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Film "Compliance" Examines Submission to Authority

June 19, 2021

A bizarre incident made Director Craig Zobel ask, 
"What part of human nature lets this happen?'"

from Feb 9, 2014
by Doug Plumb

"Compliance" is a gripping film about our mindless obedience to authority which flopped badly, proving Americans have little appetite for reality. It grossed only $319,000.

On the other hand, the movie was a hit with critics getting an 81% rating at Rotten Tomatoes. "It never loses sight of its goal to persuade us to be more aware, more questioning of our leaders and institutions, from politicians to priests to, in this case, the police, " wrote one critic. 

The storyline: An employee at a fast food restaurant is accused of stealing money from a customer by a prank policeman talking to the manager by telephone. The "officer" requests assistance from the store manager and the manager feels morally obligated to co-operate. 

The accusation is passionately denied by the employee, played by Dreama Walker, left. The prankster asks the manager to get assistance from another male employee as well as her fiance. Gradually, the employee is lead from answering questions to submitting to a strip search and then to eventually performing humiliating sex acts. 

The whole ordeal lasts from early day until nightfall. The employee is held naked in a store room covered only by an apron. Her clothes are in the managers car. This effectively holds her as prisoner in the store room.

The film has a shock value of a first-rate psychological thriller, easily more powerful than the best that has ever come out of Hollywood.

In 2004, a man who identified himself as a police officer telephoned a McDonald's in Mt. Washington, Kentucky, and led employees down a path that ended in sexual assault. More than 70 such phone calls occurred across the country over a nearly 10-year period ending in 2004. In 2006, a man named David Stewart was acquitted of all charges brought against him by investigators.

"It seemed implausible to me that this would be possible," said the film's Director Craig Zobel, noting that he learned of the incidents while reading about the famed 1961 Milgram experiment on obedience to authority figures. 

"I don't like to say people are stupid, so the film for me was retroactively saying, 'What part of human nature lets this happen?'"


Imagine yourself being forced to search someones body cavities, how would it make you feel? 

The manager is just too busy to reflect on her own actions while its happening and is unable to process it later during an interview with the press. She tries to cover up and ignore her shame.

A similar kind of abuse is happening in police stations and at airports on a daily basis. Rape and abuse is not about sex, its about power. It's about humiliation and the breaking of a spirit. The acting in the movie is superb and the effects of the humiliation on all concerned is portrayed very realistically.

The store manager is the creature the New World Order wants us to be. The only thing that can save us is an awakening of moral consciousness.

 The Sundance 2012 opening of the movie invoked anger as well as cat-calls. Audience members couldn't accept the gullibility shown, and also reacted against the nudity. "This is not the year to make violence against women entertaining," one audience member heckled. The Orwellian theme flew over her head.

In conclusion, humiliation is the motive behind what the prank. Humiliation is what breaks our spirit and makes us ripe for New World Order total domination.

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--------------- The True Story of Compliance

First Comment by DB:

Thank you for bringing this film to our attention. This film is very important! We all need to examine this topic of "authority" and compliance.

It's bad enough the milligram experiments,and the way the Germans behaved during the Nazi era, clearly demonstrated blind compliance to "authority". Tragically it is STILL a very common and dangerous thing. People did not learn from those events! Why? The same dynamic continues, seemingly forever- though I hope not. I do hope we all can break free of blind compliance to perceived "authorities".

We should not be doing this to each other for so called _authority_-human-pile.jpgAs we discover the real events that inspired this film. It raises a lot of alarms for me, on so many levels. This store manager took orders from a faceless voice over the telephone. There was not any proof this was a police officer. She did not see the face behind the voice. And even if a man in uniform had showed up on the scene, she no doubt still would have complied unquestioningly. [*sic] Also there is an aspect of accusation, without evidence. The manager did everything the voice told her to do. No real evidence. No customer named. And no police report as some kind of evidence either. Heresay, like in the Olde days of Salem.

Regardless, it horrifies me that people think "authority" figures trump principle or conscience!

I mean how many cases have there been of criminals dressing up as police to commit rapes, thefts or other crimes? I have read quite a few. A few examples, as demonstration of how common these occurrences are. There are of course many more a simple search would turn up.

PYRAMID OF CONTROL-illuminati-pyramid-control1.jpgWhether impostors or actual police on payrolls, I do not trust them! Food for thought from a VERY INSIGHTFUL concise post:

So in the future, should I find myself ANY situation with police and they ask me to comply and ask me if I understand? I will state only two things. 1) "No, I do not understand" ( Translation: I do NOT stand under or recognize their "authority".) And 2) I want my attorney.

