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The "Plan" -- Overthrow All National Governments (Encore)

November 21, 2021

mad-max-3.jpg(The "Plan" is for the betrayed vaccinated to revolt and create a state of anarchy, such as seen in the Mad Max movies, left. The global government will save the day.)

Latest! "We'll Never Give Up" - Protests Erupt Across World Over Gov't COVID Tyranny

A billionaire in NZ supposedly leaked this info to a service provider he befriended.

"The tables turn on the vaccine narrative. I was told in time the vaccine will increase infection and increase death. That billions will die, and the people will be enraged and burn their governments to the ground. Their leaders, scientists and media will be torched, hunted and hung in the streets. BOTH sides will burn their governments to the ground. The pro-vax side, completely betrayed and dying will rage.. the non-vax side will rage for what their gov allowed to happen."
The people promoting the vax will take the fall. That's why they are so disposable. Biden is almost dead. Fidelito is a twit.

The damage timeline for the mRNA vaccines is 2-3 years. The mRNA uptake "has exceeded their wildest expectations."

In the wake of anarchy, a new global government will emerge as "the great saviour."

Is this why some prominent anti vaxers belong to a Masonic organization?  They believe in telling us in advance what they're going to do. Are these some of the people the billionaire says they "recruited?" Is this why Twitter now allows anti-vaccine info to circulate?

Disclaimer- Obviously I don't know if this worst case scenario will play out. I certainly hope it doesn't. But we should be mindful of it. I am re-posting this and other key articles often because these days people have short attention spans and even shorter memories.

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From Nov 7
The "Plan" -- As Billions Die, the Vaccine Narrative Will Flip (Encore)
Source- Reddit Conspiracy

I will not tell you who, or why. Let's just say I spent days with this person and they have a bolthole in NZ. It's the first time I've ever 'hung out' with a known, high net worth individual (billions). It was a chance encounter after doing some work for them in Queenstown. Dinner, drinks were had, and discussions took place. I was invited to hang at their place for the weekend. I am posting this now after processing it.

They were loose lipped and open with me but did say if mention these things, that 'we never met'. But laughed and said no one would believe it anyway, so 'have fun', just keep their identity out of it.

They said we have nothing to worry about here, so in-spite of what they told me, he told me to consider myself one of the luckiest humans alive to be in NZ right now.

They asked if I took the vax, and were relieved when I said no. They said kiwis would get the antidote anyway but some will not make it to that point. After all, someone had to run things here 'for them'.

Initially asked what they thought the 'end game' was for all this covid stuff, They asked me what I thought it was, with great interest, but I wasn't close.

They basically said this..

-a plan was devised many years ago, and for many years that is all it was, a plan. They had to wait many years for the technologies available to make the plan viable. And to recruit the appropriate individuals.

-This is definitely about a new global government being put in place (details will continue)

-This new global government is already in place operating for years in complete secrecy, waiting on the sidelines, moving the chess pieces.

-The new government required some of the top minds on the planet, almost all of them came on board of their own free will and with a full belief in the cause of a new world government. In their view they are brute force saving humanity at all costs. I was told those who refused were dealt to, but in most cases, they would bring the person to the wider group and through discussions, they were convinced and became committed to the cause. Most times, these 'minds' were applying for fake jobs and going through psych evals etc as a first step.

-This plan is ongoing and the most complex global chain of events ever put into motion.

THE PLAN is essentially to turn every citizen of every country, violently against their own government. How they are doing this is pure genius and pure evil.

To achieve this plan, my chance encounter asked how would I do it? How would you turn every citizen of every country against their own government? I really have no idea. So they laid out the basics for me.

-There must be a global engineered 'sickness'

-There must be mass fear, panic and paranoia

-Leaders, Scientists and Media must converge on consensus of a treatment

-that treatment would be essentially handed to them without them even realizing it

-Initially, there can only be few 'sanctioned' treatments, all other treatments must be deemed 'dangerous, unsafe and banned'

-Leaders, Scientists and Media are manipulated, to believe this treatment' is the only option, the only way to keep you and your family safe.

-Leaders, Scientists and Media in a sense, give you their word that this treatment is safe and effective

-Children were also targeted to inflict maximum pain and anger when it goes bad.

I found this part interesting. Our leaders, scientists and media are NOT complicit in this plan or actually part of this plan in any way. NONE of them, not even Fauci. They are mere fodder to these elites, serving a purpose then will be "discarded" or "'fed to the angry" ! They have been played.

-The few outliers who question the 'treatment' are discredited in a variety of ways and censored

-Sanctioned 'treatments' are biologics/poison that takes 2-3 years to be fully realized.

-mRNA was the advanced technology they were waiting for.

-Public messaging ensures people beg for the 'treatment' and line up for it.

We could say, the plan is well underway at this point and so far hugely successful. The mRNA uptake has been huge and the people all believe the 'treatment' is the only way back to normality.

