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Glen Oliver Muise - Authentic Canadian Defies the Globalist Traitors

July 1, 2021

Glen Muise, 66, left with cat Clyde,14, sent this letter to his local newspaper in Nova Scotia.
"Now, the delta variant, which has the exact same symptoms as my hay fever which comes every year. You can't make this stuff up. I woke up this morning as I do every June and July with a runny nose and a scratchy throat. I guess I'm doomed."

Glen Oliver Muise is from a long established Acadian Family.  He is a former coal miner and activist who graduated from university in 1989 majoring in political science. He ran for Mayor on Cape Breton in 1995, and exposed the whole Agenda 21, sustainable smart city bullshit. He was jailed on trumped up charges but they could not get him off the ballot. They stacked the ballot with liberals and fixed it so he could not communicate with the outside. He has been boxed in and on the no-fly list ever since. The only candidate for Mayor that has run for office from jail. He had the flu last November; they would not test for antibodies because they knew it was just the flu.

To The Editor,

The past 18 mos. have produced unintended consequences for our medical community. The simple act of warning patients of poor choices concerning personal medical decisions has disappeared. Doctors are being warned if they step out of line during this "emergency" and promote anything but diagnostics of coronavirus, they will be dismissed or refused services at local hospitals as observed across Canada. 


His Crime, questioning the narrative of a Public health officer who has never treated a patient: A person who was relegated to tracking bacteria by paper and diagnostics . Now he has us in his grip. The "Emergency" he declared on the given timeline. Why do I say that? When I had the virus last November, several other people had it too. The lockdown was scheduled for Feb-March so infections on Cape Breton were not disclosed last November.

The doctors have no voice in treatment; they have been under a spell, a contagion of the mind. When I visit a doctor and tell them I have a disease with no symptoms, they tell me I have a mental disease as there are no symptoms to treat. 

I leave without finding the asymptomatic virus hiding within my DNA unless I take a PCR test which can find my grandmother's corona virus from 1918 given the cycles they magnify in the PCR test. 

The continuous virtue signalling of uninformed people is very apparent when you see grown adults wearing masks outside in 30c weather with a 25k breeze. When you see children who are not getting sick being forced to wear masks inside poorly ventilated spaces . 

Across Canada only 1300 children have tested positive from PCR testing, most false positives. 1 death of a 13 year old overweight girl with preexisting conditions.  

There is no reporting of adverse effects of the MNRA injection. Doctors are forbidden to warn patients of side effects from the injection for fear of losing their licence. The reason being given is that if you tell people they may experience side effects from the injection of an unproven vaccine ,their brain may give them a false positive even when magnets stick to their injection site (proven) or if they get sick or die  from the injection. They call death from vaccines a breakthrough event. Bizzare. 

How many PCR tests have been given in Nova Scotia; how many were false positives and how many people have died from the virus and not underlying conditions? 

What level of magnification were used? 

Any test above 27 cycles is not reliable yet it shut us completely down. 99.3 percent of covid cases survive and I am one. The Flu disappeared and covid emerged strange days indeed; most peculiar momma. 

Now, the delta variant, which has the exact same symptoms as my hay fever which comes every year. You can't make this stuff up. I woke up this morning as I do every June and July with a runny nose and a scratchy throat. I guess I'm doomed.

 No wait, I have the antibodies they will not test for. What a relief. Science says, when you survive a viral load of any virus we retain antibodies to prevent a future attack,that's what the natural immune system does, that's science. 

They called the flu covid, They fooled everyone into taking a MNRA genetic enhancement of which we have no tests to prove how dangerous or beneficial the jab really is. 

(These signs have appeared in Glen's neighborhood. We are a people under siege by a traitorous government.)

They stopped all animal testing when all the ferrets died. HUMMM. After just 1 month, every big pharma company had the jab ready to go and save them from bankruptcy as many were in trouble. Research it!

Moderna had never before made a vaccine. Just trust them.They are big and they only make a few mistakes and by the way you can't sue them if they kill your family with the jab or make them sick for life. 

In closing, How long will people put up with this nonsense? 
Fear of getting sick when 99.3 % survive is irrational . 
Turn off the TV . 
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----------Medical Mafia in Saskatchewan fire Dr. Francis Christian 

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Comments for "Glen Oliver Muise - Authentic Canadian Defies the Globalist Traitors "

Doug Plumb said (July 1, 2021):

At least two of these suicidal death cult members I talked to didn't know if they would survive it when I talked to them. That is why I call it a suicidal death cult. It's just the stupid ones that think they are getting 600 slaves. We are all on the highway to hell and we know who is driving the bus, it's the same people who have always been driving the bus.

Anon said (July 1, 2021):

Leaked document reveals UK will re-brand the regular hay fever as excuse for permanent lock down !

Solomon said there is a time for peace and a time for war. It's time to stop playing nice with psychos trying to kill us and take the gloves off.
Enough is enough.

Ray D said (July 1, 2021):

Globalists aren't traitors: they're simply continuing to do what they've always done to their subjects, i.e. torture us. These same elites have been in charge for 100s if not 1000s of years and this is their sandbox; not in jest did Prince Philip use to boast he could trace his line back to Noah ;)

Official History places a veil over this central fact.

Their original traitorous action took place a long time ago when they decided to rule this world with lies, theft and violence. Today they're just continuing that betrayal. So yes they are traitors in that sense but their current activities are just standard procedure by now.

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