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Friar Bugnolo -- Fear Monger or Prophet??

August 26, 2021

Is Friar Alexis Bugnolo a prophet or a fraud? Time will tell.
"If you're in a state like some of my relatives where 85% of the people are vaccinated everyone on your street will be dead except you who haven't taken it, and the others who haven't taken it. 

And as an anthropologist I feel strongly motivated to tell you also as a Friar that you now have to start preparing yourself spiritually for this. because some people are going to be so shocked by it, that they are going to lose their minds. They're going to lose their faith. They're going to ask where is God? And why did God not prevent it? But you know when a man throws himself off a cliff is God obliged to stop the laws of gravity? To prevent him from dying from it? Anyone with a brain had enough time to examine the scamdemic and see that it was false."

Video Summary by Patrick O'Carroll

The reality is that the globalists [Cabalist Jews, Freemasons] INTEND to exterminate humanity [it is all over their writings];

*Nobel Medicine Prize laureate Luc Montagnier says that, the next time a recipient of the Lethal Injection (GENOCIDAL JAB) runs into a coronavirus, the GENOCIDAL JAB will prime his system to kill him. [Other medical experts confirm this, including: Dr Rima Laibow, Dr Judy Mikovits, Dr Andrew Kauman, Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Seán Brooks, Dr Stephanie Seneff, Dr Vladimir Zelenko, Dr Sherri Tenpennny, Dr David Martin, Dr Jane Ruby, Dr Carrie Madej, Dr Bryan Ardis, Dr Michael Yeadon etc.];

*Over the next few years, two billion people will die of excessive immune reactions. This will be a huge human die-off, perhaps only paralleled by the Black Death of 1346-53;

 *Anyone with a brain had enough TIME to examine the scamdemic and see that it was false [this was extremely easy to spot]; There are some medicines that can slow down the excessive immune reactions BUT those medicines will soon sell out. Furthermore, you will need these medicines before every single flu season "for ever";

*If you took the GENOCIDAL JAB so that you could go traveling, yield to peer pressure or not get offended, then you are an idiot and a coward;

*The Lethal Injection (GENOCIDAL JAB) is a binary weapon that uses ANTIBODY PRIMING to combine with any coronavirus you meet to induce a cytokine storm [it starts by inducing ANTIBODY-DEPENDENT ENHANCEMENT, then a CYTOKINE STORM, then ORGAN FAILURE and finally DEATH];

*Next up is going to be the darkest age in human history; A lot of those who will die are so proud that they will refuse to admit their own responsibility; If possible, you need to flee the city; This is like the "calm before the storm" in the summer of 1914;
*When flu season comes, the chaos will begin; You will need a hazmat suit because you will be asked to bury the dead, since there will not be enough ambulances, morgues, gravediggers etc.;
*Now that humanity has been deceived and followed the false teachings of the globalists [Zionists], they are going to suffer the penalty of it;
Many people will lose their minds;
    Let us hope everyone repents;
    Let us say the Rosary every day.

Is Friar Alexis Bugnolo perhaps being slightly callous, or is he going too far with his projections or estimations?


First Comment from Ken Adachi

This information is well known to any who have been paying attention to HONEST information from websites and individuals who are sincere and dedicated to informing and aiding humanity to thwart this carnage.  While the prognosis is reasonable  - BASED on CURRENT information - IT DOESN'T MEAN THAT AN ANTIDOTE(s) to the Covid Death Jabs will not be found in the near future.

History has shown time and again that when the NEED is the GREATEST, then the answer WILL appear. And I have no reason to think that the Creative Force which dominates all life throughout the universe, will suddenly go into hibernation and  NOT inspire those with the capacity to help. Creation doesn't work that way. Already, a number of POSITIVE discoveries have been noted concerning how to neutralize and detoxify some of the high tech poisons contained in the Covid Death Jabs.  EXPECT more to follow in short order.

And it wouldn't hurt if a few more thinking people would devote some time to PRAYING for Divine Intervention to help speed up the process.

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Comments for "Friar Bugnolo -- Fear Monger or Prophet??"

Alex said (August 28, 2021):

Maybe controlled resistance/false opposition like most of the alt media? Especially Christian TV and mega churches. who all promote vaccines and existence of fake viruses. You claim:

"The Lethal Injection (GENOCIDAL JAB) is a binary weapon that uses ANTIBODY PRIMING to combine with any corona virus you meet to induce a cytokine storm [it starts by inducing ANTIBODY-DEPENDENT ENHANCEMENT, then a CYTOKINE STORM, then ORGAN FAILURE and finally DEATH];

Wow, I have never met Mr corona virus. Anyone with a brain had enough TIME to learn that viruses are a Louis Pasteur wartime hoax, vaccine promotion fraud, don't exist, don't cause disease, are not contagious. Bugnolo lost credibility when claiming that a non-existent virus will combine with antibody priming to kill.

