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Western Family Stuck in Covid-Controlled Thailand

July 19, 2021

(Constant pressure to vax)

"Knut Hamsun" and his family are stranded in a remote resort town in Thailand. He worked in the hospitality industry but has been unemployed for 18 mos. and is reaching a
financial "breaking point."

They can't leave without being vaccinated.

"Local politicians are also heavily 'subsidized' or 'helped' by local Chabaad Lubervitch Centre."  More evidence that covid is a cabalist Communist plot. 

Here are his notes and pics.

by Knut Hamsun

In picture form helps explain somewhat too.

- Food Markets demarcation zones with coloured taped off zones etc. keeping the people separate - so important/essential to Thai way of life. Stopping Thais from interacting in the happy vibrant way they all grew up with. 

- of course, constant compulsory MASK wearing now with an oppressive FINE imposed by the Mayor here of 20,000 Thai Baht (about USD 610) for being caught with no mask..the local economy is decimated and so desperate, the average person and even average Westerner here would have serious problems in paying this extortion. 

- we have actually also had pickup trucks with loudspeakers blaring, driving past our (very rural) driveway, to - "come out and make appointments to get you and your family vaccinated" which is disturbing enough.

- local politicians are also heavily 'subsidized' or 'helped' by local Chabaad Lubervitch Centre.

- I'm relatively aware of these things as I also previously worked for the local Mayor. I've met so many his 'business' connections as in the referred occult group above.

- a picture of a government school in this country and the realities of constant stress this puts upon young people's lives and supposed education. My kids for another example have been learning online as since the recent lockdown or extreme austerity covid measures, they CANNOT go to school to be together and learn. All kids here have been learning from home for the past month and it's sure to continue for the entire term. This means at least six hours per day online within a WIFI frequency environment also of course. 

- pictures of locals having to resort to sifting through rubbish and collection as so many seem to be having to do I've firmly noticed a growing number doing so. 

- since covid Plandemic started, constant noise pollution sound of jet aircraft (unseen as yet, possibly Drones?) but no passenger jets have been allowed in or out.. 

- constant spraying with their 'Geo-engineering' trails of chemical formulae for we the luckless peasants to inhale.

I have video footage which I supply to other channels in the UK. 

In all much more besides, which I'm sure doesn't paint a picture of paradise. But by comparison to other places, the Philippines in particular whereby they're already imprisoning those that deny the vax 'treatment', I guess we shouldn't be panicked.
It's hard to gauge. Difficult to ascertain in full I suppose.

I was a manager for a resort hotel, but have had no income for a year and a half nearly already. I'm near breaking point, but keep my spirits as high as I can for the children and my wife. That and meditation. 
Send me your covid stories. Will post some anonymously.

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Comments for " Western Family Stuck in Covid-Controlled Thailand"

PK said (July 20, 2021):

I also live in Thailand.

I tried my best to warn relatives and friends about the danger of the Covid-19 vaccines, but they are not listening.

They post in LINE and FaceBook that they had taken the Vaccines, and provided photographs of themselves getting the jab as if it is some kind of a badge of honor. It's treated as something good...

The culture here is that in order for anyone to be a good citizen, one must be obedient to authority...It's the legacy of the Hindu culture where class system is still practiced albeit low key. Legitimacy of current governance is claimed through the Avatar of Rama who is an Avatar of Vishnu. The military gains its legitimacy from protecting this supposed divine order and institutions.

Below the Brahmins are the Soldiers and then Merchants, and farmers. The lowest are the untouchables. So, to be a good Thai one must do what one is told...And, there have been deaths...Young doctors who are not completely sold to the system are raising questions.

Problem is that there are not enough of them. The media keeps repeating that to be a good citizen one must go get the vaccine forthwith...I wonder how they will explain it when there are millions of deaths within the next 24 to 36 months ahead.

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