We all really desperately need to question the concept of "authority". Really scrutinize it from every angle. And question ourselves, why should we jump when any SELF PROFESSED "authority" tells us to? Especially when they demand we violate another human being! Shouldn't the principle known as the golden rule be more vital to all of us than blind compliance? What kind of world could we create if we put principle over compliance?

There is another film that profoundly addresses the issues of control and compliance. I cannot recommend highly enough. BTW the prison in the film is allegorical of the state the mass of humanity finds itself in today.
(Notice the hierarchy of control, and that we need recognize that people in uniform or position, are often the bully, abuser or criminal. A uniform does not equal morality!)

pyramid-kap.jpgThere is a book that addresses these issues more profoundly than any other book I have had the pleasure of reading. This book is a treasure. It is written very simply. The book is small, less than 100 pages. But packs a wealth of principles that are worth pondering, especially regarding the topic of "authority". Please look at the appendix at the end. Most people could read this in less than an hour. Time well spent IMO!

The free PDF is available here:

I wish share to a few images, as examples of this power/control matrix. Since a visual of the dynamic of hierarchical structure is useful. This is what I call the pyramid of control or manipulation. Man is easily controlled via the dynamics of hierarchy and compartmentalization. It clearly shows the hierarchical nature of "authority", as well as compartmentalization, which helps those at top retain control, not to mention keep people below them in the dark. The entire structure is based upon compliance to the "authority" in the level above. Until people free their minds of the conditioned response of blind obedience to SELF PROFESSED "authorities". People will remain trapped in this matrix that is designed to control and enslave them.There are many so called "authorities" in this structure. But what about the authority of self? And of conscience? The man who courageously stands against "authority" and rather acts upon principle would never blindly comply. This should not be uncommon. As I honestly believe that most people are good. But most people are conditioned and credulous which causes people to lose objectivity and discernment. There is one man who first comes to my mind when I think of an individual who stands upon principle against all "authority". Think of Mahatma Gandhi Jee. JFK also comes to mind as he attempted to free us from the grips of the International PRIVATE Bank cabal. They both were murdered for their integrity. But that should not dissuade us. If we all choose, we can unify. They can't take us all out if we are united.This is do-able! We can break this pattern! IF WE CHOOSE TO. Mindfully make the conscious choice to never harm another soul, especially if anyone else demands we do it.

A DEPICTION- I BEG TO DIFFER ON THE APEX THOUGH- .jpgLook at these images. We are all divided amongst ourselves. Falling for mechanical dialectics. ( Divide and conquer techniques.) The PTB at top are unified in their satanic agenda. We need to unify. And make principle supreme. Not "authority".

Come on, lets free ourselves and not comply in knee jerk reaction, and neither harm one another just because some borderline control freak ( "authority") tells us to.


Makow Comment:

I can't help but see all these invasions of our physical privacy in terms of the general induction of humanity into a satanic cult, the illuminati, whereby the rank and file is sexually exploited.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Film "Compliance" Examines Submission to Authority"

Tony B said (June 19, 2021):

An insight on how to handle that kind of "authority" instead of simply accepting it as genuine. Like what is going on everywhere today.
Tony B.

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?... The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If...if...We didn't love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation.... We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

T said (February 11, 2014):

The title is misleading and not accurate enough. It should read: "Film 'Compliance' Examines Submission to FALSE Authority".

There is nothing wrong with submitting to true authority. In fact, that's the solution to the problem. The problem most people have today is that they lack the ability to recognise TRUE authority. The perception of authority today has been so distorted that it is equated with brute force. This is portrayed in the film as a policeman, and we all know a policeman is armed and has a license to kill.

If we take a look at the etymology of the word "authority", it says:

authority (n.) Look up authority at
early 13c., autorite "book or quotation that settles an argument," from Old French auctorité "authority, prestige, right, permission, dignity, gravity; the Scriptures" (12c.; Modern French autorité), from Latin auctoritatem (nominative auctoritas) "invention, advice, opinion, influence, command," from auctor "master, leader, author" (see author (n.)).

Usually spelled with a -c- in English till 16c., when it was dropped in imitation of the French. Meaning "power to enforce obedience" is from late 14c.; meaning "people in authority" is from 1610s. Authorities "those in charge, those with police powers" is recorded from mid-19c.

We see that originally the word had connotations such as prestige, dignity, command, master and leader. A person with authority is someone who speaks about something with knowledge. Later the meaning of the word degenerated to the point where, in the mid-1900's, it simply meant "those in charge, those with police powers". Gone are the connotations of being a master in your area of expertise; someone with dignity and knowledge. It's enough to just have a gun. People of authority today are simply people who've usurped and taken by force the positions of influence from the true leaders, masters and people of true knowledge.

