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Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger - You're Being Chipped

June 25, 2021

astrid.jpeg(l. Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger)

PCR tests and covid vaccines, may be a one-two punch, 1) kill your pineal gland which is the seat of the soul, and 2)  hook you up to a trans-humanist smart grid. Her 18-min video, found here, leaves no doubt that covid is a globalist psyop designed to inventory, brand, control & cull humanity. The politicians, public health officials, and media that promoted this heinous hoax will feel the public's wrath, not the Rockefeller Foundation, WHO and GAVI that gave the directions. That's why our "leaders" are as lightweight and disposable as Kleenex.
Does the PCR Test Affect the Pineal Gland? Humans and "Transhumans". Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger

(edited by

Astrid Stuckelberger, a Swiss MD and former WHO insider, says mRNA-"vaccines" are bioweapons driven by an eugenics and depopulation agenda

The 193 UN-member states are pushing the plandemic psyop in a systemic way. 

"What is shocking", she says, "is that they're all saying exactly the same thing, all media, all newspapers, all airports - in all UN countries..."

Dr. Stuckelberger says that the experts advising the decision makers have been bought. Their advice has been contradicted by real scientists who are not published, because the media also has been bought.

The funds -- hundreds of millions of dollars-- come from our national governments. She describes the vaccines as a "permanent nightmare" designed to lock us down forever.


She questions whether they are using the PCR test to paralyze the pineal gland.

The pineal gland was described as the "Seat of the Soul" by René Descartes (French 17th Century philosopher) and it is located in the center of the brain. The main function of the pineal gland is to receive information about the state of the light-dark cycle from the environment and convey this information to produce and secrete the hormone melatonin - which is giving humans senses and sensibilities. Reducing or eliminating these unique capacities, makes us humans vulnerable to "robotization".

If there wasn't a deeper agenda behind the PCR-test, she says there wouldn't be a need to stick a test-swab deep into your sinuses where it touches a thin membrane that separates the sinus cavity from your brain. A saliva sample would be enough. 

Dr. Stuckelberger also mentions the plan of nano-chips being implanted with the mRNA-type gene-therapy.


In a 2016 interview by Swiss TV RTS Geneva of Klaus Schwab, CEO and founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), where he talks about the transformation of humans into "transhumans" with an implanted nano-chip which connects directly to the human brain.

 Humans can then [respond to] Artificial Intelligence (AI), or other electronic commands. They may be manipulated according to the will of those who are in global control, i.e the so-called "Global Cabal". The latter are my words. Klaus Schwab uses a much smoother way of explaining slavehood and total digital control.

As is well known, Klaus Schwab is also the promotor and co-author of The Great Reset, of which he says at the end - at completion of Agenda 2030 - "you will own nothing and be happy".

He calls the current covid plandemic a unique opportunity to rethink and reshape our world, into - what he doesn't say - but implies in more ways than one - a One World Order, under a small ultra-rich elite in which the Eugenists call the shots.

When asked in 2016 by the Swiss French language TV network (RTS), about a time frame for this sci-fi to become possible, he says within about 10 years, meaning about 2026, give or take a year or so .

"What we see is a kind of fusion of the physical, digital and biological world" said Klaus Schwab. He explained that human beings will soon receive a chip which will be implanted in their bodies in order to merge with the digital World.

RTS: "When will that happen?

KS: "Certainly in the next ten years.

"We could imagine that we will implant them in our brain or in our skin".

"And then we can imagine that there is direct communication between the brain and the digital World".


Unless we do something immediately against this "Covid Cabal", it may be too late. As they start testing children - testing-testing-testing - in some Swiss cantons. 

Some cantonal governments order schools to test primary school students once per week or once per months. You can imagine what this could mean for these children? - 

By the time they leave school, PCR-type testing may have reduced the children's pineal gland to a cripple. The kids may have lost their sensibilities - and will they be so to speak "robotized"?

Now the EU allows children from age 12 on to be vaccinated - in some countries even without parental consent. The almost only and exclusively allowed mRNA-type inoculation is considered by several scientists as a bioweapon and, if not stopped NOW, it may have devastating consequences worldwide. Did you know that their goal is "vaccinating" - or rather jabbing with this potentially deadly toxin - 70% of the world population? See this.

In the US, the CDC has just allowed Children age 12 to 17 being inoculated with what Vaccine Impact calls a "Mass Extermination Program", by implementing Eugenic Population Control Measures through COVID-19 Bioweapons".

All this sounds like a horror sci-fi movie which is about to become reality - in fact, it is well on its course, because you can yourself witness the massive vaxx-drive & the endless testing coercion wherever you are.

