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Let's Not Demonize the Vaccinated

October 26, 2021


Many of us have spouses and family members
who buy into the pandemic hoax.
They have been vaccinated. 
How do we relate to them?

by Henry Makow PhD

My wife is a libtard. She got vaccinated without telling me, jeopardizing her health and mine.

She wears a mask when we walk outdoors. As though a covid germ will fly up her nose.

She has been gas lit by the media and sends me links.

One compared vaccine hesitant people to folks who resisted seat belts in the 1980's.

She is not interested in watching people talk about their adverse reactions.

"Why would I watch a video about people having car accidents?" she said. "Adverse reactions are one in a million."

Because people aren't being forced to drive cars? But I don't bother arguing with her.

I explain what is really happening on my web site. But neither she nor any members of my family are interested.

I suspect that at some subliminal level, they know the truth is not good for the Jews.

(By sponsoring antisemitism, the Jewish leadership has ensured that ordinary Jews become their human shields. "Anti Semites" have made resistance to satanist tyranny look like bigotry.) 

My family is proof of Mark Twain's dictim that it is easier to deceive someone than convince them they've been fooled.

My wife is not a stupid woman but my politics are anathema to her.

So how do we continue to have a decent marriage? By not talking about covid of course.

Quite simply, we have agreed that, instead of arguing, we'll let time reveal the truth.

If covid is not gone by January 2022, I'm right.

If it is, she's right. (She's already hinting at an extension.)

I did not marry her for her political smarts. Why ruin a good marriage just because "one of us" (she thinks it's me) has been duped?

heart-head-drawing.jpgHEART VERSUS HEAD

"How can you love someone who has such different politics?" she once asked me.

"Because that's not who you are," I replied. "I love your soul, not your mind."

If you love someone who is lost, you stick with them. (Also, she loves me, a task only my mother could accomplish!)

I humbly offer my marriage as an example of how to treat the vaccinated.

We will never reach them intellectually -- through the head.

But we can reach them through the heart, spiritually. "I love your soul."

I say to the vaccinated, you were under excruciating pressure. I don't blame you for trusting the government and media. You were duped.

I want to be wrong. I don't want any harm to come to you. I will get no pleasure in saying, "I told you so."

I have never so wanted to be wrong in my life. It would mean a return to "normal."

Even though some of you talk about quarantining us, or worse, I say: I love you. I don't want any harm to come to you.

Ever since the covid crisis began in March 2020, my work has been dedicated to sounding the alarm.

We all belong to the same human family. We are brothers and sisters.

God has a purpose for us.

We are One.

First Comment from Claudia

Dear Henry, it's 3:30 am and I can't sleep thinking about my parents who got jabbed without telling me.
They too, surrendered to pressure, mainly by their friends and Dr.
Now my dad has "suddenly" developed pulmonary fibrosis courtesy of Moderna.

My dad is suffocated, afraid, malnourished. I try to give him supplements, emotional support, nutricious food and any known antidote on Earth. Both he and my mom keep sabotaging my approach.
They just have a "death cult" approach to life.
They watch CNN daily, eat poorly, hardly exercise. Even though we're Catholic, I find their approach to faith is superficial (They're Opus Dei)
In eighteen months they didn't allow me in their house, we had a terrible fight about mask wearing and  experimental vaccines.  Now that my dad's health has been compromised I go there and spend  most of my day taking care of them.
They still want me to get jabbed, they still wear their mask indoors, when someone visits.
You're right, I can't convince them with articles and videos about the fact that I'm not a human weapon trying to make them sick. I get them through the heart, by taking care of them and showing up whenever they need me. They've finally accepted the fact that I'm not wearing a mask when visiting.

I really needed to read your article. I was feeling so tired and sad, about to give up. We definitely have a purpose in life, a God given purpose.  Thank you Henry, God bless you.

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Comments for "Let's Not Demonize the Vaccinated"

Paul said (October 31, 2021):

Thanks again for everything. We are in a spiritual battle and need all the encouragement we can get. Many around me, both vaxxed and un-vaxxed, are suffering from depression. Your website continues to sustain us.

JS said (October 27, 2021):

if your wife hasn't suffered from side effects yet and you did not recognize any personality changes the chances are good that she caught a placebo. Nevertheless, just in case start drinking pineneedle tea (->suramin). A good handful of fir, pine or spruce needles (or a mix) brewed in 1 litre 50' C warm water with a spoon of cooking oil for half an hour, 100 ml every morning and evening warm or cold protects the body from spike proteins from shedding. Covid/jab or not, pine needle tea is a health booster anyway and used since centuries by natives all over the world.

