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Sex Slave Exposes the Rot That Pervades Society

November 12, 2021

carter.jpgIn order to maintain their fraudulent money monopoly, the Rothschilds (Organized Jewry) have employed a network of satanists, perverts and criminals (Freemasons) whom they ultimately control through blackmail. 

In a 30-minute interview, Illuminati sex slave Ally Carter, 27, claims she was raped by Joe Biden, Barack Obama and many Hollywood celebrities. But she says this rot pervades Western society and includes police chiefs, cops, teachers and grave diggers. The people who sit next to you every day are complicit. "They're customers."

She describes being trafficked from age four by Child Protective Services to places ranging from seedy LA strip bars to Buckingham Palace. This rot explains why the West has folded like a cheap tent to Communism (Satanism.) She says there are millions of children like her, including many who are killed for their blood and organs. PS -- she says Michelle Obama is a man.

This is a must-listen interview.

by Mike Stone

Like me, you've probably never heard of Ally Carter, but you've certainly heard a lot about everything she has to say: Freemason cops, MK Ultra, underground tunnels, satanic ritual child abuse, Hollywood elites raping children, and it only goes on from there.

In this 25 minute long video, Carter, 27, tells Stew Peters about her time as a sex slave to the elite.

Of being transported via underground tunnels from Universal Studios and the Getty Museum in Los Angeles to parties where she met and "serviced" Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Steven Perry, John Travolta (I thought he was gay), Beyonce, and many others.

Donald Trump? Carter says Trump is the only celebrity/political figure she never saw. 

Child Protective Services? Carter says they do not protect children, they traffic them.

Carter does a lot of talking in this video. Stew does a lot of listening. Beginning at age 13, Carter's mother began trafficking her. To police chiefs, politicians and celebrities. Everyone she turned to for help--teachers, social workers, school counselors--told her to keep her mouth shut. Nobody cared and nobody came to her assistance.

"MK Ultra is real," Carter says.

Apparently, there are "millions" of more children just like her undergoing the same abuse. All those kids that go missing every year? This is where they end up. Some have their limbs chopped off to prevent them from running away. Others are murdered after being raped and then have their organs sold to hospitals. Still others have their blood drained, which Carter says is used as some sort of fountain of youth. 

That last bit I've heard before, but have never understood. If these child predators are using the blood of children or andrenochrome as some kind of youth serum, then why do they all look so old and ugly? Seriously, someone explain it to me, because it doesn't seem to be working.

sou-scaring.pngSome people say that consuming the pituitary gland of a young child results in hyper-pituitarism which causes bruising under the eye. If so, it might explain the mystery of the Black Eye Club.

As gruesome as it sounds, that certainly makes more sense than some of the other theories floating around about all the celebrities and elites we see sporting black eyes.

Carter corroborates what others have long said about child trafficking, underground tunnels and MK Ultra sex slaves. It is mind control programming. It is all about control. "It's like someone has the remote to someone's life."

Cathy O'Brien said much of the same in her book "Transformation of America", the most disturbing book I've ever read. But reading about it on the internet or in a book is quite different than hearing it straight from the mouth of someone who was actually trapped in that world.
Why didn't Carter tell the cops, you ask? She did, only in her words, "They're all complicit. They're all customers."

Though she does concede there are a few good cops and a few good social workers.
Carter says she has enough evidence to bring down all of the elites and their minions and send them all to prison for the rest of their lives, only no one will look at it or do anything about it.

In order to escape her situation, Carter says she did what she had to do, and doesn't elaborate. I can only imagine what that means.

I once heard Whoopi Goldberg of all people talking about how if the government can stop the importation of Cuban cigars, then they can stop anything. So why can't they stop the disappearance of thousands of children every year, or at least solve the crime of their kidnappings? Remember all those missing kids whose pictures used to be featured on milk cartons?

Remember Madeleine McCann?

In July of 2020, Carter detailed her experiences on Instagram. Instagram immediately shut down her account. As far as I know, Stew Peters is the first and only person to give Carter a platform.

What do you think? Is she telling the truth?

