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Mike Stone - Covid Hoax Proves Most People are Zombies

August 6, 2021

zombie-mask.jpgZombie - noun

1 a corpse said to be reanimated by witchcraft, capable of movement but not rational thought.

2 a tall mixed drink consisting of rum, liqueur and fruit juice.

Is your neighborhood littered with zombies? Mine is. And I mean that literally.

Your opinion requested: Should we disparage people who believe the media lies? 


by Mike Stone

Like reanimated corpses, my neighbors have been brought back to life by demonic possession.

Like traditional zombies, they are capable of movement, but not rational thought. So they walk the streets, wearing face masks to protect themselves from an imaginary virus. Try explaining to them how their entire life is now being manipulated by a illusion and they flee in terror.

On more than one occasion they have seen me walking mask-less down the sidewalk in their direction. They respond by stepping ten yards sideways, out into the street, to avoid catching a deadly disease from me.

At least twice a week I strike up a conversation with one of these zombie strangers. I steer the talk to the virus hoax and watch their reaction. If they haven't already fled, I offer them a paper or pamphlet to read, something that provides solid evidence that the whole thing is a hoax. 99.9% of the time they refuse to take it.

That is something I never understand. If someone offers me information, I take it. People at the metro station hand out Communist newspapers. I always take one. If someone - anyone - has better information than me, I want to know about it.

zombies8.jpegBut the walking zombies are exactly the opposite. They don't want to hear about anything that differs from their own irrational fears, no matter how true it is. Some of them are actually physically repelled when I offer them information. They lean their bodies back and raise their arms defensively, as if they were vampires and I was showing them a crucifix.

The girl at the checkout counter of my local library was acting kind of flirty with me, like she was interested. So I asked her if she's surviving "all the craziness." She narrowed her eyes and said, "What craziness?" I said, "The virus hoax." She looked taken aback and said, "You don't think it's real?" "No," I told her. She sniffed, "Well, I know two people who died from it," and shoved my books across the counter at me. Since then she doesn't talk to me.

People that I've known for a long time, people that always appeared to have their head on their shoulders, or at least some semblance of common sense, have fallen hook, line and sinker for the hoax. It's really quite extraordinary.

A pretty girl holding a clipboard approaches me on the sidewalk. She's taking a poll of how many people in the neighborhood have been vaccinated, currently 70% she says. I'm wearing a pendant around my neck of Our Lady of Guadalupe so she asks me if I'm Catholic. "Yes," I tell her and she says she is too.

umbrella2.jpgThis is perfect, I think to myself, I might be able to help this person. I start telling her about the hoax and showing her some information. Unlike the others, she doesn't recoil, but then as it dawns on her that maybe she should not have been so quick to get vaccinated, all her defenses arise and she starts backing up.

"Do you want this?" I say, waving a paper in my hand. "No!" she says and hurries away. Another zombie.

It gets kind of frustrating after awhile. I have a tendency to want to help people. No matter how down and destitute they are, I just want to help. Maybe it's a Good Samaritan complex, I don't know. But to see so many people in need of so much help and they don't even know it, can be heartbreaking at times.

I feel especially bad for the children. I see them being led around by their parents all over my neighborhood. The poor kids are masked and can barely breathe. Heartbreaking.

Is your neighborhood littered with zombies?

Mike Stone is the author of "Reversing the Side Effects of the COVID-19 Vaccine: How to Heal Yourself from Adverse Reactions to the Trump Vaccine and Protect Yourself from Shedding," available here. And the author of Based, a young adult novel about race, dating and growing up in America, and A New America, the first novel of the Alt-Right, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles - - Available on Amazon.

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Comments for "Mike Stone - Covid Hoax Proves Most People are Zombies"

Gabriel said (August 7, 2021):

You are asking if we should disparage the stupids in our circles.

I've been feeling more and more like that; they are too ignorant, arrogant and naive.
They have very low levels of consciousness and spirituality. Like you said before they don't have the tools to grow out of the zombie state. There is no hope with these people.
My mom just told my only nephew he is not welcome to her house unless he gets the jabs. She's been very retarded since the start of the pandemic, but this is a whole new level. My own mom is a fucking idiot. What is there to do? They can all fuck off.

