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Updated list of alternative search engines & video sharing websites:

May 15, 2021

Thanks to Sydney:

Alternative video search (primarily non YouTube sources):
Alternative video sharing websites to You Tube (now owned by Google):    (replace the "you" in the You Tube link to "hook", no commercial ads and no monetized videos) (Chinese)
Alternative search engines for firearms: (for firearms)

Internet archive search engines:
News feed:
Alternative search engines to Google: (now Yahoo) (Chinese) (Korean)
Face Recognition search engine:
Famous people (and a bit ordinary people) search engines: (famous people search engine)

Not censored free net:
Canadian federal, provincial, municipal, small claims and other courts/tribunals:

USA SearchQuarry - Background Checks, License Plate Searches, & More:

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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