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2019 Conference Revealed Vaccine "Science" Doesn't Exist

October 16, 2021

"Trust the science," we were told.

In Dec. 2019, three months before the coronavirus psy op began, WHO met with Big Pharma to discuss their vaccine business

The conference revealed that doctors are only pretending to speak with "authority" when they parrot the party line that vaccines are "safe" and "effective". Far from being "settled", the "science" backing vaccines simply DOES NOT EVEN EXIST, and that it is absolutely shocking.

The following is a summary of DEL BIGTREE's video report above. (Show 145)

by Patrick O'Carroll

In Dec 2019, even before deployment of the genocidal COVID JAB, the Global Vaccine "Safety" summit met in Geneva-Switzerland to discuss the embarrassing state of its murder-by-vaccine business, and to build "confidence" in the alleged "safety" and "effectiveness" of vaccines by way of improved "communication".

larson.jpg On 3 Dec 2019, Prof Heidi Larson PhD, left, addressed the Global Vaccine "Safety" Summit in Geneva-Switzerland and dropped three enormous bombshells.

1) "The other thing that is a trend and an issue is not just confidence in providers but confidence of healthcare providers. We have a very wobbly health-professional front line that is starting to question vaccines and the safety of vaccines. That is a huge problem because the healthcare provider is still the most trusted person ... and if we lose that, we are in trouble".

Already in Dec 2019, the UN's Worst Health Organization (WHO) was worried and perturbed that many physicians had lost all confidence in vaccines. And that was even before deployment of the COVID JAB.

Next, Larson said: "In medical school, you are lucky if you have a half-day on vaccines, never mind keeping up to date with all this".

This proves that MDs are only pretending to speak with "authority" when they parrot the party line that vaccines are "safe" and "effective".

Prof Heidi Larson then dropped a third huge bombshell showing that the "science" backing vaccines was not in fact "settled" but rather did not yet even exist:  "There is a lot of safety science that is needed... you cannot re-purpose the same old science to make it sound better if you do not have the science that is relevant to the new problem. So, we need much more investment in safety science."

Prof Heidi Larson was admonishing her tightfisted Big-Pharma-Mafia bosses for not investing enough in "communication" (she obviously means this as a code-word for propaganda) because the "safety" and "effectiveness" of vaccines is a lie that most frontline physicians do not even believe anymore.

gruber.jpgNext, the director of the FDA's Vaccine Research Office, Dr Marion Gruber MD, who just resigned because of her opposition to boosters, said big pharma should START to introduce risk management as a NEW MEASURE for vaccines.

Is it not horrifying to learn that the Big Pharma Mafia was thinking of introducing some basic safety measures that it never had before? This is the equivalent of a airline suddenly getting the "brilliant idea" of testing an airplane that is already flying passengers commercially across the Atlantic.

We can assume that if any government demanded proper safety measures, then the Big Pharma Mafia would simply use "lobbying" funds to bribe any puppeticians into making such demands "quietly disappear."

Next, the coordinator of WHO's Initiative for Vaccine Research Dr Martin Howell Friede said: "If you can avoid using an adjuvant, please do so; if you are going to use an adjuvant, please use one that has a history of safety; otherwise think very carefully".

Adjuvants are what enable vaccines to be mass-produced, because whereas the original story of vaccines did involve medical fraudster Edward Jenner injecting an 8-year-old child with diseased cow-puss, it never talked about how to keep the diseased cow-puss in the vaccine fresh or "safe" by enabling a reliable "use-by date" a few months later.

The Big Pharma Mafia solved this particular "problem" by loading the vaccine with nano-metals including nano-aluminum and nano-mercury, which are designed to quickly cross the blood-brain-barrier and give the victim autism (for a child) or some disease of cognitive decline such as Alzheimer Disease (for an adult).

adjuvant.jpgThus, Dr Martin Howell Friede,left, was advising his Big-Pharma-Mafia bosses to only use adjuvants which they had got away with in the past for most cases. After all, everyone knows that if someone ever manages to prove that a victim got Alzheimer Disease or autism from the vaccine in question, then the Big Pharma Mafia can compensate some particular individuals and write off these compensation claims as a cost of doing "business" (the business in question being murder-by-vaccine).