I believe her.
Mike Stone is the author of:
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He is also the author of Based, a young adult novel about race, dating and growing up in America, and A New America, the first novel of the Alt-Right, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles - - Available on Amazon.

-----------Carolyn Hamlett - Illuminati Pedophiles- A Victim's Memoir

First Comment from

Female Anon-long time reader

I have been following Ally Carter on internet back channels for a while --she has been posting videos when and where she can.  

I hadn't heard from Ally in a while and so I was very happy to see she was alive on the Stew Peter's Show
We have been all worried about Ally because --of course  They are trying to silence her.
But, now that Ally is getting more public--They just ignore her --like Cathy O'Brian --simply ignored.

I'm a surviver of generational Austrian aristocratic elite secret society child sexual abuse, physical abuse and torture meant to demonize and disassociate or split personalities  -- these are the same elements used more formally in MK Ultra programing.

Although I lived in a world of wealth and privilege via the aristocrat Austrian side of my family, the hidden horror underneath was that some (not every) of my male relatives abused me and other children in the family. I discovered two other female relatives, an aunt and cousin, who were also sexually abused and tortured as children. My cousin committed suicide.  They abused in the dark of the night or moments when no one was around. These seemingly kind, wonderful and religious, uncles, cousins, grandfather -etc., shifted and manifested demons and abused and tortured us.  

The victims either resisted the demonization -often becoming dissociated, depressed, suicidal and struggling to heal
or they became demonized and developed split personalities and then became deviants, smoking pot-then later harder drugs, having sex, becoming transexual/homosexual, lying cheating, stealing etc.

Similar to Ally, when I asked my older abused aunt what to do, should I go to the police ?   " No," my aunt said, "Don't go to any police because you don't know which one of them are abusers too.  The abuse is over now -- so just try to put it out of your mind and cope with it the best you can."

FYI Blood Drinking -- Mike Stone Asks:
"If these child predators are using the blood of children or andrenochrome as some kind of youth serum, then why do they all look so old and ugly? Seriously, someone explain it to me."  Yes, I will explain.

First, even if people like Ally witness the blood drinking --she does not necessarily have all the answers.  It's not about human youth and  longevity --Blood Drinking is nourishment for demons !  Blood drinking keeps the demons "young"  i.e strong.

In the upside down world of evil the "perverse reverse"  --the life is in the blood not for the humans but for the demons that are hosting in the bodies of the humans.  Humans actually get sick from the consumption of human blood--a disease called kuru. The human bodies do age and look horrible from the abuse the demons wreak havoc on their physical bodies. Demons don't sleep and they can make a human stay up 3 days straight -- it destroys the physical appearance of the human body.  However, at some point the demons have to "play ball" with their human host or they will kill it. And then they have the difficulty of finding another host. And every body full of demons has one leader.

The demons are energized and fortified by the tortured adrenalized blood of children.   The humans are pretty much gutted out and gone from the body by the time it gets to feasting on children's blood.  

The process to trick people into becoming reprobates, thus losing their soul, mind and  body is very sophisticated.   

It is small steps designed to slowly bring demons into their bodies.  "They" want to build a legion of demons to fully mind control and take over.  MK Ultra Programing is a demonization program. Mind control is done via demons.  Often " They"  first get the targeted host victim to become an atheist --on the outside the victim may fain being religious but inside the victim is becoming a hardened atheist.  

There are many steps and paths to open one to demons. One important part of the process is getting the victim to become vegetarians.  After years of vegetarianism "They" introduce a little blood in a ritual --that opens one to Blood Lust Demons and then the victim is overrun and taken over.  The victim is no longer human  -- the body is human but the mind and spirit is Legion.

Shout Out to Ally --Hey sister my prayers are with you. I hope we can meet one day.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Sex Slave Exposes the Rot That Pervades Society "

Wesley Everest said (November 14, 2021):

About the Ally Carter story and the entire story of children, underground tunnels across the continent, big name involvement, I thought the Franklin Scandal set the tone, yet absolutely nothing happened legally and no one was apprehended, basically, for the crimes committed.. Patsies took a hit, some suspicious suicides like Spense, but that could have been staged. I don't know where I stand when victims speak out. Proof. Put it in my hand. Even Lewinsky saved that blue dress and the DNA on it.

