Love" -- Revised from August 14, 2016)
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

When I was young in the 1960's, a man "made love" to a woman. 
Sexual intercourse had a sacred archetypical dimension.  A woman embraced a man's spirit represented by his seed. A child was the fruit. Love-making was the sacred ritual of procreation. Children were our organic growth. 

Sex was not an end in itself. A man expressed his adoration for his wife by giving her ecstatic pleasure. He "made love" to her. A powerful bond was established on the foundation of their sexual intimacy. But for this to happen, naturally, it had to be exclusive.

(Young women are flowers. Young males are bees.)

Most fertile young women are sexually attractive to most men. But anonymous sex is dehumanizing - it's about fleeting sensual pleasure and mutual exploitation. We are meant to rise above the level of insects.

God is Love. Male-female love is the closest most people will come to God. Satanists promote anonymous sex to pervert love.


The "making love" dynamic is deeply ingrained in the human psyche.  Women are looking for their Knight in Shining Armour, a man who will devote himself exclusively to her. They need intense love in order to blossom. 

She will surrender her body and soul to such a man. She will follow him. 

Men represent the power principle. Women represent love. Men want power. Women want love. Marriage is the exchange of the two: female worldly power for male power expressed as love. 

Women's sacrifice of power provides an example of love that inspires their husbands to love them and sacrifice for their family. 

Making love is the symbol of the marriage bond. It is an act of possession. 


Anonymous sex is humiliating for a woman. The message is clear.  The man wants your body; he does not want you.
You are worthless.

If women are possessed by men who don't love them, they are damaged.  Satanists promote it to remove love from the world. 

In The Psychology of Women (1944) psychiatrist Helene Deutsch said women are governed by masochistic and narcissistic principles. For sacrificing themselves to husband and children, they want to be adored as Goddesses. 

Women need sex as much or more than men. But they can't be truly satisfied unless they can completely surrender. In the Power of Sexual Surrender(1958), psychiatrist Marie Robinson writes that for a profound vaginal orgasm, "the excitement comes from the act of surrender. There is a tremendous surging physical ecstasy in the yielding itself, in the feeling of being the passive instrument of another person..." (158) 

A woman's unconditional love is the most precious thing in the world. It's the wellspring of harmony and happiness.  A loving woman is ike the sunrise. 

Instead, we've been trained to seek ersatz love, sex, a perfect body. But, in the act of love, all women are Perfect 10's. A perfect body is nothing compared to the tenderness and bliss of a loving face, an expression only her husband sees. 

Many women will have sex with you for a price. How many women can love you? 

What pleasure can a man get from a woman who is going through the motions? Casual sex is following a banal script that ends with - "boy that was great" when it just leaves everyone feeling restless and empty and degraded. Spiritual hunger can only be satisfied by spiritual food.

Lovemaking is how two people become one. For a woman to sacrifice power, naturally she must trust a man completely. She must have the conditions found in marriage: devotion, fidelity and commitment. 

Cabalist magicians attack woman's trust in men with a drumbeat of domestic abuse, sexual harassment and rape. They teach women to seek power instead of love and become masculine themselves in order to emasculate men. 

The Satanists want to destroy the divine heterosexual dynamic that brings love into the world. They want to re-engineer the human race to be their domestic animals, i.e. goyim.

We need to stop having sex and start making love again.


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First Comment from Deirdre:

Great article.   I think a woman wants to be cherished for her sacrificial love....not looks.  I don't want to be adored like a 'goddess'.  I definitely don't want my husband to worship me at all in any matter.    Worship and adoration need to be saved for the only One Who deserves it--JESUS.  

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Comments for "A Woman Needs a Man's Love"

Asim A said (November 20, 2018):

It's not just women who need men's love, it's everyone! Males crave love, acceptance and affirmation from fellow man just as much, as manifest in the father-son dyad. Without this male, fatherly love, boys and young men are sentenced to death, albeit a slow one through pain, depression, loneliness, low self-esteem and suicide. It is the same love that a woman craves, but for her, love is physical and emotional. One cannot deny the power man has in his ability to make individuals feel valued and able to make sense of the world around them. We look to our so-called leaders -men-for stability; we turn to holy prophets -men-for spiritual sustenance and guidance, and we turn to our fathers, for those rites of passage into adulthood.

