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"Hospitals are Death Traps," says Reader

August 31, 2021

(Steele, another anti vaxxer struck down by "covid")

"They probably poisoned David --
he went to the hospital
and then they finished him off."

by "Jennifer"

I was sad to hear of Robert David Steele's death : ((

It reminded me of when I recently went to the ER and they wanted to take all these pills and --I forgot to mention --the nurse said after you take the pills, then you must come to a hospital room, in the back, for 30 minutes to make sure you don't have an allergic reaction and then we will release you.

I got such a bad feeling about it --I felt they were going to do something to me in the back and then next thing I would be on a ventilator like Robert.

They would kill me for a statistic --another Covid death

Hospitals are death traps -- They probably poisoned David --he went to the hospital and then they finished him off.

Please recommend to your readers to avoid hospitals at all costs.

They wanted me to take 3 different pills --I was in the waiting room because the hospital was supposedly full

The nurse  handed me the pills and a cup of water --and then she motioned me to come to a hospital room in the back --to be observed if I got sick from the pills

Wait --I said I want to look them up to see if I may be allergic and so she took them back -- and said she would return

After I researched them --I decided not to take them --they don't tell you anything about what they are giving you --its all buyer beware --no concern for anyone's health.

After I said No she was angry --why ? What was it to her ?

Then I asked to get my discharge papers and she said no just go

It was like she was upset --she could not kill me and make her COVID Death Bonus !!!

I drove myself to the hospital.  I  refused the pills after I researched that they had terrible side effects --and I did not want to go into a "back hospital room" to be observed for 30 minutes to an hour to see if I had an allergic reaction. ( where they would ventilate me)   Also it was 3:30 AM in the morning --I did not want to wake up someone to come get me --and I was not allowed to call a taxi. I had to be released to someone as the pills would make me sleepy -- probably were going to ruffy me and then ventilate me and collect their COVID death fees.

jennifer.jpgThe nurses felt like morticians --I had a very bad feeling -- When I said I would not take the 3 pills --which quite frankly was over kill (pun intended)  
 I told the nurse I would wait and spoke to the doctor and said if my condition got worse, I could come back

The Pills were to stop this strange rash/hive allergic reaction I got that suddenly came on and was raping covering my entire body --It started near my arm pit then spread quickly over my entire body --here are a few photos -then the rash began creeping up my neck  --I was a fraud it might choke me out

Finally, when I decided to just go home from the hospital --my friend advised I take a dash of baking soda with warm water --I did

 The next morning the whole rash/hives were gone!

The hives come back a few times and I just take a little baking soda and it works like magic.

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Under covid tyranny, US hospitals have become MURDER FACTORIES  and here for the video



Medical Doctor Illegally Imprisoned in Florida Hospital    

A former senior FDA leader told Endpoints that they're departing because they're frustrated that CDC and their ACIP committee are involved in decisions that they think should be up to the FDA.

First Comment from longtime reader-

I have been sick gaining into third week. No testing but I am sure covid source. Been a miserable rough time. My sis got sick and during several days aiding her I started feeling bad. I won't detail symptoms but could tell was different than normal flu. Hers were different than mine. She had no headache, myself pronounced headache for two weeks with sometimes sharp head pains. She did not think shed make it so we got her connected to Dr. And on hydroxycloraquin. Within a day she was better. She is on protocol with that, D3, zinc, C, she is feeling better than I now, but last day I think I am on top end now. I have had extreme fatigue.

Been a long time, eons since I had regular flu but I could tell this was different. Some natural things, homeopathic I have always used seem to have no effect on symptoms.

My nutrient levels have been up high, but made no difference in getting sick. Nausea, mid section pain part of my ordeal but not my sis, who is almost 80.

I wouldn't  wish the experience on anyone.  My experience underscores my hatred for those behind it all and suppression of help apart from so called vaccines.

Recently an Israeli Dr. on Daystar told of having death threats trying expose what he sees happening. Also, flatly charged the virus plus vaccines were a genocide in process.


That guy Robert Steele, dead from a virus he refused to believe even existed.  He did everything wrong.

Steele was fat.  He was clinically obese.  Over 90% of the old people dying from Covid are fat, most of them horribly fat.

If you want to live,  don't be fat.  Because this virus isn't going away.  They will go through the whole Greek alphabet with new strains, and beyond.  The whole time, fat people will be dying.

So he did that wrong.  He was fat.

He went to the hospital.  If you are old, buy  c-pap machine.  It will help you get air when you are down with Covid.  It only lasts a week or so.  If you can survive the week, you will live.  When you can't get any air, you will be calling 911, but with a c-pap, maybe not.

But don't go to the hospital.  They will kill you.  Do an online consultation, get an Ivermectin prescription.  Buy it and  keep it with you.  If it's illegal in your area, just buy the horse paste, heartworm dewormer for horses.  It's the same stuff, Ivermectin.  Rural King sells it cheap.  Amazon sells it, more expensive.

He went to the hospital, he did that wrong.  I understand why.  If you haven't been laid low with Covid, you do not understand.  It can be a living hell.

In April I had it.  Thought I was going to die one night, but I made it.  My fat cousin also had it in April.  Richard went to the hospital, and never came out.  Ventilator, then death.  He was fat.