Eliezer said (February 11, 2014):

The reason "human nature lets this happen," can be summed up with two words... "APPROVAL SEEKING." In other words, unless a strong sense of self is inculcated, & supported by an attendant and benevolent family, and sometimes even then, one is early on cajoled & bullied into compromising one's morals, principles & boundaries, by a desire to meet with the approval of one's peers. This transition occurs roughly at the age of puberty, and more readily in public schools.

So, approval seeking is driven by a need to be accepted, and this need to be accepted, is in turn driven by what is conventionally perceived to be, a need to be successful. This adolescent or pubertal inclination to seek approval of and acceptance by one's peers, blossoms more fully with a need to submit one's views to "professionally" peer reviewed journals, which all too often act as filters to independent thought and innovation. So once again, puberty is the plateau, at which going along to get along, sets the stage for a submission to mob rule, and mob rule is endemic to the current system which demands compromise and an unprincipled compliance for success.

Representative of our currently inverted system of values, an inverted board game of Snakes & Ladders comes to mind. Those most willing to compromise on moral boundaries and principles, are permitted to rise up in the mob system - to "climb the snake" hierarchy of authority and power, conversely, falling down ladders should they displease the snake. In a snake system, inevitably, social climbers become some of the most compromised approval seekers of all. It is these snake charmers, who are most shuffled into prominent positions of power and authority. What we end up with then, is a "pathocracy," an autocratic system of approval seeking snake charmers, ruled by sociopaths and psychopaths.

Note: A "submission to authority," is an oxymoron. All true authority is self-evident. What we are currently dealing with, is a coercive, or external submission to power, which has no authority. Conversely, most people accept authentic authority.

Linda said (February 9, 2014):

Did you see this recent incident: Nurses sue St. Thomas over strip searches for drug tests

Reminds me of the Compliance movie premise. Two of the nurses have quit and all of them are suing the hospital. Wouldn't it have been easier to refuse - job or no job?

I know it is hard to judge another's decisions when we are not in that situation but I sure hope I would tell those perverts to take a hike before I took my clothes off during a urine test. Certainly it should be common knowledge that such a request is a violation of basic human rights as outlined by the law of the land...oops, I keep forgetting that many in this country don't know what the Constitution says and if the trend continues that important document will be a forgotten relic. That will be very bad indeed.

Dan said (February 9, 2014):

The trailer is chilling. Believe it or not, movies are easy to suppress. They can't stop films from being made, since good ideas can always find independent investors. So they control film distribution. Youth may not know that 35-years ago most movie theaters were 'mom & pop' family owned local businesses.

I could go into the detail of the Hollywood stealth campaign that killed independent theaters some other time. In brief, before the 1980's movie theatre owners could choose which movies they wanted to show, and nobody could tell them what movies they had to show. That left room for independent distributors. I doubt that a film like John Carpenter's THEY LIVE would be as widely distributed today as it was in the 1988. That one cost $3 mil and grossed $13,008,928 in theaters.

State by state, LA lawyers lobbied state legislatures to pass a 'blind bidding' law that allowed Hollywood distribution companies to force theater owners to show whatever Hollywood decided to provide, sight unseen. When passed, this was used to plow under 'mom & pop' theaters and starve out independent distributors. Suffice to say, that's the reason movie outlets today all belong to a handful of corporate chains. Theaters today are franchise operations owned largely by Freemasons. Next time you go to a multiplex theater, let me know if there is NOT a black & white chessboard pattern on the floor of the lobby and bathrooms. If it's carpeted in the lobby, the chessboard pattern of Masonry is usually in the bathrooms. There will also be 5 pointed stars and other subtle symbols in the decor. They're telling you that these are literally Masonic temples for the 'profane' to worship their Hollywood 'idols'.

I haven't seen this film, but when I do, I may pass it around to people I know in the hopes it will snap them out of their 'American Idol' trance. '

Victoria said (February 9, 2014):

Why is it that people can't seem to see that the whole problem begins with compulsory schooling?

Where do they think we first learn to feel helpless in the face of seemingly, unassailable authority? It is my opinion that if we dispensed with the abomination of society being able to put a gun to parents' heads and force them to put their vulnerable, little children into school, such craven, abject cowardice would come to a halt fairly quickly.

What do children learn to do in school other than comply with the orders of 'authority' figures? However, if they choose not to and show independence of mind, they are humiliated, shamed, ostracized and so on until the pain of going against the crowd forces them to submit and take their place amongst their more compliant peers.

A natural way of learning to deal with authority is by first having to deal with it as exercised by one's parents, who, despite any excesses they may demonstrate, are doing what they do out of love for their child rather than as agents of ideology as in the case of teachers.

And, in my experience, children will fight their parents for self-expression in a way that they rarely do with 'authorities' from outside the family.

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