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Mike Stone -- Masses are Complicit in their Own Demise

September 29, 2021

pot-frog.jpg(MSM is a hot tub for conspiracy deniers)

There's no sense of urgency among Americans.
No one seems to grasp what's really going on.

"The aim of the Alpha Lodge remains illiteracy rates in the western world of at least sixty-six percent by 2010 and the destruction of at least seventy percent of the globe's population by the year 2030. All governments count on their sheeple to respond in typical infantile fashions, including unconsciously identifying with a more powerful force - even if it enslaves, brutalizes and humiliates them."

"Americans are not only oblivious to their own destruction, they're actually complicit in it. That's the irony. The entire hoax would stop instantly if everyone just took off their mask. But they won't do it. They'd rather submit to slavery, lose limbs to amputation or lose their lives from blood clots, they'd rather condemn their souls to hell, than face realit

by Mike Stone

Like frogs being slow-boiled in a pot, Americans are oblivious to their own impending destruction. The only difference is the frogs are smarter. Turn up the heat too fast and the frog will catch on and hop right out of the pot. Americans have had the heat turned up scorching hot for the last two years, yet they remain utterly clueless.

The girl at the bank asks me how I am. I tell her, "I'm okay, under the circumstances."

"What circumstances?" she asks. "The virus hoax," I say.

She stares back at me with vacant eyes. I've seen that look a million times over the last year. The fluoride stare, delivered over a face diaper.

"You know it's all fake, right?" I say.

She gives a little laugh and lowers her head. Our conversation is over. She finishes processing my deposit and I leave.

A friend asks me to join him on a trip to Las Vegas to watch the Raiders football game.

"First of all," I tell him, "they won't let me in, because I'm not vaxxed. Second of all, are you sure you want to go to a football game with everything that's happening in the world?"

He snorts and says, "I'm not going to let those liberals make me change my life."

Liberals? Does he even have a clue what's going on? This isn't about liberals or conservatives, Democrats or Republicans, it's about the complete overthrow of the country. It's about Communist mass murder and the enslavement of society. Liberals?


Millions of Americans share my friend's attitude. On some level, they understand that the Presidential election and the California recall election were both rigged. Yet they refuse to believe it's anything more than politics as usual.

The fake conservatives on Fox News and talk radio have convinced them that's all it is. There's no sense of urgency among Americans. No one seems to grasp what's really going on.

Like my friend who wants to watch the team he rooted for as a boy, I've noticed peoples' desire to revert back to their childhood. My stupid sister talks endlessly about going to Disneyland again next summer because "it's what we've always done." She wants to evade reality by reverting to her childhood.

Another friend entered a bodybuilding competition for the first time. To his credit, he won his weight class. But why? What's the point of winning a trophy when 70% of the world's population is targeted for destruction?

Another friend wants to update an old script we worked on together and send it out. But why? I try telling him that the industry is infested with Communist scum and that, at the top, some have literally sold their souls to Satan. He bursts out laughing and calls me crazy. I offer to send him evidence, but he doesn't want to see it. He wants to be a child again, watching his heroes on the big screen.

I get that people have goals and dreams and whatnot, but the world we once knew is gone. We're at war now. The old rules and ways of life no longer apply when you're in a fight for survival. Why am I seemingly the only person in my circle who understands this? Maybe they're the ones behaving rationally and I'm not.


Today I received an email from a fully vaxxed friend who tells me he's getting both a flu shot and a COVID booster shot this week. I try talking sense to him, but it goes in one ear and out the other. Like my writer friend, all he wants to do is watch old videos from his childhood. If he's alive by this time next year, I'll be shocked. In fact, I doubt if he makes it to Christmas.

The sidewalks swarm with hundreds of people wearing a submission diaper. There's a high school down the street and I observe girls cruising boys, and boys cruising girls. The ones who aren't cruising are glued to their phones. The adults scurry to and from work. The homeless lie in their tents. People in LA and across America are going about their business as if nothing is different, nothing has changed as long as they wear a mask and take two jabs. No one knows the truth and no one wants to know.

 Americans are not only oblivious to their own destruction, they're actually complicit in it. That's the irony. The entire hoax would stop instantly if everyone just took off their mask. But they won't do it. They'd rather submit to slavery, lose limbs to amputation or lose their lives from blood clots, they'd rather condemn their souls to hell, than face reality. They're oblivious to their own destruction.


Mike Stone is the author of "Reversing the Side Effects of the COVID-19 Vaccine: How to Heal Yourself from Adverse Reactions to the Trump Vaccine and Protect Yourself from Shedding," available here. And "COVID-19 and the Mark of the Beast: What Every Christian Needs to Know About the Trump Vaccine" He is also the author of Based, a young adult novel about race, dating and growing up in America, and A New America, the first novel of the Alt-Right, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles - - Available on Amazon.