I'm later in life now and I trust my life's journey experience. I have not met a family who has simply lost a child, by that I mean didn't show up for dinner, besides tragedy, of course. The numbers stated by these 'experts' (who often than not are the smugglers themselves) say, what, 50,000 children just disappear from schoolyard playgrounds every year? It very well may happen (blame the Gypsies) and I mean no insult to traumatized parents who might have experienced this happen. I have lived a full engaging life and I never had family, friends, acquaintances as far as I know, or a stranger out of the blue saying "My kid was snatched."

I'm not wiping the slate clean on any of this Satanic activity. I don't know how the magnificent storylines can occur unless I'm the only one who isn't in on it.
I'm leaning more to Drew than Ms. Anon. Lots of stories out there.

A real demonic stink was fencing the Capital with troops for so long under no real threat. Something was going on inside we weren't supposed to see.

First snow today. Blessed, again. Best wishes. Breathe deep, slow and long.

AL said (November 14, 2021):

I'm at my wits end with all the Trump-tards and Trumpanzees. Even Ally Carter seems to put Trump on some kind of pedestal; If Trump never raped her, it doesn't mean that he wasn't a rapist; All that means is Trump doesn't like dark meat; He strictly eats Slavic food.

It's known Trump raped at least one underage virgin(Katie Johnson) offered by fellow satanists - Epstein and Maxwell, yet the Trumpanzees still worship him like a god.

(Rapist Trump 18min34sec in)

Trump tried in vain to provoke World War 3 on Jan 3rd.2020 when he murdered the Iranian Rock Star like General Qassem Soleimani, yet the Trump-tards still love him.

Trump then put the Plandemic hoax in full swing via a state of emergency on Friday the 13th of March then later pushed the "Operation Warp Speed" deadly bioweapon shot for the general public and the Trumpanzees still worship him.

Trump should give up politics and start his own religion - The Church of Trump.

Drew said (November 13, 2021):

Take another look at Alley Carter and tell me why the most wealthiest men on the planet would want to have sex with her or even a younger version of her? I don't believe any of the pedophile ring stories especially the Epstein charade. Mike Stone needs to sell his books so these stories are there for fear mongering and to keep the public's eyes off the real verifiable bad news which is the robbery of the Treasury and the damage caused by the vaccines.

Wealthy men at the top of the pyramid have the creme de la creme of women to choose from. There are billions of beautiful young women that are very willing and eager to be escorts and prostitutes. Legal ages of consent vary in different States and Countries and some start at 14 which is considered statutory rape in other area. They know where to go where sex with young women is legal. They do not need to break any laws or force anyone to perform sex acts.

There are child molesters out there but I have never seen any evidence of organized pedophile rings, and nobody has ever been able to actually prove it will REAL evidence, it's all on the television or internet news. Pedo Panic comes right of Langley via the alphabet agencies and local law enforcement agencies to fuel Operation Chaos. For them keeping the masses in fear is job # 1.


Reply from Anon

Drew does not get it, his comment: "Wealthy men at the top of the pyramid have the creme de la creme of women. There are billions of beautiful young women that are very willing and eager to be escorts and prostitutes.”

These men would not be caught dead in public with a child sex trafficked victim nor do they want a corrupted child prostitute.
“Beauty” is not that important to them —its youth and innocence. It's destroying the soul and spirit of one of God’s children.
And Oh, Yes, they love black little girls.

Drew=Shill for the pedos

Ed said (November 13, 2021):

Hi Henry, like Mike i totally believe her exposé on it all...

Your readers may want to know of David Icke's 2 hour interview with Arizona Wilder that opened up alot of the 'blood sucking' illuminati and what's behind it all....

I'll refrain from all comments to allow people to decide for themselves as we look deeper and deeper behind the curtain to what was hidden by smoke and mirrors BUT is now coming to light...

Keep on bringing the Light where Dark-Satan Evil tries to remain hidden...

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