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Funeral Director John O'Looney: The full, Uncensored Interview (Summary)

September 23, 2021

o-l-fun-dir.jpgA more recent 13 min interview-

Many people in the Uk are dying from the vaccines. "I'm seeing this first-hand."

Deaths are almost exclusively jab-recipients.

NHS insiders say the hospitals are deliberately killing patients. Depopulation is their agenda. Children are being sterilized. 

The UK government is coercing people to poison themselves. "The government is killing people."

RT Offered him 85K pounds to shut up.

O'Looney says he is going to be locked up or killed. "My days are numbered."

"If we don't fight this tyranny," they will come for you. You'll die in custody and it will be called a covid death."

No children have died but they will start dying now.

This is the end game. We're at a critical point. They are going to start rounding up people. 

    In late November-December 2019
, a Northampton hospital was restricting access to dead patients because they expected a pandemic coming. They had erected a temporary morgue.

    He was contacted by the BBC in early 2020. They briefed him, dressed him up in PPE and expected him to answer their questions as scripted, a version which bought into the hysterical narrative of a deadly virus.

    In early 2020, funeral directors were panicking but there was no increase in deaths. Bodies were routinely being labelled as Covid deaths. The label of 'Covid death' meant funeral directors could just pick up bodies quickly, sealing them up in body bags without dressing and viewings. Police were not in attendance for deaths, neither were doctors.

    March - April, 2020: there was a 3-week spike in numbers. As a society, we're good at getting people to pass away in hospital. Suddenly, the UK govt said they were going to protect the most vulnerable, in care homes. How does a virus attack a SPECIFIC BUILDING? Aren't viruses just present in the community generally? He got called almost every night for 3 weeks to go to care homes, which never happens normally.

Former health secretary, Matt Hancock had transferred the elderly, labelled as 'Covid,' into carehomes. At the same time, there was a 1,000% increase, with a corresponding paper trail documenting this, in the use of the end-of-life sedative, Midazolam, in these care settings. (ER: A parallel situation was happening in France with the drug Rivotril.)

At these unusual carehome visits he made in spring 2020, he never saw a doctor in attendance, a ventilator, a Covid test, etc. There seemed to be no reason to dose them up on Midazolam. Were thousands of people euthanized with Midazolam during this time? (Someone at a hospital pharmacy confirmed to him the unusual heavy purchasing of Midazolam around this time.) Then this period came to an end, and a 'pandemic guy' called him up from the UK government, whose job it was to collate weekly numbers of the deceased. All his dead clients, no matter what the cause of death, were being listed as a Covid death. Had this been a 12-week 'cull'? Viruses do not target carehomes. They're just full of people who can't say no.

    In November-December 2020, the year ended quietly, with vaccines being rolled out on January 6. The 'pandemic guy' admitted that there had been no Covid deaths, and that everybody he knew was saying the same thing. As soon as vaccination started, the 'pandemic guy' stopped calling. 2020 was quieter for death stats than 2019. 2020 was not a year of increases in death.

    Once the vaccination rollout started, deaths climbed dramatically. "I've never seen anything like it as a funeral director in 15 years." That was the recognized 2nd wave and finished in the second week of April. "It was awful". It was a mixture of all ages and all locations - most were hospital deaths. These WERE pandemic numbers but only after vaccination.

Again, deaths were labelled Covid, but many could have been vaccine deaths, or Midazolam overdose, or death through neglect of an illness, e.g. cancer because they couldn't get tested in the system. Then the quietest period he's ever known followed. No-one was really passing away. Other funeral providers were saying the same thing. 3 weeks ago (end of August, early September), death rates started to pick up again, and almost all are vaccine recipients of all ages dying from sudden heart attacks, blood clots, stroke, and multiple organ failure. These are the four consistent types of death. (Hear his brief stories of those dying after vaccination.)

    The media don't want to talk to him now despite the fact that many eminent doctors and professors are saying the same thing. The govt is just pressing ahead, blackmailing and coercing people, creating a type of two-tier Nazi society for a pandemic that isn't there. In the NHS, it's widely recognized that the 'Delta variant' is just VACCINE INJURY from vaccination. They've just convinced everybody that they need a jab for a virus that's making everybody sick. He routinely asks all families if their loved one has been vaccinated, and they have been. The families don't see the connection. Two things are going to happen shortly: the new variants they're consistently creating are making us familiar with the idea of there being one. What will happen with the children is they'll get sick and die, which will get labelled as a new variant. And they'll parade crisis actors on TV. This is a prediction. Check with your local funeral director about who is currently passing away.

    Since going public, around 45 funeral directors have reached out to him, expressing concern that the government is killing people. So will these people like John be silenced? This worries them. There basically is no pandemic. There have been ZERO Covid deaths among children since the beginning. So there is ZERO reason for injecting kids with these gene therapies. Coercing a child to get vaccinated when they can't otherwise get married, drink, drive, and vote tells you this is a depopulation agenda. There could be 2 parts to this: killing people first, and then sterilizing people for later on in life. When will infertility become apparent? Not really before 10 years.

    NHS people are in the same circles as him. They know full well that the Delta variant is vaccine injury. Many medical specialists have confirmed this to him personally. The vaccine testing procedures for animals were apparently halted (he was told this by a doctor) because they were getting through 200 rhesus monkeys a week because they were all dying. And now we're getting these injections in exchange for a taxi ride, a kebab, a reduction in a jail term. We've had 18 months of brainwashing where people are still scared to death. The truth about the vaccines isn't getting out.

    They've built very large holding centres or prison to take in people, despite there being a lack of public money. What can these be for? They're for people who won't take the vaccine. People will disappear from these camps, listed as 'Covid deaths'.  One such one is at HMP Wellingborough (ER: check out the link for this brand new mega 'prison'). Also Glen Parva prison built in 2020 near Leicester, with a crematorium and mortuary next door. Why do we need these mega facilities when the economy is on its knees? In 5 years, many vaccine recipients could die. I am seeing the start of this, with people in their 30s, 40s and 50s dying of heart attacks and strokes.

Now they're targeting children. When will people wake up? They'll blame a new variant. And then they'll mandate on the back of that. Similar facilities are being built in Australia and, in fact, everywhere.

    Advice from John: contact your politicians as much as possible. Sooner or later, we'll be dragged off to these camps, with 'outbreaks' and more 'vaccines'. It's a predictable cycle. And the time to speak out is NOW, whether you're in the NHS or the funeral industry. We owe it to people. The Hippocratic oath was revised in 2001 to omit the idea 'we will do no harm'. Nurses are being instructed to dose up patients with Midazolam; PCR tests are being used at ridiculous CRT numbers (45). The key element is consent, yet people who are ill but not dying are being injected with Midazolam and given DNR (do not resuscitate) orders. What more do we need to know? Now it's the children. The only people who will save us is US. Australia appears to be a test bed. And people need to act.

    Reach out personally to John at Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services. We need independent media people and others to share this information. E-mail:  

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