And I turn to you for your warmth and wisdom, as you are a wise old sage!! Your article Henry is merely one part of the struggle for seeking that love of fulfilment and satisfaction. The love a man receives from fellow man lays the foundation for him to pass that love to a woman with confidence, sincerity and attention.

Z said (November 20, 2018):

“Love making” is even worse term when it comes to describing sexual intercourse. Recreational sex is another form of masturbation. Love and sex have absolutely nothing in common.

Lisa Marie said (September 9, 2016):

Good article. USA men are devoid of knight in shining armor. They are sex crazed divorced 2, 3 plus times, throw women away culture. They lost all understanding of what honor is. And the funny part is they "believe" they are good people who deserve more. Gluttonous selfish nasty mean piggies who are unreflective and unaware of what they are. USA is Sodom and Gomorra and no one gets it. Lol

Lisa Marie said (September 8, 2016):

Good article. USA men are devoid of knight in shining armor. They are sex crazed divorced 2, 3 plus times, throw women away culture. They lost all understanding of what honor is. And the funny part is they "believe" they are good people who deserve more. Gluttonous selfish nasty mean piggies who are unreflective and unaware of what they are. USA is Sodom and Gomorra and no one gets it. Lol

AZ said (September 7, 2016):

Thanks for your very enlightening article about the influence of feminism on the male and female role patterns in relations, concerning the whole social and spiritual interaction between love partners. My whole life I have been attracting woman that had a dominant masculine character trait.

Always I felt this competitiveness between them and me. As much on the mental, emotional as specially on the sexual level of our relation. I have always been wondering about this. On the one side I know I attracted these woman due to the relation I had with my mother, who was a very dominating narcissistic person. Although I learned to feel compassion for her, because of her own harsh background. Furthermore I had some other masculine repressing trauma’s in my youth. But as I was looking into this theme on a more societal level, I learned to see what has been described in your article. It helps me to relieve my soul from the burden of being an inadequate man.


Thanks AZ

Men are not designed to fight women so you need to find a submissive woman, one who responds to your leadership because she loves you.


Dan said (September 7, 2016):

Here's the biological definition of sex.

"The biologic character or quality that distinguishes male and female from one another as expressed by analysis of the person's gonadal, morphologic (internal and external), chromosomal, and hormonal characteristics."

The sexes reason for existence is procreation. That's it.
What passes for 'sex' between homosexuals is actually mutual masturbation.

Same goes for heterosexuals that engage in 'hookups' strictly for orgasms.

It's "masturbation with somebody else".

Connie said (September 6, 2016):

About men and their mothers, what AA says below really REALLY resonates.

I cannot believe the cruelty I have seen mothers inflicting on their sons. At a tender age, I've seen sons being treated by their mothers like grown men. Mom's job is to coddle the baby in him and school him in love. It's Dad's job to show him a path to power, to make him a man.

Marco said (September 6, 2016):

You are preaching to a small choir Henry. The majority of people who are in 'love making' age aren't listening to; they are out listening to liars, and living the college life 'hook-up' culture where flesh is cheap and easy to come by.

And with Tinder ruling the dating sphere these days, hook-up culture is the dominant culture out there. A woman will find their 'knight in shining armour' only to swipe left and find a better one!

Young men listen to imbeciles like Roosh V and other 'manly' imposters, mastering the 'art of seduction' and becoming master pick-up artists (trying not to laugh). They spout sex on one hand, and then have the gall to preach 'Christian' civilization on the other. They are scum and hypocrites. Women are out listening to God knows who... probably some feminist drivel lying to them, telling them that they are goddesses.

The end result is that society is churning out soulless narcissists at an alarming rate.