Lee said (August 6, 2021):

This is a good question and quite a predicament. On one hand the propaganda campaign that has gone on over the last 100 years on every day people is incredibly heinous, on the other hand our Creator gave us the gift of discernment. These people who cannot see what is going on or don’t care what is going on are essentially putting the chains on those of us who can. How do you love your neighbor when their actions or inactions directly cause you and your loved ones physical harm or death? I don’t believe the New World Order is prophetic, I believe there are people causing the book of revelation to become a self fulfilling prophecy. It doesn’t have to be this way, in spite of what the Christian Zionists proclaim.

Wesley Everest said (August 6, 2021):

Mr. Stone - I'm an escapee from CA


There is no future there, esp. Hollywood.

I like your writings, except the wallowing self-pity mixed with a constant disbelief of our situation is wearing thin. You have identified the problem and now protect yourself. Put some giddyup on it and scram.

Best wishes on your move.


A said (August 6, 2021):

Mike Stone, hurry up and get out of California! Only the living are worth saving. Move to Texas or better yet Mexico before the UN / WEF/ WHO (Rothschild Alphabet soup front organizations) come out with more Pilot's Alphabet variants.

RF said (August 6, 2021):

Henry, No one disparages an infant who cannot yet talk or walk. David Wilcock at advised that his intuitive-sourced information was that there are a wide range of souls incarnated on Earth at any time.

He added that fully 51% or more have not evolved to the point where they are capable of critical thinking. They may have a high intelligence and succeed in many ways but they are not independent thinkers. I immediately thought the number was likely much higher than 51%. So I recommend being respectful but defending yourself if you must.

James W said (August 6, 2021):

Since the vaxxers will ridicule you or anyone not accepting the vax turnabout is fair play. It also serves even if rejected to point out that there is another point of view. However, group think is always with us even in the best of circumstances and these are hardly the best. I think there will be a low return on your efforts.

Remember that the vax is its own reward so many of these people will eventually have reason to change their minds if they still have minds after the vax is through with them. I suggest waiting to see if the vax is as much a bioweapon as is feared. Then you will have assistance changing their minds from the vax itself.

However, it may be more important to stay. out of the smash that will be coming. Don't spend much time on the maskers. Exchange phone numbers with the ones not wearing masks and get ready to run, hide or fight.

David L said (August 6, 2021):

I'm stuck in Phuket Thailand.....ALL Thais wear mask everywhere, gym, beach, everywhere non-stop for 1.5 years. I can barely stand it anymore. A whole entire country of zombies, it's like the Twilight Zone here. I have nobody to talk to here, and these people have gone full blown Communist here it's horrible.

If you don't wear a mask you are seen as being pure crazy and stupid and dangerous. They are not the people they once were. Thailand is destroyed. And they are trying to destroy me but I will not wear a mask or get a vaccine. I have almost gotten into many fights now and it's getting more and more serious now. Reporting from Phuket....

RS in New Orleans said (August 6, 2021):

Delta strain, in the Delta

I am living deep inside as zombie encampment. Now that our Globalist mayor Is ratcheting up the tension again with fear of the Delta strain...Everyone has been ordered to mask up!

The other night I had dinner with a small group of family and friends and I remain the one only and unjabbed.

The zombies seem so preoccupied ...oops ! I forgot that would require a “ working “brain,

In covid zombie world, safety is rule number one, And that means splintering from “consensus” opinion is not tolerated and offended will be gang-stalked

overloaded hive mind frequency distortion and virtual signal crossfire a conversation still not possible

Shawn Rice said (August 6, 2021):

I find it ironic, scary and poetic that my awakening started in 1992, USMC, HMM-265, in Cambodia on the "killing fields" south of Phnom Phen when I found out that the CIA was working with Pol Pot and the communists safe-harbored in south eastern Thailand during Operation Full Accounting for MIA recovery operations. I have been studying this subject matter ever since - 29 years. Has it been that long?
Yep, walking dead.
ST Rice, JD
Semper Fi

CW said (August 6, 2021):

Yes! Disparage them as they disparage the dissenters..this is war..our lives are at stake

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