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Pharmacist's Tips on Ordering Ivermectin

September 24, 2021

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1) "Frontline Doctors" and other telemed outfits that make online doctor's appointments are definitely not the way to go in this case. That method introduces a $90.00 U.S. upfront fee that goes to some "nose-picker" doctor plus a 2-7 day upfront delay plus a significant hassle.

Yes, that allows one to order regular pill-form "made for humans" ivermectin from online pharmacies. But the "made for humans" pill/tablet format is a supreme rip-off, many times more expensive than veterinary versions. The best way to go is to order from equine (horse tack) or other veterinary-related shops.

Ivermectin is ivermectin is bloody ivermectin - trust me. [I majored in chemistry, worked for 2 years in a pharmacy and for 2 years doing lab work]. I, for example, just now ordered ivermectin from the online retail shop below which has Promectin and Bimectin in stock (both cheap and more-or-less identical except that the Promectin has a further out expiry date of 04/2024). Ivermectin is still available all over the place out there in various veterinary versions (topical and oral are both OK, fine and no problemo).

2) Note: It is widely believed in "refined circles" that ivermectin is very effective against parasites, viruses and even cancer. [Cancer may be caused ultimately by "viruses" and/or parasites anyway, perhaps in conjunction with excessive radiation and/or environmental toxins. IMO, there definitely is a "cancer virus" e.g. the one (((they))) used on Jack Ruby and Aaron Russo}. We "de-worm" our animals at least once a year but not ourselves? This too is part of the conspiracy to destroy the idiotic,feckless, fatuous, pliable, greedy, slobbering Goyim... and that is not hyperbole.  One tries to use ivermectine (.50 cal), hydroxycloroquine (.30 cal), quercitin (.22 cal), and/or ECGC (.17 cal), in that order, with zinc, Vitamin-C and Vitamin-D. Ivermectin (et al.) is the gun, zinc is the bullet, Vitamin-C is environmental and Vitamin-D is preventative.

3) Hydroxy-chloro-quine is quinine (as in tonic water) with a hydroxyl-unit (OH-) and a chlorine molecule (Cl-) tacked on strategically in place of hydrogen molecules via organic chemistry reactions i.e. an analog manufactured from quinine, which is more effective medicinally than quinine on a molecule by molecule basis but has the same mode of action.

By far the cheapest/best way to go is to make "Quina" (quinine) tea from Cinchona bark. Get the totally unprocessed bark (bigger pieces) if possible. Make the tea strong - it's cheap - and it will be every bit as effective as the hydroxy-chloro-quine pill format product because of the high molecular (molar) concentration of the tea. Drinking tonic/quinine water (with zinc) is better than nothing in a pinch but a whole lot of it will have to be consumed (I would try at least a 12-pack of cans per day and pop some zinc tabs with it). Get quinine (cinchona) bark from or

4) Or get quercitin (or ECGC) over the counter and use them per usual with zinc, C and D. It's not nearly as effective but good enough if you use plenty of it - especially for prevention or the 1st days of a COVID (or flu/cold) infection.


First Comment from David S

I ordered ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and zithromax from Grant Pharmacy.  No prescription needed, reasonable prices with small to large quantity options.  I don't know why some online pharmacies require prescriptions and others do not.

Took me a while via chat but Grant Pharmacy confirmed that they ship to UK, Australia, Singapore, and Japan. They don't seem able to provide a list of countries they ship to or do not ship to. And contrary to what I said, the website doesn't provide a list.  Anyone who is interested just has to try and make the order and see if they are denied. I think the USA actually has regulations against receiving something like ivermectin from overseas but it's not a law and not enforced. A friend of mine ordered some things like this years ago by mail and was contacted by FDA. He challenge them and they backed off and left him alone.  Since the CDC is trying to kill us, their regulations are invalid.

VC writes-

Thanks for your report on Ivermectin. It truly does work. I had a bout of Covid like symptoms in the 2nd 1/2 of Aug. I decided to get horse paste IVM at a supply store ($5.95 for 6+ doses). It wasn't bad as I just washed it down & I had no noticeable negative side effects. But in 12 hrs. my fever, aches & fatigue were mostly gone & my constant headache 90% reduced. I used the paste for 5 days, but after day 3 I noticed I could breathe well again, as I have some asthma. (I had no increased respiratory troubles with this Covid bout.) I was surprised & could only attribute this to the IVM. But, the relief could not have been the placebo effect because I did not know before that it was found to be an anti-inflammatory against asthma, not just an antiparasitic & anti-viral.

So, I did some research on it and found indeed that it did help asthma too! My findings below I sent to friends. There is cause for some caution in using IVM, as noted. Unfortunately, after 4-5 days off of IVM, my asthma returned, but the supply store had pulled the product off the shelves. I then did a search of 6 online vet supply stores & all their IVM stock was out, pulled from the market, but now with warning notices against human use for each IVM product - this included types used in cattle, hogs & sheep! The FDA are racketeers - they accomplished this just a few days after Joe Rogan's statement for cure from IVM.

I'd followed the work of Dr. Pierre Kory, MD, since Dec., which is why I decided to try IVM. Here's his site for protocols for using this miracle product.

IVM & Asthma - Interesting reports & a study below - It does help asthma! That's why my lungs expand nearly fully now! My God, no wonder pharma doesn't want people using this stuff! I haven't breathed so well in nearly 8 yrs. - the last 3 have been rough. I'm not on an inhaler, but should have been & did ask my MD, but she wanted me then to do the creepy nose test. Was going to ask again next visit.
Anti-inflammatory - oral & topical use
Uses + asthma - also a possible cancer treatment

Contraindications - This report urges caution due to downsides of use/dosage poisoning. Can cause brain damage & 15mg should be the maximum (it's dosed by weight). Elsewhere I did catch info about it causing strokes. Long term use is unknown.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Pharmacist's Tips on Ordering Ivermectin "

David C said (September 25, 2021):

Another useful supplement for preventing and treating pulmonary illnesses (ie: "cov-u-no-what"), which is now being classified as a "drug" by FDA, is "N- Acetyl-L-cysteine" (NAC). There are many helpful websites and youtube (often more useful than google) about "NAC". The FDA has banned OTC sales, but it's still available online, so it might be a good idea to order some now, while you still can...?

Doug P said (September 24, 2021):

There is no virus, there was no virus. Death rates didn't change from 2017,2018,2019,2020. Why is everyone now so concerned about the common cold?

because it could get you denied service or quarantined?


Tony B said (September 24, 2021):

Another probable help. In the past, my wife and I used and sold Pau de Arco bark out of South America which is another inner tree bark like Quinine.

Also called Ipsi Roxo or Tehebo, according to which Indian tribe one contacted. All these names mean "good wood for bows" as in bows and arrows.

Tea made from this bark, I know from customers and personal use, cures many of the same problems as Quinine, including such tough things as leukemia (bone cancer). One must get used to the tea as the first thing it does, before attacking inflammation, is a through cleaning of the GI track.

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