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Blind Leading the Blind: The Case of Gary D. Barnett

November 4, 2021

This documentary was done by Tim Gielen and others. 

Barnett--"This explanation of "who owns the world," is so powerful and easy to understand, that any watching and listening who are not able to grasp the scope of this totalitarian plot, are already far lost to this world.

"I cannot stress enough how powerful this presentation is for any who want to see and understand the truth. Put aside politics, put aside hate, put aside all division; open your mind and simply listen to this life-changing factual information that anyone can get or verify for themselves."

It took only 90 seconds to see that this video is blaming "the corporations."  The corporations are all controlled by the Cabalist central bankers. No mention of them. Anyone who does not focus on the satanic Masonic Jewish conspiracy is PART OF THE PROBLEM. Regretfully, this applies to Gary Barnett.  I googled his name and "Communism", "Freemasonry" and "Jews" and found no references. He does not  "grasp the scope of this totalitarian plot" he claims to expose. I love the guy and have re-posted many of his excellent articles. But it's frustrating that I have exposed the truth for 20 years and Gary doesn't care to know. The goyim have been brainwashed to think that resistance to satanist tyranny by Communist Jews and Freemasons is bigotry and in bad taste. Wake up and smell the coffee Gary! The Protocols of Zion are genuine.

Those Who Own This World!

By Gary D. Barnett

In this day and age when most people have no understanding of truth or reality, it becomes important to offer simple referenced explanations of things not thought about by the general population.

In fact, it is imperative to use every tool at our disposal so the the average person can on their own understand the evil intent, and the collusion necessary in order for the few to control the many. The documentary below is the perfect example of this concept, as it lays out for all to see how this world is controlled from the top down, and how so few can monopolize the entirety of life.
I would go so far as to say, that this explanation of "who owns the world," is so powerful and easy to understand, that any watching and listening who are not able to grasp the scope of this totalitarian plot, are already far lost to this world.

gary.jpgAlthough thousands of corporate and government entities are involved, two 'investment' companies basically control the world in every single way imaginable...

This top-down control allows for there to be a tiny elite class that is the only real authority on earth, and everyone else is simply a pawn, or in reality a slave, to this massive authority.
So please take the little bit of time necessary to watch and listen closely to this almost unbelievable, and fantastical information.

You should come away from this viewing with not only a new perspective on life in this world, but should understand the scope of all our problems; from war, to economic collapse, to tyranny, and to the fact that all are controlled through a planned system that has been in place for decades, if not centuries.
At this point in time however, we are at the end game, and now these evil and heinous villains who own the world have the ability to control every aspect of human existence; all from a top-down position of power so dominating that few have the ability to conceptualize the scope of this massive power wielded over all of this world's societies.

I cannot stress enough how powerful this presentation is for any who want to see and understand the truth. Put aside politics, put aside hate, put aside all division; open your mind and simply listen to this life-changing factual information that anyone can get or verify for themselves.

Reader on this reply- "He built you into a bigoted straw-man, then knocked you down - as a guy who unfairly blames everything on the Jews... which is classic, professional shillage."

Reply from Gary D Barnett

Henry, it is good to hear from you, but I wish it had been under different circumstances.

I do very much appreciate your re-posting my articles on your site, as I think those of us that seek to tell the truth and educate others of the grand conspiracy to control all is of vital importance, and the more exposure the better.

With that said, you have mischaracterized me completely, and for reasons that not only do I not understand and disagree with entirely, but with which I would never agree. Your criticism relies only on the notion that Jews are the sole reason and entity responsible for all the world's ills, and that I do not agree with this belief. While I respect your opinion, I find this to be incorrect, especially since I have been researching and writing about the horrors of all systems of power and control (government and private) for well over two decades. To base everything only on Jews is shortsighted in my opinion.

First, I have no religious affiliations whatsoever, and never have, but fully understand that the Zionist rulers of Israel are evil to the core, and bent on terror, murder, power growth, and domination. They are little different than the American neo-cons and other political monsters, Jewish and non-Jewish alike. I published an article on my site recently that was aimed at the Jewish power, where I asserted that the Jewish 'leadership' and the U.S. were both terribly evil, were one and the same, and hugely responsible for much of the tyranny we live under and face.