Try not to listen to idiots, like Rappoport, this Steele guy (now dead),  Andrew Anglin, and other idiots who say there is no virus.  Lunatics, all.   The guy at Red Ice Radio was one of those lunatics, till he got it this year.  It will get your attention, yes.  He said it felt like an elephant was sitting on his chest.  I know that feeling.  I felt that In April.

Flu season is coming.  You must supplement with vitamin D3.  Dr  Mercola has a protocol on supplementation.

They made this terrible disease to sell the vaccine.  I will never take it.  My wife will not take it.  My children will not take it.  My one remaining brother took it, so he will be gone within three years.   The elites are getting saline shots, don't be naive.  Do you think they are stupid?  They aren't.

They might even have some people out there, muddying the waters, telling you the virus doesn't exist.  Muddying the waters, yes.  Can you say, Rappoport??

Vitamin D3.  At least 5000 IU, daily.  And Ivermectin, just in case.  Don't be fat.  The people dying are mostly fat.

Mike Stone-

Excellent article by Jennifer. She likely saved her life by refusing those meds.

Hospitals are absolutely, positively, without question death traps. Did you know that all hospitals have morgues in the basement?

When I was a teenager, my father was diagnosed with cancer. I was reading health books at the time and begged him not to go to the hospital. My parents ignored my advice. The hospital gave my father heavy doses of radiation and he died six months later.

As an adult, a friend of mine went into the hospital for a minor kidney ailment. He never came out.

Another friend went in for "minor surgery." She never came out.

An acquaintance went in for a "check up." She never came out.

Over the last ten years, nobody that I know who went into a hospital for any reason has come out alive.

If someone is sick, the absolute last place they want to be is in a hospital.

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Comments for ""Hospitals are Death Traps," says Reader"

IN said (September 1, 2021):

A relative of mine went to a hospital due to Covid getting to his lungs.

The nurses weren't the best. And the hospital does not have a good online review...but tech wise they are mid level somewhere. My relatives would rate them as 'average' based on our experience.

He survived thankfully if it was not for them.

Research your hospitals in the vicinity just in case. Not every hospital is a "death trap".

David C said (September 1, 2021):

First of all, how does TP know Steele died of CV19, as he seemingly assumes? Even if there is a virus (I doubt it), there is no way of testing for it that is accurate. As for Jon Rappoport, who he mentioned by name twice: if Rappoport is wrong, why is he ignored, rather than attacked? They don't want to give him any attention, so they don't write fake attacks on his work, plus they can't debunk him imho. Rappoport cites many other researchers with MD and PhD after their names, who agree with his medical opinions, so it isn't just him saying viruses don't exist. While I'm on the subject of things that don't exist: do they REALLY have pictures of the "double helix DNA" or the "atom"? None of the pictures of them look anything like how the CGI pictures of them appear. We are taught things when young, and assume they are true the rest of our lives. The first big lies children are taught: they live on a spinning ball, and evolved from the primordial ooze after the "big bang", none of which I believe anymore. I always question my assumptions, because the world is apparently MUCH different than I had thought.

David L said (August 31, 2021):

Hospitals are death traps.

I was rushed in an ambulance to hospital when i had a stroke. Then the process, I call experimenting, began.

The equipment failed. Got transfer to another hospital.

Because the first hospital had the Norwalk virus, I was quarantined for several days.
When transferred a few days later from ICU to another room; turned out the bed wasn't cleaned properly from the last person with a dangerous disease, and I was quarantined again.
I purposed to get out of there ASAP.

I knew many people who went to the hospital for a very minor issue and died days later of a totally different cause.

The stroke drew me in, the next health crisis I'll stay home. The worst thing that could happen, is I'll die at home.

rv said (August 31, 2021):

Live near the border head south but unless worked out something with your medical plan provider maybe out of pocket expense.

Personally crossed around January 2021 had lump on the lower back and less than 100 dollars they took care of it no test of C19 just all business. Steele RIP.

MS said (August 31, 2021):

It is impossible to know who in the health sector has quit, been damaged by the jab, been paid off or is part of the problem in the first place. Nor is it possible to know which hospitals are very compromised, iffy, or still decent.

This represents the various inversions of the truth which is our lot in the world today. Hospitals = death now, just like the media is not a mediator, but a liar.

Depending on who is in charge, or what policies they follow, or how much the staff is willing to follow the co-hoax policy - it is pure Russian Roulette at this point. But the rot began when murder by abortion began to be part of the "health" industry. It was only a matter of time after all.

The media has done a satanically good job of inverting the natural order of diagnosis (as it seems to me). When death is possible, co-hoax is first in line to be considered as the cause, and last to be dismissed. Anything must be linked to co-hoax - whether through the arbitrary test or through "symptoms" or through "asymptomatic contract tracing" contrivances. The whole thing is like "co-hoax tinted glasses" - everything must be seen in that shade.

The two ends do not connect - from the arbitrary test and the long list of "symptoms" (which contain common ailments resulting from the daily human condition as well as the cold) to those who are actually sick, and those who die. The former get sick from the cold, the flu, and every other pre-existing condition. The latter die from the flu (if old) or from pre-existing conditions (especially if old); in every case, all are possibly sick, or was sick, or will soon get sick, from the cold or the flu; and this is the overlap with everything else, which is the blanket of lies covering everything and all possibilities.

The two ends do not connect because there is nothing in the middle - no actual plague which exists.

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