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Is Klaus Schwab Grooming Ivanka Trump to be President?

October 28, 2021

Ivanka Trump is a "young global leader" just like Jacinda Adern and Mark Zuckerberg. She was her father's "special advisor." Politics is a charade.
They groom and elect our leaders for us.
Ivanka could be President one day. Make us believe they represent us, like her father did. It's all a scam.
They're not hiding it any more.
They choose people who will take orders from them. They choose traitors, opportunists and perverts. They choose Satanists.

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Comments for "Is Klaus Schwab Grooming Ivanka Trump to be President?"

RK said (October 29, 2021):

Given their lack of attention and short memories, people probably don't recall when Ivanka proudly announced that she was on assignment to prepare lists of all the people in the world and all the jobs in the world for the purpose of job matching in the future. I haven't heard her speak of it lately, so maybe the structure of this globalist project is complete. This is what the daughter of the man many Americans look to as their only hope, a "great nationalistic saviour", is involved in.

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