Next, Dr Steven Evans, professor of pharmaco epidemiology, said: "It seems to me that it is not unexpected that adjuvants multiply the incidence of adverse reactions that are associated with the antigen but may not have been detected through lack of statistical power in the original studies".

This means that the Big Pharma Mafia is conceding that adjuvants can cause unwanted effects in the human body (including autism, autoimmune disease, Alzheimer) but this was never properly detected because the Big Pharma Mafia only cares about profit and not safety.

Studies are currently "good" at detecting local events such pain in the arm or sudden death of the injected victim, but are lousy at detecting systemic or long-term events.

Next, Dr Steven Evans dropped the clanger "[we first to need to] understand how these things [adjuvants] work so that we can assess plausibility".

Does the fact that the Big Pharma Mafia does not even know how adjuvants work inspire confidence in the world "health" system?

Here, the Big Pharma Mafia is confirming that there have been NO proper studies on adjuvants.

kaslow.jpgNext, Dr David Kaslow said: "It is a real conundrum ... getting the right [study] size ... dealing with the tyranny of small numbers ...".

Here, he is saying that it is better to have a smaller study size of, say, a hundred victims because large sizes of thousands of victims might bring the "tyranny of horrendously large numbers" of adverse reactions.

He dropped yet another bombshell by pointing to a new "profit center" targeting pregnant women and their fetuses: "I think an investment in that epidemiologically baseline is going to be critically important if we do not want to derail some of our maternal immunization vaccines as they go into low resource settings".

This again shows that the Big Pharma Mafia simply does not have a clue about the effects of vaccines on fetuses or pregnant women because no data are available. Furthermore, the euphemism "maternal immunization" is much more likely to mean immunizing the Earth against newborn babies than having anything to do with helping to "protect" people.

Next, the Nigerian Dr Bassey Okposen looked very perturbed by the incredible incompetence he was noticing among the assembled "experts" so he decided to ask what kind of adverse cross-reactions can be expected among different antigens, adjuvants and preservatives if and when the vaccines of different makers were given to the same person, and whether any comprehensive studies existed on such adverse cross-reactions.

Dr-.-Robert-Chen-Chief-Vaccine-Safety-CDD.pngTo this, a "professional" Dr Robert Chen gives a very long-winded answer for the Big Pharma Mafia that can be summarized as: "[We cannot answer your questions because we still need a great deal of data] so that we can START to answer the questions you raised".

So, yet again, there are NO DATA and no studies that cover cross-reactions or cross-effects due to vaccines by different manufacturers having different adjuvants, preservatives and antigens. And this yet again proves that the "science" backing vaccines simply DOES NOT EVEN EXIST.

Finally, WHO Chief Scientist Dr Soumya Swaminathan narrated a happy commercial that explained the "robust" vaccine "safety" systems in place to enable "health workers" and "experts" to "react" "immediately" to any problems that may arise.

But the "happy commercial" fails to mention how "health workers" and "experts" "immediately" "react" when the vaccine victim drops dead of an adverse reaction such as happened millions of times since the COVID JAB was rolled out.

saanthia.jpgAnd to add some morbid humor, Dr Soumya Swaminathan is next shown telling the "experts" how WHO simply does NOT have any surveillance system whatsoever to monitor safety. And that is just fine and dandy because it means WHO is doing just what it was designed to do, which is to genocide as many folks in the world as possible using the murder-by-vaccine business so as to control the population for the Zionist Freemasonic project called Agenda 21.


I am sure you feel reassured that all these criminal imbeciles are in charge of world "health" and by how they are ultimately advising their Big-Pharma-Mafia bosses how to make more money off of your "health"

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