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Covid Vaccine Delivers Nanoparticles for Mind Control

June 8, 2021

These were never "vaccines" against a virus. 
This is a secret nanotech project developed 
to reach and control the brains of the human population.

by "A Marcher" (from Spain)

A biologist named Ricardo Delgado and a doctor, Dr. Jose Luis Sevillano, both host an on-line program called "La Quinta Columna", say some people's arms become magnetic precisely in the point where they were inoculated, holding not only magnets but scissors, metal parts, tools even cellphones!. 

The phenomenon is not exclusive to the arm. Within days it moves towards the chest, neck or upper spine. (unfortunately my mother and my aunt they took the first shot of the Pfizer jab and my sister confirmed that this is sadly true).

They started their own research and discovered this.

1. All the vaccines are manufactured using the same nano-technology. In Spain it was even described as "secret nanoparticles."  These nanoparticles become magnetic when they reach the same temperature as the human body. When they remain in an under zero degrees environment, they remain un-magnetic. [Why they freeze the vaccines?]

2. These particles must be a nano-tech material called GRAPHENE. which is a superconductive and highly integrative with neuron cells in the brain:

3. The European Union invested one billion euros in a project called The Graphene Flagship

4. The molecules of GRAPHENE can interact with neurons in the brain in a remote mode using different radio-frequencies (5G could be one of these) , they can map the brain and transmit and receive INSTRUCTIONS remotely:

(Just when you ran out of room on your fridge, they came up with this new innovation.)

5. These were never "vaccines" against a virus, instead all the time it was a secret nanotech project developed to reach and control the brains of the human population (until now we don't know if they can modify DNA via 5G) In la Quinta Columna, they discovered that people have been already magnetized via graphene present in masks, PCR tests, chemtrails and influenza and covid vaccines

6. The icon of GRAPHENE is guess what: three hexagrams:

7. GRAPHENE could be flushed naturally out of the body, because there is an enzyme called myeloperoxidase that apparently disintegrates graphene molecules. Surprisingly alcohol consumption or even tobacco can help to increase this enzyme. That's why they want the population to be vaccinated each 6-12 months and sober.

8. The interaction between GRAPHENE in inoculated humans and 5G could result in a fatal event when 5G will be fully enabled in July 2021, so we would be in a short period of time to stop this madness and abort vaccination programs for once and for all.

9. Speakers of Graphene Flagship are directives of AstraZeneca, they area in very close contact with big pharma: "The University of Manchester will give an overview of graphene and its use in biomedical devices and representatives from AstraZeneca, Glaxo Smith Kline, Pixtium Vision, Clinatec and Multichannel Systems will talk about how this cutting edge research is being completed in industry and its path forward."

10. A company called Nanografi based in Turkey  is producing the new nasal version of the covid vaccine to spray directly into the nose, (and easily reach the brain) they are involved in nanotechnologies using graphene too.

11. The EU invests 2.000 million euros in graphene research and the recreation of the human brain, Spain is the country with more work teams.

12. Bill Gates´s financed Imperial College London on research about Graphene in vaccines technology  to the tune of 4.5 M pounds.

13. Michael L. Gordon the National Security specialist from the Wall Street Journal  who denounced publicly about "massive destruction weapons" in Iraq was the same journalist who told the story of the Chinese origin of the new coronavirus in Wuhan .

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