Now to the corporate question and your comments. Corporations are made up of people, so when I expose the ruling class in light of the few at the top controlling this world, I am not saying that a non-entity is in control, but the few most powerful in control of these corporations are, especially those controlling the large banking cabal you mention. I have written extensively about this subject. It is ludicrous to believe that I was leaving out those actually responsible by posting someone else's very brilliant work that laid out the power structure over all of this planet in simple and referenced form.  

The Satanic nature of the ruling classes is not relegated only and specifically to Jews, and to believe that it is is a gross miscalculation of the situation in my studied opinion. This is a full global conspiracy, and encompasses all the ruling classes on earth. They are not all Jewish, and no Zionist is a follower of the Jewish faith, but is only interested in the agendas of the power and control of others.

You are correct in that I do not lay all blame at the feet of any single culture, government, religion, or societal group, and to do so blinds any individual seeking to understand all the evil that exists on this planet, in every area of the world, by every type and nationality of the ruling 'elite.' I do firmly believe that a very small group of people at the very top are in control, but that this group is made up of many more than just Masonic Jews.

As to your comment about my writing background, you may want to read a lot more than a few minutes searching my name on the sleazy and contemptible Google. Much if not most all my targeted writing has been eliminated from Google's search long ago. I have been censored at every level. You stated that you found nothing of me writing against Communism, and I have written against not only Communism, but every other ism, and against the the evil and major controllers of all that are the central banks and the large banking sector for over two decades.

I have never once been accused of being soft, of skirting issues, or of being afraid to name names and tell the truth. I have always been brutal in my approach to exposing the global plot to take over all of us. In fact, I have been cursed, chastised, threatened, and hated for being vicious in my writing.

I think this is a case of me not agreeing with your assessment that "only" Zionist "Jews" are the problem, and the rest of the world's ruling scum is not a risk. I am not afraid to call anybody or an entity out, but will not place "all" blame on one group called Zionists, knowing that they are obviously horrendous, but are not the only evil attempting to take over this earth.

I hope to hear from you again, and also hope to see my work on your site in the future, especially since Canadian readers are second only to the U.S. of my articles and blog.
My reply

"Your criticism relies only on the notion that Jews are the sole reason and entity responsible for all the world's ills, and that I do not agree with this belief."

Thanks Gary for mis-characterizing me

Clearly you have never read my work.  I always refer to "Jews and Freemasons" who are gentile Satanists and the instrument of the satanist Jewish central bankers. The central bankers are Cabalist Jews. They control money and gentiles with it. Also I make clear that it is satanist Jews who are the enemies of assimilated Jews like myself.  Why don't you do some research beginning with my site?  You ARE part of the problem Gary.


First Comment from NH-

Gary D. Barnett, Tim Geilen and are obviously - and it is painfully obvious - a mis-direction / disinformation node in the alternate media. They are even less than "limited hangout" quality... more like a slick, well funded propaganda front or trolling operation for somebody, maybe even CIA and/or Mossad (duh).

They conclude that big corporations run the world (primarily Vanguard, Blackrock/Blackstone and State Street), never once mentioning the elephant in the room - the Rothschild-led Jewish billionaires who also control most all of the non-Jewish billionaires, plus... control the most powerful entity in the world that can print money out of thin air i.e. the central banking system (notably the FED), and... control most governments (notably USA), and... control the think-tanks, and... control the big foundations, and... control the big lobbies (like AIPAC/ADL/SPLC, big Pharma and Chamber of Commerce), and... control the network of secret societies (like Freemasonry, B'nai B'rith, Skull&Bones and Chabad Lubavitch), and... control Hollywood/Bollywood, the music industry, Wall Street, Vanguard, Blackrock, State Street and almost anything and everything else worth controlling/owning in the entire world. In fact if the Jewish billionaires don't own or control it, it's because the don't want it right now or haven't quite gotten around to it yet.