Since viruses don't exist and are not contagious, exactly HOW will this fiction combine with antibody priming?

Bugnolo , Why have you fallen for the hoax that viruses exist? "viruses" have never been proven to exist. Where is the corona virus that has been isolated? (not computer generated). Where is proof of Koch's postulates that SARS-CoV2 causes COVID-19 or any cold/flu? If you are stuck in 1760s germ theory hoax, grow a brain sir, you can learn virus fallacy in a few hours by reading
Dr. Andrew Kaufman,
Dr. Stefan Lanka, history of infection and virus fraud
Dr. Thomas Cowan.,
Dr Lorraine Day on Bitchute as well.
Terrain Theory by Bechamp.

ms said (August 27, 2021):

Response to GW's comment on "Friar Bugnolo -- Fear Monger or Prophet?? "

The situation in the world today is the culmination of the war against the Catholic Church and Christian civilization begun by the "mystery of iniquity", the spirit of Antichrist, soon after the Resurrection itself. It was already predicted in Apocalypse, unless you think the "mark of the beast" is merely a coincidence.

Your comment shows, and I will be charitable, a total ignorance of what the real (pre-1958) Catholic religion actually is, which is perhaps not surprising, given that the Faith is in eclipse since Vatican '2'.

The bottom line is, railing against the old Catholicism which, while it was in Rome, restrained the efforts of the "mystery of iniquity" to establish their globalism will not benefit anybody's soul; and the point of the devil's globalism is to try to make all of us lose ours, by seduction or coercion.

Rafael said (August 27, 2021):

Thank you for everything you write, I lived 35 years in communism (Cuba) today I live in Spain, and I see that the hammer and sickle is looming globally.

It is a pity that humanity sleeps and will sleep, ignorance kills us and will kill us, thanks to people like you, it is known where the leads come from.

Health and good things for you and your family.

Ray said (August 27, 2021):

While Bugnolo may have taken the correct side for once and the vaccines may be that deadly, but from all of their deleterious effects and not just from the ADE he cites, he is in no way an authority on religious matters let alone medical or epidemiological ones.

As far as his personal background I think he was in a Franciscan monastery for one year and then under a new device instituted in the Vatican II sect got himself declared a ‘hermit’ under private vows and has been running around in his monk’s habit doing his own thing for the past 20 some years.

What he is is a GATEKEEPER in the religious realm to serve as a pressure relief valve but always keep the sheeple in the con and away from learning what the true Roman Catholic Church really teaches and to keep the laity far away from the truth and the eclipsed remnant Church of clergy and laity still holding Whole and Entire to the Deposit of the Faith, and above all keep the sheeple stuck in the apostate Vatican II sect.

As such he rails continually against the Church’s teaching on Sede Vacante, that is the Holy See is vacant since the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958 because all claimants subsequently elected were formal heretics before election and under Divine as well as ecclesiastical law thus never validly elected and in the words of Pope Paul IV in “Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio” from February 1559, the election is “null, void and worthless”. Confer sections 6 & 7:

DJ said (August 26, 2021):

Not a prophet, BUT, he is VERY accurate, if not 100%. THANK YOU for posting. Humanity is NOT paying attention. Humanity MUST listen to and WRITE IT DOWN. If they do NOT write this info down, say in a diary, they will NOT remember ANY of this video in a few weeks.

FYI: 2,000,000,000 will die, even Clif High agrees! 10% of those left (of nearly 8,000,000,000) = 600,000,000 of humanity, will HAVE to deal with the burials or burnings.

It is TIME for MALES to MAN UP! It's coming! FASTER than we will believe!!


JG said (August 26, 2021):

he bottom line here is that the American legislature and the American people are allowing themselves and their cconstitutional liberties to be overridden by an unelected 80 year old man who has no authority to do so. How sad!

GW said (August 26, 2021):

I underscore the irony of the topmost item today, which concludes by urging " ...say the Rosary every day" contrasted with your usual work, ie scrutinizing aspects of geopolitics, particularly, false religions in history

perhaps reconsider giving a platform to a guy promoting the classic cult of Mariolatry... worship of the pagan goddess Isis / Dianna? as they rattle-off thier prayer beads.
Same with your correspondent Mike Stone. His last essay on your website ends by admitting that he wears a relic of the cult of the pagan goddess "Virgin of Guadalupe" ... a religion which used to practice human sacrifice !!

as Elvis Costello sang back in '78, "I used to be disgusted, now I just try to be amused"

back in 215 Before Christ, the Roman legions conquered Syria. They then brought back to Rome the entire apparatus of the Mother and Child religion, ie. Isis / Dianna. Including its priesthood of eunuchs.

A mere co-incidence that the priesthood of Roman Catholicism, today, is over 25% homosexuals, by their own admission? Hardly

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