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Is "Biodigital Convergence" the End of Humanity?

August 27, 2021

image-3.pngTurning humans into GMO Cyborgs

"Just the fact that this is being discussed by governments and powerful people is cause for concern, as mRNA gene therapy and digital IDs are already becoming prerequisites for anyone who wishes to be part of this sick society. If these evil billionaires get their way, humanity as we know it will cease to exist and the remaining mutants will be devoid of both morality and free will."

by CR

It sounds insane, it might not even be possible in real life, but the same globalists trying to force covid vaccines on the population and plotting their Great Reset are openly discussing what they call "biodigital convergence," which the Canadian government describes as "the interactive combination, sometimes to the point of merging, of digital and biological technologies and systems."

It should be no surprise that the Canadian government is on board with this agenda as deputy PM Chrystia Freeland is on the World Economic Forum's board of trustees ( Chrystia Freeland | World Economic Forum ( ) while WEF vice president Peter Brabeck-Letmathe is the chairman of the Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator (GESDA), an organization which plans and researches transhumanism among other things.

Just the fact that this is being discussed by governments and powerful people is cause for concern, as mRNA gene therapy and digital IDs are already becoming prerequisites for anyone who wishes to be part of this sick society. If these evil billionaires get their way, humanity as we know it will cease to exist and the remaining mutants will be devoid of both morality and free will.

All quotes from Exploring Biodigital Convergence - Policy Horizons Canada and Scientific Anticipatory Briefs |

GESDA - Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator

We've all heard the WEF's say that we will "own nothing and be happy", but the plan here seems to be that our thoughts, emotions, and perception will be controlled: "Monitoring, altering and manipulating human thoughts and behaviours."

"Influencing the body and the brain through quantum effects"

"Machine learning algorithms to detect and decode mental states and stimulate the brain accordingly without requiring the intervention of a clinician... to treat psychiatric conditions such as depression.

"Increased understanding of foundations of human behaviour and options for intervening in the human brain will change the very conception of morality by changing the way human beings are conceived. This generates repercussions on issues such as freedom, autonomy, or responsibility "inception of false memories may help to treat self-harming behaviours" Those who submit themselves to this scheme will lose all sense of self, right and wrong, emotion, and even the ability to discern reality from fiction.

Genetic modification technology will advance far beyond current capabilities and become widespread - among humans and other species: "Altering the human genome - our core biological attributes and characteristics"

"Gene-therapy to slow down the effects of ageing"

"Human germline editing becomes mainstream" "Germline editing using approaches such as CRISPR, and gene drives that create new ways to alter ecosystems or wildlife"

"Creating entirely new organisms with tailored characteristics - Synthetic biology draws inspiration from biology, engineering, computer science, and physics for the design and construction of new biological entities"

And if the gain-of-function research which produced covid-19 wasn't enough: "Advances in synthetic viruses". Perhaps that is one way they will accomplish their goal of "Changing and eradicating entire species". Do you think they wouldn't do that to humans? The globalist elite want absolute power, not only over people's thoughts and behaviors but over the essence of life itself.

Mankind merging with digital technology: "CRISPR used to build dual-core computers inside human cells" "Brain-machine interfaces that enable machines to be controlled through brain signals"

"Prosthetics that use machine-learning algorithms to expand functionality and sensitivity "3D-printed tissues based on digital designs and production tools can create customized organs"

"Biohacking with implanted digital devices to enhance bodily functions" "Digital devices can be worn or embedded in the body to treat and monitor functionality"

These technologies will potentially be used to regulate genetic modifications via remote control - "Brain-machine interfaces to translate electronic signal to genetic changes". The "internet of things" is to include humans, and it won't be about making our lives easier and more convenient. It will be a tool for total control.


GESDA anticipates that in 25 years "We can engineer new sensory capacities for humans; genome- editing increases resistance to radiation and becomes key to future space travel; human germline editing is mainstream; the first cyborgs, half-machine half biological entities, hit the scene" We had better hope that they are wrong, because this is like a science fiction movie brought to life. We already live in a dystopia resembling Orwell's 1984, if we can't organize ourselves to resist this agenda then things will only get worse.

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Comments for "Is "Biodigital Convergence" the End of Humanity? "

PP said (August 30, 2021):


"Biodigital" = 528 (English Sumerian) = 66+66+66+66+66+66+66+66.

"Convergence" = 666 (English Sumerian)
7+7+7 letters.

5+2+8+6+6+6 = 33.

"Hurricane Ida" = 666 (English Sumerian)
They do everything by the numbers.

MS said (August 29, 2021):

"They" have these grandiose plans and, in their pride and hubris, think they will be able to carry them out. But their globalism will not happen in the way that they think, and it will not happen for long. Their master, the devil, has had a double-cross planned all along (he does that).

There is also this: Free will is necessary for each to choose his own path; otherwise, there is no point to this life.We were never meant to be puppets, or what happened in Eden would not have been possible. To control everyone so completely and constantly - might as well cancel conciousness itself. So here is a scenario based on Apocalypse. Whatever will happen cannot be turned aside; those that are evil will "win" for a time, but in so doing they really lose for all time.

The perpetrators of globalism, etc., do not realize they they will be giving all their power to the antipope (though they will think he is a true one) and that this will seal their fate as well as legitimately test all souls whether they have a love for the truth or no: and in this way, despite their best efforts, in the end they are serving the purpose laid down for them in Apocalypse: The "ten kings" who will receive power after the beast, "have one design: and their strength and power they shall deliver to the beast (Apoc. 17: 12-13); "And all that dwell upon the earth adored him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb which was slain from the beginning of the world." (Apoc. 13: 8).

I expect their v-x attempt to subdue the world to be interrupted. It will be by the opening of the 6th Seal (Apoc. 6: 12-17), but that event will be called by another name, as the "signs and wonders" which herald the arrival of the "man of sin". It is an "operation of error" which is the fulfillment of a false prophecy (Garabandal) as if it is from Heaven (it is not).

Naturally none of this can be proven beforehand but we will inevitably see how it all actually plays out. The v-x regimen will push ever harder and resistance will grow ever stronger and it will not be stopped, until an -apparent- Divine intervention. Very likely early in 2022.

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