There is hardly a border-crossing without an obligatory PCR-test - which by the way is invalid (as confirmed by the WHO on January 20, 2021) in determining whether you are infected with the covid virus.

It was never invented and designed for this purpose. See this directly from Dr. Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR-test, who died in August 2019, shortly before the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2, alias Covid-19.


This may soon be enhanced by a mandatory vaxx-certificate, first as an electronic card, then implanted as a chip, without which you may not be able to do most things you were free to do - until you submit to the killer-inoculation.

That's where we are headed if we let it go. So far it is difficult to estimate worldwide willingness to vaccinate. If Germany and the US are any indication at least for the West, the willingness to receive the jab may be as high as two thirds. See this and this.

In the Global South vaccination may be slower, as it is not driven as hard as in the Global North.

Remember: The worldwide vaxx-target is 70%, individual countries may have been given different quotas to fulfill. See this. Our elected leaders, whom we fund with our taxes, and in whom we place our trust, they belie and betray us royally - to fulfill their quota. - What will be their reward? Maybe a placebo jab, so they can also get their vaxx-certificate.

This must not be the end of the row. But you should be aware of what is planned and what the objectives are. Among these objectives is "depopulation" of Mother Earth.

One thing is sure - you may realize it for yourself after reading this essay and the references from renown virologists and medical scientists: We humans, before we become "transhumans" have to collectively and solidarily stop this onslaught NOW.

Only a groundswell of people who are willing to stand up against the tyrannical authorities, stand up for their constitutional and especially, for their Human Rights, and resist, resist the endless PCR testing - even if it means not traveling for a while - until We, The People, win this Battle and stop accepting being inoculated with the mRNA-bio-weapon, simply refuse, don't let yourself getting lured into this false "vaccination". - Would you believe, there are States in the US that offer you plenty of goodies for getting the jab?

One US State Governor took it a step further. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine upped the ante with a bombastic plan to enter vaccinated people in a $1 million lottery. See this from The Atlantic.

Doesn't this tell you that vaccinating has nothing to do with protecting human health, but all to do with subjugating humanity to a bioweapon, a so-called "vaccination"?

On the bright side, in May 2021, the US Supreme Court has voted against universal [covid] vaccination. This also means a US Supreme Court decision against vaccination certificates in the US. See this.

What's valid for the US, might also become law in the European Union - and in other nations around the world. But let's not put the cart before the horse: We, The People, have to stand up and demand our rights back. There is no way around it. But if we put our full spirit, energy and will-power into this fight, we will win this battle against the biggest crime in human history.

In Europe, there is also the Germany-based Corona Commission of Inquiry (German: Corona Untersuchngsausschuss), led by lawyer Dr. Reiner Fullmich, who has already filed several class action-suits in the US and in Canada, as well as introduced legal actions against institutions and individuals mostly in Europe. If we stand up in solidarity to fight this Covid Beast, this crime against humanity, refusing the PCR-test, resisting the vaxx-coercion, we will win.


Thanks to John B


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Comments for "Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger - You're Being Chipped "

Amber said (June 25, 2021):

Do as the person in the classified doc. at the end says, “shine a UV light on a vaxxed and a non vaxxed body” and see what is to be seen.

Magnets that are sticking to people’s vaxxed bodies are now simply entertainment. People need to see what is really underneath—perhaps then that might be OUR game changer.

Some one now needs to start this twitter craze to get the shocking harm being done to people’s persons out there.

Ed said (June 25, 2021):

Aluminum, Fluoride, Glyphosate and EMF: The Deliberate Concoction to Shut Down Your Body

it is all connected …the shutting down of your pineal gland is deliberate …

Doug P said (June 25, 2021):

re "One US State Governor took it a step further. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine upped the ante with a bombastic plan to enter vaccinated people in a $1 million lottery. See this from The Atlantic.
Doesn't this tell you that vaccinating has nothing to do with protecting human health, but all to do with subjugating humanity to a bioweapon, a so-called "vaccination"?

No, it doesn't - one could imagine that if there was hesitancy and the threat was real the same thing may be done. Even if the threat was real and could be proven to be real there would be people that would not want to get vaccinated. Some are just afraid of needles.

The barrier in understanding is that many people don't know how truly sick these powers are. Reading about the Bolshevik Revolution is the cure for this. Some have a mandate from God which licenses anything.

It's not Bill Gates or Anthony Fauci that will be doing this to us. It will be our neighbors, people we see in grocery stores and on the street, etc that have been hypnotized into doing this, that believe the government is God, or believe that a utopia is actually possible, or they just want to be eaten by the crocodile last, or that just don't care because they themselves cannot affect change. People who know there is no pandemic are getting vaccinated anyway. Somehow they have been destroyed already.

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