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Comments for "Mike Stone -- Masses are Complicit in their Own Demise "

JJ said (October 2, 2021):

The biggest paralyzing agent of our society is the Christ-is-coming-back thinking that has turned many Christians into zombies. Many of my friends spend hours searching thee scriptures and deciphering every supposed reference to the "man of sin" etc when they should be engaging in spiritual warfare. Then again very few Canadian Christians know anything about spiritual warfare or resistance of an kind. They are also doing nothing in the way of protests or letter writing or information dissemination. They are just sitting around looking up in the sky, many on EI or government assistance.


Wade said (October 1, 2021):

hope all is well with you! I still reside in Los Angeles and work in the film industry, post-production now, luckily for me the company is less than 100 employees otherwise I'd be losing my job because I'm not taking the satanic vaccine. Though there is talk of the owners requiring it soon. Awake people these days are few and far between. Almost all my friends and family have taken it, I can't talk to them anymore about it, they're all complicit brainwashed sheeple fed a constant stream of MSM doublespeak. I don't care what anyone says, I've done the research and know what's happening. The FED is a FRAUD and must be stopped, a true creature indeed. The collapse of the US dollar is looming and there's about to be a strike in the film industry IATSE. And now Commie Biden wants access to our bank accounts while deaf dumb and blind Americans say nothing to dispute the overreach, when in 1776 supposedly we went to war over tea, but the real reason was King George outlawed the colonists currency forcing them to borrow money from the Bank of England with interest immediately causing the colonists debt.

With the passing of LA County's new draconian measures, I, the unvaccinated 1, will no longer be able to go to bars, gyms, restaurants, amusement parks, but you know what --- I don't care. I'll go hiking, I'll go to the beach, I'll be creative, I don't need to be around the zombies, and if they prohibit grocery stores, I'll order my groceries online, and if they don't allow school, then i'll do that online too, screw the system, they won't stop me. Hoping however one day soon the sheeple wake tf up and this was all a bad dream. Being awake is getting lonely...

JC said (September 30, 2021):

Once again you are telling "the truth of the matter."

Mike Stone is absolutely spot on. The vast majority of Americans are asleep.

They don't care to know much about anything. Unfortunately, they are

What is worse, they are arrogantly ignorant which makes them stupid.

Knowledge is powerful and expensive. Too few will pay the price to find it.

You know and have paid the price.

Be safe and keep on telling the truth of the matter.

Hardy said (September 30, 2021):

Great work. Stone’s article is my opinion exactly.

JG said (September 30, 2021):

A lot of Americans seem to have adopted a defeatest attitude by surrendering to the illegal mandatory jab orders and taking this batch of toxic chemicals.

I ran into a friend recently that I've known for 30 years who took the jab last winter. He was strong and healthy and I asked him why he took the jab and his rationale was that the world was going to shit anyway so why not gamble.
For those who think that the CDC has your back on this one, think again! The nurses who have taken care of all the people who have gotten sick from this vaccnine shot are now being terminated for refusing to take the jab because they know better. Unlike the MSM spindoctors, they work on the front lines.
Common sense will tell if the CDC really cared about your well being they wouldn't fire these nurses and create the staff shortages that are going on in these hospitals right now. An unvaccinated person can't give Covid to a person who has been vaccinated. If he can than these vaccine shots have failed are of no value or worth to you.

Doug P said (September 30, 2021):

I met a high school girl in the health supplements part of the drug store at Walmart (sometimes I go in there and I have to confess to buying something - once). We spoke briefly, she said she was sad that she was missing her high school experience and took the vaccines to get her life back.

Many of them get the vaccination to protect their families and friends. Any educated Westerner knows that we put the individual ahead of the community because we know the community is composed of individuals. If I am keeping you safe and you are keeping Bob safe and Bob is keeping me safe, who is determining what is safe? So the question arises, do we live in China?

What I normally say to people that haven't yet been vaccinated is this: You know that beavers build dams and bears hibernate in the winter right? What are communists known for? Every single time - the murder of millions of people all throughout history.

Who do you trust the most? Dr. Fauci? Dr. Tedros? Justin Trudeau? Bill Gates? Creepy Joe? A trained medical professional would say that none of that matters but that is because they have never been trained in proper ethics. It does matter that these people are known criminals.

David C said (September 30, 2021):

The masses need to read this report, then maybe they wouldn't be complicit in their own demise anymore?

JM said (September 30, 2021):

"The masses are complicit in their own demise." How can it be otherwise? Every segment of society is totally owned and controlled by the enemy. We've never known anything but lies. We are brainwashed to nth degree. If true liberalism ever existed, it is long since dead. You cannot question the established fiction without being pilloried. The enemy is not just within the gates; the enemy owns the gates and everything else. God help us.

jk said (September 30, 2021):

love the column you put up today. It's so true. I hate to be a traitor to my own people but the level of stupidity in America is mezmerizing. Black people are starting to catch on but whites, especially the middle/upper middle class "educated" types, are completely clueless. You literally cannot make them see the light. There is a massive denial. They view getting "vaxxed" as some badge of honor, like they are morally superior to the rest of us. It's the most bizarre thing. When they drag me out of my home these people will be clapping and cheering. That's why I want to leave. I guess it's pretty much the same in Canada? Did you catch what the govenor of NY said? She said the Vax came from GOD. What in the actual fuck?

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