My greatest respect for how you handle the situation. I'm not sure if I could.

C said (October 27, 2021):

I recently broke ties with as of now ex “friend” of almost 20 yrs who strangely is from Winnipeg. I suggested he pay for a blood test via mail?

I lost my temper when he spouted out how he wants basically what china does to its “people”. Digital id, even retina scans to buy groceries to prove someone is “vaccinated”. I flew off the rails and basically told him he is no different than the “libtards” has said he is contrary to.

As for the heart of man? What is it? The bible defines the heart as in the head. So I dunno. Maybe that is why the “jews” have become so heardened? Cause they stay in their heads?

KB said (October 27, 2021):

Thankfully, my wife and I are in agreement on the Covid shots. She works for two independent doctors who also oppose forced ‘vaccinations.

I have friends, co-workers and family who got the shots, many whom I consider smart and well educated. I am at a loss to explain how people accept the double-mindedness of the narrative (holding two contradictory beliefs at the same time).

People are being told that the shots will protect you from the virus, yet the unvaccinated must get the shots to protect you from the virus.

Which is it? If the shots work, the unvaccinated can’t infect you. If they don’t work, and we know that they don’t, what’s the point?

Fully vaccinated people are contracting the virus (breakthrough cases), carrying the same viral loads as the unvaccinated and transmitting it to others.

So why are the unvaccinated discriminated against, threatened with job loss and no unemployment insurance?

The vaccinated are just as big a threat as the unvaccinated.

Something sinister is behind the whole thing.

ED said (October 27, 2021):

A reminder Henry:

Researchers at the University of Almeria (June 2021) in Spain reported finding the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine contains mostly Graphene and no mRNA. Graphene is a single-layer form of graphite, a nano-material consisting of carbon atoms arranged in a particular structure.

Once injected with GBH (Graphene Based Hydrogels) it is impossible to remove it as it binds to the body, unable to reject it as it is not recognized as a foreign substance, allowing it to invade all parts of the body, including crossing the blood-brain barrier.

The Spike’s are not airborne but rather skin to skin contact.

JM said (October 27, 2021):

My son is double jabbed. My heart sank when he told me about the first one, but I said nothing because we’d already had arguments about all this early on and I realized it was hopeless. Then he had a bout of vertigo bad enough to see a doctor. I hoped he wouldn’t get the second one but he did. I sent him that vigia ccess thing I saw on your feed. I hope he looked it up and won’t get any more. It might have been watching Carrie Madej. I heard say that there are different “recipes” in these things. Hoping his recipe less malign than some.

My other son got two too. He said he’s fine and I’m wrong, but we haven’t spoken for months. Hoping he got the saline. My family is one of the casualties of the Manifesto.

But we are all in this together whether we think so or not, and Life doesn’t end with death—“God’s other door”.

I laughed when I read that she sends you links. Not a mean laugh, just the laughter of recognition.

Chris said (October 27, 2021):

Their vaccination passports are the armbands of 39-45. They were Jewish stars of David...yellow...and in the middle... "Jude". They will place us in ghettos (we in this modern day), just like the Jews. Then they will ship us to their camps, for the final solution. I'm a Pole and a Slav. Our people were murdered together. Jews had the distinction of being specially targeted. Have you seen the videos from the Australian internment camps for covid-19? They're building them here in the USA...and in Canada! James O'looney videos the camps they're building in the UK. They won't use Zyklon-B against us...YOU SAW the Canadian government contract from last year for "Programmable Hydraulic Guillotines"! Canadians bombarded their government until they eventually changed the contract name to "Hydraulic Paper Cutters". Do you know what the CDC calls our camps? "Green Zones". HAH!

WB said (October 27, 2021):

So sad to read your post today. I have family members who have taken the jab and it breaks my heart. But thanks to God my wife and I are on the same page The worst part is the tremendous frustration I feel knowing these family members have a very bleak future and also knowing they are intelligent people that should have easily avoided being duped. If those who have succumbed and taken the jab finally wake up as the deaths and destruction Mount up There will be no consolation in it for me. At this point there is no antidote for the death shot and we may never see one The only thing I can suggest Henry is do some research on chlorine dioxide. It may save the life of your wife.

G said (October 27, 2021):

You are so honest, Henry, and that's quite a dilemma you are dealing with, but you seem to be managing it okay from your usual spiritual prospective.

I have similar challenges with many loved-ones. Many do. I recently came across this short little vid with a 'not so easy to accept' view on those who comply.