I was told it has exceeded their wildest expectations!


This is where the final plan executes.

The tables turn on the vaccine narrative. I was told in time the vaccine will increase infection and increase death. That billions will die, and the people will be enraged and burn their governments to the ground. Their leaders, scientists and media will be torched, hunted and hung in the streets. BOTH sides will burn their governments to the ground. The pro-vax side, completely betrayed and dying will rage.. the non-vax side will rage for what their gov allowed to happen.

I was also told when this happens think "Mad Max" for a while, but think of NZ "Elysium". There are a few designated zones like AZ, but due to geography and infrastructure NZ is known as Zone 1. Once the masses are free of government and all those who 'betrayed' them, and they have suffered enough. This is when the new global government will emerge as the great saviour. It will be an '"easy sell" I am told.

This was my brain dump. I probably left out quite a bit. They waxed on about this but somewhat ignored direct questions.

They said they liked me and want me around when the dust settles, that I was hugely useful to them.

I dunno, part of me just thinks they were f'ing with me. I do feel better about being where I am right now.


First Comment from Tony B

The above cleverly released plan for our future on earth is likely close to what Satan and his followers have in mind.

However, there is absolutely no need for it to be the plotted outcome at all.  Part of the release of that plan is to PREVENT right thinking of those of us opposed.  After all, the total destruction of the world's cultures and economies is also a wonderful opportunity for those desiring PROPER ORDER ON EARTH to accomplish exactly that, against the nefarious plot of the tiny minority which hopes to retain control of us all by planting such "nothing we can do to stop it" thoughts into our heads.

IF, a huge IF, enough people wake up to the simple fact that most all of us living today have succumbed to the 20th century (and continuing) wiles of the devil, we have a great chance to reestablish true and wonderful life as God created it; replacement of today's man created (with Satan) hell in drag.

Those of true knowledge have rightly called the 20th century "Satan's century," as he has been given that whole, massively materialistic century to mislead us all (see the 1884 vision of Pope Leo XIII) into the bodily ease and short-sighted enjoyment of every sort of worldly disorder, many of us still pretending to be Christians while living totally pagan lives.

Satan has a long habit of discounting the power of God, his and our creator, who could turn all events on earth 180 degrees in a mili-second if He so chose.  We have no idea of what reparation or chastisement God may desire from us in rebuilding the earth's systems properly but we do know that His desire for humanity is that all souls possible be saved from an eternity of the agony of hell, the opposite of which is ALWAYS the final end of every plan of the devil.

We have every chance of success at creating a worthwhile life for all, both worldly and supernaturally, as we outnumber by at least multi-millions those doing today's contrived destruction of normal life.  Just the establishment of honest money (rejecting the Bill Gates' digital total control of each human) in each nation would be instead the end of all their worldly power and that would simply be a start.

However, a true return to God and His rule is the first and the absolute necessity for any lasting success.

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Comments for "The "Plan" -- Overthrow All National Governments (Encore)"

BL said (November 22, 2021):

This doesn't sound credible to me. Most of the vaxed lean liberal (Republicans and Democrats) and the conservatives that resisted it are unlikely to rise up against government on behalf of fallen liberals. The only thing that makes sense to me is a silent global war against liberal populations. Liberals already support global government, so why would the elite take out their own and leave the population resistant to their plans?


Thanks Bill

Thanks Bruce

if people are dying in droves, liberals and conservatives will think as one

Satanists destroy their adherents.

Order out of Chaos is their credo.


EB said (November 22, 2021):

"The Plan"
If a number of nations on the European continent were to revolt martial law will be declared. Two years ago, we started heading into the direction of martial law. Globally. So who are cleverly going to revolt or by what brute force? All nations are run by local gangs who are controlled by freemasonry and serve the same masters as we have seen. The agenda was to wipe out Christians, Moslims and Jews, annihilating them by setting them against each other by way of war.
What I observe here in the Netherlands is that the present riots 'caused' the Police to open fire on the public because the FD could otherwise not extinguish a fire in an appartment building and.. some officers, whose cars were set on fire, felt threatened by the public who were armed with sticks and stones. Now the Police say they are exhausted by only 3 nights of turmoil and facing months of exhaustive overtime, paving the way for martial law. Step by step. If there ever is to be a revolt this must come from the militairy/navy by abandoning their masters. Maybe that will be the trigger for WWIII.