And who's the most practised/accomplished troll in the entire world? Why it may be none other than Naftali Bennett himself - who actually rose up in the ranks as, among other things, a very learned propagandist ("troll chief" so to speak - and that's perhaps his main shtick).

Amber wrote-

Reading this article brought this one thing to mind by Henry David Thoreau:

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root."

You are at the right place with the exposure of the "Satanic Jewish Central Bankers" - and they need to be gone after with a laser focus from all directions and at all levels (to be worth our salt).  All our problems would then disappear as it includes world-wide poverty, racism and perpetual Wars.

Most of all, for the children's sake--tens of thousands of them  from everywhere--as they are kidnapped, tortured and ritually sacrificed to perpetuate the Satanic energy in our world, and also, before they destroy us all including our beautiful Planet, we need to hit it all harder and go to a new level by differentiating THEM--the Serpent race--from US--the Human race.

Surely it is not only easy to do but also the smart thing to do as the Bible tells us:  "By their fruits ye shall know them" - Matthew 7:16-18

Here's how it's all being pulled together to have an inroad into the collective consciousness where we must start making the differentiation at the root:

With the "Satanic Jewish Central Banksters" we have to know and recognize (the smart thing to do) that we are in a spiritual battle as Satan is named.  Through his minions and corporations on Earth (the soulless) they control and have colonized the whole Planet.  The rest have simply been indoctrinated into their Cult for the same material wealth, power and prestige not earned.  Remember when the Devil offered Jesus (our Lord and Savior) the world if he but sell his soul.  Same thing.

Yes, the Satanic Jewish Central Banksters the Serpent race, The ROOT OF ALL EVIL.  Money itself is simply a medium of exchange--and it is through that we can start the world over and get back to our true collective destiny as the HUMAN RACE.

GC wrote-

That Barnett is a perfect example of how Whites have been so programmed and brainwashed that for fear of being called anti-Semitic or racist they cannot logically or objectively deal with anything that involves Jews or Blacks. It is verboten in their minds to say anything critical of Jews or Blacks regardless of what it is. They have been lobotomized. As soon as they hear "Jews" or "Blacks " they screech "anti-semitism", "racism" and their brain seizes up. Quite pathetic, actually. Unless they overcome those two brain-blocks that have been implanted in them they are a lost cause and a waste of time.

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Comments for "Blind Leading the Blind: The Case of Gary D. Barnett"

V said (November 5, 2021):

Presume you knew of this speech of Putin's, but Jones here does a rather good review of it in context. We note that Putin is not the tyrant most believe. Russia is rather freer than the US & w/o forced vaxxes.

Barnett, like many, seeks to be careful about what he says re the Js. He knows they could hurt him & he posts all his stuff at Lew Rockwell. He may still advise some clients who are Js. The FBI is very on the anti-Semite canard, thanks to Trumpie. Plus, Israel scarfs up all our intel so watch lists are real. It's a tightrope for Goyim to walk.

Putin - "Bolsheviks are Now Destroying America"

Putin Bans Vaxx Mandates

Tim N said (November 5, 2021):

Hi Henry,

The same can be said for those who believe Roman Catholicism doesn't have a huge role.

Just as there were three states in Orwell's 1984, so it is in the world. All have city states with their own laws within other nations. Jesuits/Roman Catholicism (The Vatican), The City of London (Judaism/Zionism) and Freemasonry/Protestant Militarism (The District of Columbia)

Each play off each other and one joins against the other two. Then switch as needed.

If your alternative media doesn't acknowledge all three, it could be false opposition playing a role...sorry, but that has to include you too Henry regarding the Jesuits. (and the Bible is quite clear in Daniel 7 and Revelations that the anti-christ beast system is popery and Roman Catholicism. (the little horned power out of the 4th kingdom Rome, with "eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things.")

Fair enough
I have posted this more than once, and may do so again
and open to anything you want to contribute
Jesuits strike me as a part of the satanist conspiracy but Cabalist Jews are the driving force.

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