In it Bonhoeffer asserts that compliance is connected with the surrendering of one's moral compass. I guess his point is that complying with evil is morally wrong no matter what level of understanding a person has. Many may not agree with this and would instead keep attributing compliance to mere stupidity and/or brainwashing. Good premise for philosophical argument. See what you think:

Bonhoeffer's Theory of Stupidity:

Gabriel said (October 27, 2021):

I've been learning and paying much attention to the prion transmission little problem we have in our hands. It seems real, it seems like the vaxxed are dangerous to us. A lot of doctors and scientists with big credentials and credibility are alerting us. Also there are more and more stories about it, happening to the unvaxxed from the vaxxed.

So it's getting to the point where it is not about demonizing them or not, it's about life or death to us. Like AL said in his comment, "no longer we are all one"

AL said (October 27, 2021):

The Monsanto company, just like their boss Satan, cannot patent anything created in nature by Our Maker; That is why they mess with the DNA of corn and turn it into GMO which infects and infests neighboring original corn designed by Our Maker; The result is Monsanto now owns the "legal rights" of the neighboring corn which has lost it's original DNA design; The exact same strategy is being deployed by the lethal COVID shot that changes your DNA and makes you property of Satan. Satan is obtaining "legal rights" to GMO humans just as Monsanto obtained "legal rights" to GMO corn; The spiked proteins from the nano-tech/bio-weapon COVID shots shed then try and change the DNA of unvaxxed people around them, in the same fashion as the Franken-corn.

A good friend of mine last year ranted how he'd never get the shot when I said I bet they are going to push a vaxx; This year he did and now complains of serious loss of energy and weak knees when he showed up at my door out of the blue. I repeated a few times to him that he is now a bio-weapon putting my life in danger but it's like talking to a rock as he said. "you think so?".
I told my wife's cousin last night after dinner he's not welcome in our house if he get's vaxxed after he leaked out his sister plus a niece and nephew just recently did it.
Fortunately most of the people on my side of the family are against it accept for a few morons, a couple uncles, one of which told me he regretted it and has heart problems now.

We are living in heartbreaking times and Eternal God is not playing any more. Satan doesn't just want to kill you but wants your SOUL. How can Satan obtain your soul? - Through blood contracts and changing your God given DNA.

Artur Palowski said he had a vision of God shaking a fence and people had to fall on one side or the other.

Christ said some harsh words to that effect -

[Matthew 10: 34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.36 And a man's foes shall be they of his own household.]

Sad to say we are NOT all one. We are the property of Eternal God our Creator or property of the sworn enemy of man, Lucifer.

There is no place on the fence any longer.

END TIMES PROPHECY: I saw Christians roasting and burning in Hell - Part 4:

RR said (October 27, 2021):

Welcome to the Club.. You are one of many ...

My old man told me a wise quote long time ago ..
If you are right, She may forgive you one day ?
If you are wrong, She will NEVER forgive you ?

Regards & keep an upper lip stiff..

Doug P said (October 27, 2021):

I would like to know what these people think of all the doctors, Jews, generals, etc that have come out about all this have to gain? Understanding your opponent's motivations is key to understanding your opponent and understanding your opponent is wise and a path to conflict resolution.

While letting the pharma-complex experimentally inject you with graphene oxide to protect you from the common cold may sound like a good idea, what has big pharma done to earn anyone's trust? Aren't they in it for the money? Does this world run on love or money?

So I think this stuff has really hit them harder. If you were thrown into a cage with a hungry lion, would you fight? Wouldn't that just increase pain and prolong the inevitable? This is what some of my friends said - literally. One said she is just driftwood and cannot change a thing.

I think if we all woke up we would have honest money and heaven on earth tomorrow. In six months the economy would be so good none of us would work more than 25 hours a week - and we would have so much that it wouldn't matter if you drove a Porche or a Pontiac.

JK said (October 27, 2021):

I totally relate to this post. So many people I know with degrees and white collar jobs totally bought into the media narrative. They aren't dumb, just intellectually lazy and ruled by neurosis.

Why think critically when you can just pull up your phone, read Apple news, accept it as reality and move on with your day? It's easier then dealing with the ugly reality that something dark and demonic is happening.

How do you deal with an invisible enemy? You can't bomb it away or ban it from existence so all you can do is run around engaging in mindless rituals to try and save yourself.

I know a woman who hasn't left her home since January 2020. She won't even go outside to get the mail out of fear of the invisible enemy. This person is not mental, she just has anxiety about things she cannot control.

While I pity them on some level I do on occasion feel anger towards them. They are fueling the beast that is destroying people's lives. These folks need to deprogram. They are part of a cult and don't realize it. If we could convert them we could save humanity. God bless Henry.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at