T said (October 26, 2021):

In short :
1/ "Spike is the killer protein." and labs know it since 20 years at least
2/ Labs ingenuinely chose to focus on spike to engineer the vaxx, and to transform bobies in Spike factory (the worst solution at all) : no inactivated virus but spike factory
3/ This strategy will cause massive depopulation (diseases, cancer, decreased fertility, etc...)
4/ This strategy will serve the Great Reset by creating Chaos (Naomi Klein) : bankrupt, nation failure,
5/ Govs will (eventually) present themselves as savors at the right time to implement their New World Orde

CN said (October 26, 2021):

Interesting one! As always though its what's not said that is more interesting. But let me start by saying that the statement that vaccine uptake was greater than their wildest dreams is probably a blatant lie, at least where America is concerned and that's their main obstacle toward world govt.

The statement that the vaxxed will be the ones to rise up and destroy their governments is what I find of great interest. Why the vaxxed and not the unvaxxed? The unvaxxed are the ones who have been being discriminated against.

Could it be something to do with the vax that causes them to become enraged? Maybe something having to do with 5G?

When I was a kid a zombie was a lone creature that rose from the grave at the request of a witchdoctor, but sometime during the '90's it changed and zombies became this hoard of raging hungry beings.

I've seen documents from various govt agencies as well as U.S. militaries talking about zombie preparedness and not from a sarcastic point of view. So I've been watching for as long as a couple decades for what is going to turn people into zombies and I think we are just about there.

JB said (October 25, 2021):

I have thought about this scenario before, it's hard to tell if it's really a leak. If I can come up with that anyone could.
But from my point of view it is the most probable scenario. Second Seal in Revelation : "Its rider was permitted to take peace from the earth, so that people should slay one another, and he was given a great sword." Add to that the fact they can remotely make people go into uncontrollable rage using their magnetic vax, just as the CIA did back in the day with brain implants.

"There is an antidote which only a few will get. They will still need people to serve them" -> This is a flawless method of forcing people to take the mark of the beast and getting rid of the rest.
Dr. Tom Horn has said he believes the mark of the beast will be a cure to some pandemic containing Nephilim/Anti-Christ DNA or something like that. Those who take such a mark may no longer be considered human, they lose their soul and can no longer be saved.

David said (October 25, 2021):

The reddit post in your article today certainly has a ring of truth to it. The idea that the tables will turn and the betrayal become obvious even to the asleep vaxxed is consistent with the script as laid out in Event 201 where eventually the deaths and adverse reactions become too much to ignore and the public demands answers. Near the end (2028-2030 or so in the scenario I think) there is a major backlash and reckoning.

We know they script this stuff out. And it makes sense: the world government is already in place, but in order for it to be officially recognized and completely legit out in the open running things, this is only possible if the several govrrnments of the nations of the world are first delegitamized in the eyes of the people.

I would say this is another scenario we should prepare for.

CR said (October 25, 2021):

With supply chain shortages, massive inflation, healthcare on track to collapse with all the firings over vaccine mandates, and the fact that the vaccines aren't effective, have serious side effects, and will require endless boosters, it's only a matter of time before the majority of people get totally fed up with our political leaders and public health bureaucrats.

It looks like the system has set itself up to collapse, and if that is the case then you can be sure there are people positioned to take control when that happens.

I agree with Mike Stone, in many places there won't be any sort of mass violent uprising because most people are too weak and scared already. But in other places there is a strong chance of that happening.

Doug P said (October 25, 2021):

In broad strokes, I believe the article - we are in a once- in-2000-years event. No one is going to want these Luciferians around after the show. They are arrogant, greedy, manipulative, and not in any way limited by a rational sense of right and wrong.

There is no reason to think this billionaire has been told the truth. He has been told what he needs to hear - anything related to truth is just coincidental. The only ones who need to know are the Luciferians directing some aspects of this. Perhaps not even Gates knows the truth. Not all Generals know all Pentagon secrets. I do not believe they will ever give up control.

I'm convinced it's a mass suicide for all, a new Humanity 2,0 will emerge from some secret place (Antarctica) when we are all dead. I think it's a Noah's Ark event. Humanity 2.0 will be the best of us, and probably most will be chained to a microscope. They will be under a control that they could not imagine. One thing for sure ,a man behind a curtain will be God.

Tom said (October 25, 2021):

Re the New Zealand man with the connection to an elitist and "being in the right place," NZ will experience horrific earthquakes and tsunami's in this, the final judgment. But then, that goes for
pretty much the entire world.

Their plans and machinations are useless to them. Most of the elitists will die off, as well.

K said (October 25, 2021):

After reading this article I can confirm, that some of its contents does match up to what's being written in the SPARS 2025-2028 paper. The 89 page document from John Hopkins, which Alex Jones covered is extremely revealing. I would definitely recommend that all of your readers look at this document, as the parallels are extremely accurate.

Mike Stone said (October 25, 2021):

Interesting article, but I don't see how anyone is going to rise up against the government when we just witnessed upwards of 70% of the population folding like cheap tents and donning submission diapers.

Who's going to do the rising when people are afraid to walk down the sidewalk without a mask on? Where I live, people duck and run for cover if they see someone without a mask headed their way.

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