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Catherine Austin Fitts - The Sinister Agenda Behind Mandatory Injections

November 17, 2021

"The idea is you basically chip everybody, you put them on remote control through the cell tower system and instead of resonating with the divine, they resonate with a machine."

By Greg Hunter's

Former Assistant Secretary of Housing and publisher of "The Solari Report" Catherine Austin Fitts (CAF) says all that's happening now can be boiled down to one simple, but evil, concept.  CAF explains, "It's a war on God, and God is going to win."

Because America was set up with Biblical principles, it's also a war on America. 

Fitts says, "You see this in the founding documents that an individual's freedom is created by divine authority.   So, in the founding documents, our governor is God.  We are created by divine authority.  Our freedom comes by divine authority, but we are individual sovereigns.  We have the power to create sovereign governments and to end them if they stop serving us.  The model is very clear, and you and I have grown up with this model our whole life. 

"Now, we have a new model, and it's called transhumanism, and the idea is you basically chip everybody, you put them on remote control through the cell tower system and instead of resonating with the divine, they resonate with a machine."

Fitts goes on to say, "What we know is there is an enormous and powerful and forceful push to inject people with a mysterious substance or partial mysterious substance that we know, from the adverse events and deaths so far, is very dangerous.  So, we are politically trying to force people to play Russian roulette with poison, and the question is why?"

Could the reason for the deadly dangerous jabs be depopulation? 

Fitts says, "From where I sit, this has never been about health.  It's about re-engineering.  You had a financial coup for 20 years, and now you have to have a reset because all the retirement money has been essentially stolen.  I am grossly over simplifying, and now you have to reset and you are not going to tell people why you are doing what you are doing. 

"You need a way of marketing the reset. . . . Covid is a way of marketing the reset. . . .We have a very ugly re-engineering going on, which is making inequality go through the roof.  You also have now a growing number of highly intelligent experienced people who are starting to realize that this is a coup, and the people leading the coup are not to be followed or admired."

 "A financial system cannot operate without the rule of law, and these guys are planning on running this thing with the rule of force.  There is a lot of smart educated people looking at this and saying that we don't believe their plan will work.  So, we are in for a real food fight with the productive people and the people who would like to centralize control that are very unproductive. 

"This is the transhumanists verses the human productive.  It's a fight between the creepy and productive. . . .I think you are seeing a divide, and it's terrible and tragic.  It splits families.  It splits companies.  So many people want to stay in the middle of the road, and they don't realize the middle of the road is going away. . . . I have news for you.  It was clear they were going to liquidate the population through this process.  You need to sit down and get all the tools and information to radically strengthen your immune system and radically lower your toxicity levels."

CAF also says, "The health care system, which is fantastic at certain things, has become almost completely untrustworthy. . . .I agree with Dr. Kory, it's very dangerous to go to the hospital."

On the financial front, CAF is most worried about inflation and explains, "My big concern is inflation.  You have seen the central banks print tremendous amounts of money.  They have channeled that money to insiders.  They were using it to buy up the planet, and that game is going to get much worse with the climate change operation."

(There is much more in the nearly 40 min interview.)

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with the publisher of The Solari Report, Catherine Austin Fitts. (10.30.21)

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Comments for "Catherine Austin Fitts - The Sinister Agenda Behind Mandatory Injections"

Tony B said (November 17, 2021):

Because America was set up with Biblical principles, it's also a war on America."

This is at best a half truth. Biblical principles are not American protestant errors of whatever the individual misinterprets them to be, causing the necessary masonic "separation of church(es) and state," due to a never ending plurality of cults, each pretending to be the true religion of God. This constitutes an extremely weak, spiritual-less, forever infighting, group of essential know-nothings who are child's play for Satan's troops to overcome. Historically, protestantism has never presented much of a war opposing Satan.

The true force of the true God is only in the Church He created and even that Church, once the home of the true adoration of God, is now grossly subverted in its home base and most of its tabernacles world wide under the false name of "Novus Ordo" Catholicism. This "new order" being nothing more than the ancient dis-order of Satan, who has infiltrated God's Church through centuries of talmudic/masonic 5th columns, especially during "Satan's" 20th century of gross materialism, finally converting most of it into the sad worship of man, God's creation, as though man himself is God, with priests being reduced to church building "presidents," beholden to the whims of the Church Milquetoast which has replaced the priestly led Church Militant of God's worldly army. "Protestant false democracy" on steroids instead of Christ the King.

Unless enough people get back to obeying and loving true God as He established His order we are all in for a very rough time under Satan's rule of hate. Our chastisement is already here and is not pretty.

Reply from GC

To blame the state-of-the-world on Catholics that do not attend the traditional latin Mass is under-informed. When the Covid lockdown hit, I was a parishioner at a Latin Mass parish. They folded like a cheap suit and closed just like everybody else. I was greatly ticked. Masons delight in Catholics not attending Mass. I was and still am com-pletely convinced Masons orchestrated the entire debacle specifically to close down the Catholic churches (their arch enemy). I found a Catholic Church in my diocese that never closed during the entire lockdown. I went every single day. I totally thought they were open covertly and every day I went I expected the doors to be locked and boarded up or something.. It was a Novus Ordo parish church. In June after the lockdown started to ease, I asked the Pastor "how is it that all the other Catholic churches in our diocese were closed and yours was not?" His answer was: "I don't know. We got the same letter as all the other pastors from the Archbishop". He continued, to say: "The Archbishop told us we could close or stay open, it was our choice, so we asked each other (the 3 priests at the Church), you guys feel healthy? All 3 said yes." They opted to stay open. I went there every single day from March to June. Oh and the local FSSP Latin Mass parish I was a parishioner at? Closed during the entire lockdown except for Adoration via sign-up. And their pastor was just indicted last week fon extremely unsavory sins of the flesh charges which I believe are not true. But the point is that parish and their pastor have paid a huge price for taking their eye off the ball and letting the masons have their way.

We did not have the full Mass but 2x a day (noon and 2 PM) during the entire "lockdown" we had Stations, Divine Mercy Chaplet, Holy Communion, Adoration, Confession and other prayers out loud together.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at