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Latest Personal Adverse Reaction Reports

July 17, 2021

"If it weren't for my 8 cats and 2 dogs, I would have considered relieving this world of my presence."

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EK---I am 45 and I still work in the Health admin business. However, the government here in Greece made it compulsory for workers in the health sector to get vaccinated. Hence, by Sept. 1st - the deadline for vaccination, I will be unemployed with no prospect of getting any job soon, as most employers are allowed to fire any employee they deem as a 'danger' to their business. 

And I have been deemed a 'danger', 'irresponsible', 'unethical', 'antivax', 'conspiracy theorist', 'impediment to progress', you name it, by a lot of people, including my mum and sister. If it weren't for my 8 cats and 2 dogs, I would have considered relieving this world of my presence. 

I know that if I get covid I will be totally on my own, getting blamed for not getting vaxxed and being told that I was asking for it by those closest to me, if they discover I have it despite my sincere efforts of concealing it from them. 

It sounds probably crazy to say that I prefer to take my chances with covid rather than with the vax. There is a universal adherence to the 'get the vax' narrative by all the doctors I know which, to me, seems unusually monolithic. 

No sympathy for us that are scared of any side effects either short or long term. I am confused, exhausted, disheartened and the feeling of being so alone is overwhelming. Please be so kind as to let me know if my feedback is irrelevant or useless. I appreciate this forum more than I can put into words! Thank you all so much!

Cathy Barton--I received my Second Pfizer vaccine on July, 7th 2021. First vaccine wasn't terrible. Aches, headache, tired. Second vaccine caused fever, terrible muscle pain, joint pain, tingling in hands, arms and legs, diarrhea, perfectly round red circles on my feet and lower legs which lasted a day and disappeared. Now crippling insomnia for 7 days. I feel like I have an electric current running through me. I am so revved up but not in a good way. Literally can't sleep at all. Very, scared at this point. I have always been a great sleeper/ napper . Anyone else have insomnia? If so did it let up and how long did it last? I hope we all make it through. I won't be able to work much longer like this.

Jane JosephI got some relief for about a 2 or 3 weeks and I'm back to feeling bad again. I saw another doctor on Tuesday and it indicated that I have developed neuropathy issues from the vaccine and advised that I take lots of vitamins. Zinc, vitamin C, vitamin B. I took the vaccine in March. I thought I was seeing an end to all of this but at this point I really don't know. Please keep us posted I think we all looking for some sign of hope.
I don't think we will get any answers anytime soon not until years from now until this Covid pandemic is over. Our health issues are being ignored and passed on as anxiety which all of us definitely know it is not. Yes we get anxiety from not know what is happening with our body and what our future will be like but anxiety is not the cause of our health issues.

Anna K- I posted here a while ago after my first dose of Pfizer on 5/15 when I was having intense malaise, paresthesia, and numbness. For the last couple weeks my symptoms have shifted and have been relentless. The pins and needles are gone. Now I have strange sensations of being weightless. My arms and legs don't feel like they weigh anything. Even when I lift them or walk. I also feel constantly overly energized and have rushes. I am sleeping four hours a night because of this and I'm still not tired. I continue to have cognitive impairment like I am lost in my own head.

Karla Barlow- I had the first dose of the Pfizer vaccination yesterday. I had awful pains around the vaccination site in the evening but generally ok.

This morning I felt like my body had been hit by a train, the heaviness, severe headaches, sore throat, I chalked it up to the usual side effects post jab.

I went back to bed and after 1.5 hours of sleep I woke up feeling complete numbness in legs, feet, arms and hands. I thought I was paralysed for a few moments.

The feelings came back after around 10-15 minutes.

I had a severe headache which took paracetamol and ibuprofen and it will didn't ease it enough to function this evening. The fatigue is quite overwhelming.

I came to bed this evening, fell asleep very quickly but woke after approx 2-3 hours with the same numbness but also a bizarre feeling in my stomach that I can't quite describe. The feeling woke me up intermittently over another few hours which now finds me here, trying to figure out if I should be making a visit to A&E.

Beverly Brenneman-- I am glad to hear I'm not alone. I had my first moderna vaccine 2/3/21 in the right arm. Several minutes into the vaccine I started to have swelling of my lips and tongue. I do often have a sensitivity to medications and I was prepared with my allergy medication. But Two days later my left arm became extremely painful to the point I could barely lift it.

Also the back of my right upper leg became painful.

After two weeks I saw my pcp who started me on a prednisone tapering dose pack thinking my immune system was over acting. I will say the prednisone did help to calm down the arm. But I continued with pain...

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Comments for "Latest Personal Adverse Reaction Reports "

Doug P said (July 18, 2021):

Re EK " Please be so kind as to let me know if my feedback is irrelevant or useless. I appreciate this forum more than I can put into words! Thank you all so much!"

EK and others: Your feedback is as close to the truth as anything. I appreciate your efforts in informing everyone and thank you.

Tony B said (July 17, 2021):

Cathy Barton writes: "I feel like I have an electric current running through me." I think she is exactly correct but it's not a "feeling" IT IS AN ELECTRIC CURRENT.

Your site gets plenty of play. You have a place for people who have taken the shot to begin a real scientific survey. What is needed are two lists for each person. First their circumstances in taking (or not taking) whichever shot. Second, detailed situation of each person's exposure to any and every last kind of electricity, including the distance each is from the person's body and for how long each day. ALL electricity in the home, office or whatever, even that which has been taken for granted for many years. But most especially every last modern so-called "smart" gadget, meter, or whatever. Absolutely every last thing using any power of wifi, micro or radio waves, including radios and TVs and, of course, cell phones.

I'm willing to bet the farm (your farm, my farm, anybody's farm) that these lists will tend to show similar symptoms for similar shots with similar electrical circumstances, especially, but not in any way restricted to, 5G.

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