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BC Nurses Suffer Heart Attacks After Being Vaccinated

October 20, 2021

Ray Songtree, left, with Richard Weaver, a veteran of the USS Liberty

Covid Anecdotes from Ray Songtree

Adverse reactions and deaths aren't being reported because the paperwork is prohibitive.

Personal tale of what is occurring in parts of Canada........

by Ray Songtree

Personal friend who is a registered nurse working in ER in BC, Canada: MDs & nurses complicit in vaccine murder

..He saw and documented an alarming increase of "vaxxed patients"   presenting with strokes , seizures, bood clots, paralysis ,heart attackes and inflamation .. as well as rashes , hives etc. Some nurses and EMt's there have suffered paralysis  and heart attacks after receiving the vax. He also noted an increase in anaphylactic shock incidences from things like bee stings.. occurring in vaccinanated people who had never had this type of allergy before.

Most of the Dr and nurses were choosing to look the other way and not document  the health issues occurring within days, weeks and months  of receiving the vax. and boosters. . Documentation of such adverse reactions requires DRs to fill out about 40ish pages per incident and do hours of research to find out the vaccine vial info such as lot # , manufacturer etc Dr are not doing reporting this because of this .

My RN nurse friend and his RN girlfriend have now had their  RN licenses revoked because of choosing to speak up..and choosing not to get vaccinated The BC nurses union opposed the mandates, firing  and the revoking of licenses but Bonnie Henry . head of health BC mandated it anyways.. so it is happening, Bonnie Henry was installed into her present gov position after working several years with the WHO

Thanks to  PM Trudeau Canada has now moved forward with vaccine passports and  no vax no fly no travel mandates. My friends there who are aware of the vax dangers have eithe  packed up and moved to Mexico or are  caving in to the tyranny and getting the vax, Many seem very frightened however and  " frozen" psychologically The atmosphere  is not good.. there is much hostility towards the " unvaxed" in many areas especially in the cities. .. propagated and  encouraged by prime monster Trudeau.

It would appear  Canada is in serious trouble. .. brought on by decades of programing and demoralizing of it's  people into dependent , helpless ' obedient '  citizens with victim mentality. I see this as a serious downside to the socialistic governmental authority paradigm.

Hospitals - Murder for Profit

---Aloha All,

I was visiting with a friend yesterday that I haven't seen in about eight months.  We were catching up and also having a Covid discussion when he mentioned that his elderly sister (who lived on the mainland) recently died of Covid.  I was shocked and asked the circumstances and if she had any comorbidities, etc.  Apparently, she had a bad fall and an ambulance took her to the local hospital.  Upon admission for the fall they gave her a PCR test (which we all know generates false positives) and diagnosed her with Covid. [This same protocol has been widely reported] The Doctor immediately put her on a ventilator and she was dead two days later.  My friend genuinely believes it was the ventilator that killed her.  This is exactly what Stew Peters, various Doctors, and the Hospital Whistle Blowers have alleged is happening.  Murder by Ventilator and Remdesivir.

When you think how the Government incentivized this by paying the hospitals more money for Covid cases [$13,000 and Ventilator use 39,000]  it is shocking.  Who ever made that decision in government and the decision to use the faulty PCR test for diagnosis is guilty of crimes against humanity.  (I would also add withholding ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine treatment options)

I truly believe we need to charge all of these corrupt Health officials, Government officials, Hospital administrators, Doctors, Politicians, Media execs, Tech execs who participated in any of these Covid crimes, any Lockdown crimes, any Vaccine crimes, and any Nuremberg violations with crimes against humanity.

It is the only way it will end.


[Ray here - the conscience of the culture itself has been compromised now to point where Hippocratic oath itself has been captured.  I've said this over and over again. It is not the elite, it is THE CULTURE.  My website and book "Lipstick and war crimes" tries to outline this compromise.  I will now suggest this to my friends... Strip down all of your consumerism and any vanities. It is truly purification time. Gird up. ]

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "BC Nurses Suffer Heart Attacks After Being Vaccinated "

EB said (October 21, 2021):

Word is now definitely getting out about the harmful effects of these vaccines and more and more people, some in well paying jobs, are walking away from them because they want to live.
You know the Germans left Europe en masse after Stalingrad. Wonder if it is time for North Americans to find a new home? I'm looking at Africa right now. Problems there of course, but there is potential for a better future. Don't see a bright one here.

JG said (October 20, 2021):

I talked to a worker a few days ago and he told me about a guy he knew that was a triathlon runner who took the jab. After the first vaccine shot he was okay but after the second shot he suffered a stroke and is now using a wheelchair.

This story is one of tens of thousands about peoplw who had injury after being jabbed with Covid vaccines.

The MSM, on orders, is suppressing all information and data that shows this toxic vaccine negligent and responsible for all the deaths and injuries directly related to the people who took the jab. They are also told to inform the public that these vaccine doses are safe and harmless.

A lot of people have woken up and all the blackmail and threats aren't changing their minds. They are leaving their jobs and careers in large numbers. And, many of these people are in jobs that employer's won't be able to fill for a long time to come.

It's not the unvaccinated people that are the problem. It's the illegal and unconstitutional mandates that require these workers to put their health in possible jeopardy that is the direct cause for all these job losses.

jk said (October 20, 2021):

What's happening in Canada is happening in America but mainly in the blue state cities. It's so horrible when you go to a doctor's office now because no matter what your condition all they care about is whether you had the jab or not. If you say you haven't they immediately go to script and try to bully you into it. If you show any resistance they accuse you of being stupid and tell you to stop listening to people on FB. Any mention of deaths and they will insist "it's perfectly safe".

If that fails to work they will try to scare you with "you'll end up on a ventilator" or insinuate you're responsible if anyone in your family gets sick. It's beyond disgusting.

I'm a smart person and won't fall for this shit but eldery people and hysterical middle class moms believe everything they are told. You can't get through to them even when people they love drop dead of the shot.

I think Western Civilization is done. I don't think this is going to stop, the people just don't have the will to make it stop. The window is closing. Time to move out of the country if you can.

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