The chances of someone finding a good mate in this day and age are very slim. The West cannot go back to a 1950's understanding of morality and courtship at this point, it is too far gone.

If any improvement is to be made, we need to eliminate the poison in this society and annihilate all Communists and saboteurs of Christian civilization.

Instead of young men endlessly running around looking to score their latest date, we would of needed young men meeting and creating plans to fight back against this subversion going on like many brave men did in Poland and Romania for example. But tough luck, that wont ever happen - thanks Roosh and ilk for confusing the definition of manhood!

We need to purge every institution in society from government bureaucracy, to universities and colleges. We either need a military coup or a miracle from God.

It is well known that one of the goals of Communist subversion is to destroy natural cohabitation between a man and a woman. Instead of some shadowy 1984 version of having all sex as taboo, society has been blind-sided and instead received over sexualization in order to destroy this relationship.

Al Thompson said (September 6, 2016):

If I was able to do one thing over again, I never would have involved myself in sex before marriage. As I think back, it really did screw up my relationship with women.

There is a reason why marriage (between and man and a woman) is so important. The sexual act is very personal and within the boundaries of marriage, life doesn't get any better.

But if a couple starts fornicating before the wedding, there's something that is messed up about the relationship.

The best part of my life was raising my children. I had a stay-at-home wife who did a good job in taking care of my children, but it was the feminists that she associated with that may have destroyed the marriage.

I made the money and she had plenty to do with the children and the house. I despise feminism. There's nothing to like about feminism.

I think young people should have more of a courtship and then if they want to get married, they should do so immediately and get their lives going in the right direction.

Lisa said (September 6, 2016):

What you wrote today says allot about your dedication and love for truth. I am happy to know you, as well as others, are out there exposing lies reported as truth.

When I begin to looking for information years back about being more feminine, your site was the first in which I turned to. (actually it popped up) I felt if anyone was going to tell the truth about how a women should act, it would be a man because what men view as questionable, they call shenanigans on!

But what I found was more than a feminist agenda, you opened my eyes to a whole gambit of things going on in the world in which I was ignorant. Slowly but surely you exposed lie after lie, even revisited some older articles and updating others as you found more relevant information. You even backed up what my husband had been saying for years but yet sadly I did not quite believe to be true.

We need you Mr. H. We need you so badly in a world in which is a washed with lies……..

DS said (August 15, 2016):

I've experienced "having sex' and Making Love. Two totally different acts. Making LOVE is so much more profound, satisfying and enjoyable.

AA said (August 15, 2016):

In your latest article, you said 'all men seek unconditional love from women'. That is true 100%, but I think that unconditional love has to first come from the most important woman in a man's life - his Mother.

Without this, men will grow up seeking the 'wrong kind of unconditional love' from women; they will seek constant affirmation, attention, compliments, when it is not warranted, and this is what causes many women, to completely reject the overly creepish, needy kind of love-seeking approach from those men, trapped in a man's body, but with the emotional maturity of a repressed 16 year old boy.

I never received that unconditional love from my mother-she was incapable of giving it, (I self-diagnose her as suffering from Bi-polar disorder). Later in my teenage years, I had to earn my mother's love by obeying all of her commands, and absolving all responsibility and decision-making to my mother.

It rendered me emotionally impotent-I could not emotionally resonate with girls - I feared the potential for intimacy. This did not stop me craving that unconditional love from a woman -any woman-and consequently, I sought it in five miserable relationships, before I finally found the right one. The damage from my relationship with my mother, had transformed me into a spineless, insecure wreck, constantly demanding and gratifying myself with sex, and affirmations. This simply allowed the women in my life to abuse their position with me and seek total control-the carrot was sex, the stick was the threat of leaving me.

Without the emotional bonding that a man has with his mother at a very early age, right up to his adolescent years, he is truly doomed, and the unconditional love that he seeks, will always be misplaced love that he never received from his mother. This a recipe for conflict in relationships, and women will always be able to sniff this out.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at