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Ex-Model Incarcerated for Exposing Illuminati Child Sacrifice

December 13, 2021


Nathalie Augustina, left, was a Dutch-based supermodel in the 1980's.
She was confined to a mental hospital for revealing Illuminati depravity in her book,
Nathalie-The Dark Side of the Fashion Industry: Monarch Mind Control,
Slavery and Sexual Abuse reviewed below. Today, at age 59, she is living in hiding but vows:

"One thing, is that I hope is that  I will be able to confront Keanu Reeves in public. He is my enemy and I will let everybody know what he did and who he is for real. If there is a god this will happen. If not I will get him as of 2-2-2022 the moment the portals open. Nobody Rapes me."

by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

Nathalie Augustina was a MK-Ultra mind-controlled fashion model and sex slave who serviced politicians as a reward for their services to the super-rich Satanists that control the world. Her mind was compartmentalized by trauma as a young child and her sexual services were performed by another "alter." She had no recollection of them, yet it was obvious that she had been used. She became pregnant twice without recollecting intercourse.  She was offered millions of dollars for a baby but chose to abort them instead. She also had other psychic powers and functions in the netherworld of the CIA and Satanist elite. 

The Illuminati depravity she exposes is consistent with Dutch banker Ronald Bernard's revelations. The super-rich and royalty belong to a Satanist cult and engage in pedophilia, child and baby torture and murder, and cannibalism on a routine basis. Police and military intelligence enable these crimes and cover them up. Whistleblowers are murdered or confined to a mental hospital, in Nathalie's case, Amsterdam's Mentrum Psychiatric Hospital, left. 

In the past, she was confined for two months in an isolation cell by "Dutch counterintelligence." They tied her naked to a chair and quizzed her about "codes" which her normal personality cannot access. Then they took her to Mentrum where she was stripped naked and medicated. 

Her book was mid-wived by Robin de Ruiter, author of The 13 Satanic Bloodlines: Paving the Road to Hell.  His Introduction provides an explanation of MK-Ultra brainwashing and how top modelling agencies are basically brothels. Bookers are pimps. Models who resist are disappeared. Here is a recent case. 

Nathalie says that most 1980's top models traded sex for fame and fortune.  She claims she was drugged and raped by the actor Keanu Reeves. "Most movie stars are not only Monarch slaves, many are also slave-handlers; all live a double life." (205)

Pedophile billionaire would fly world famous men to his "orgy island" where they would have sex with underage girls who were drugged. "Flight logs [include] Prince Albert, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump...the ultimate purpose: blackmail." (63)

Nathalie was present at events attended by David Rockefeller and members of the Rothschild family. "All of a sudden there was a bit of a commotion...A very old lady...came in and everybody made way for her. She looked like she was hundreds of years old. ...Bodyguards helped her to walk straight. She was covered with jewels...She came up to me and stroked my arm. "I am honored to meet you. You have beautiful skin." (126)

Apparently, people who have everything seek the one thing they cannot have. 

She retired from modelling in the 1990's and became an anti-pedophile researcher and activist. " I discovered that incest was gigantic and rapists of children were hardly ever punished in the Netherlands....the Dutch system was protecting these monsters...I was looking at the makings of a pedophile society." (152)

"In 2018 the European Union prepared far-reaching plans to legalize and normalize pedophilia and the decriminalize sex with children across Europe. The principle of a minimum age has been abandoned already by several European countries. In these countries, adults are allowed to have sex with children of any age. They will not be prosecuted for rape if the child victim is unable to prove " threat, violence, duress or surprise." (204) 

As you can see, humanity is partly ruled by its most depraved elements who are inducting us into their satanic cult, the better to exploit us. 
Nathalie Augustina is a courageous woman. But in today's world she is unlikely to get justice.

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Comments for "Ex-Model Incarcerated for Exposing Illuminati Child Sacrifice"

AZ said (September 3, 2018):

For many years, while I was working for the then well known Dutch alternative news website Argusoog and Argusoog Radio, I committed myself to the exposure of the higher class pedophiles in The Netherlands and their international network. At that time the highest boss on the Ministry of Justice Secretary-General Joris Demmink, who had been convicted of pedophilia crimes himself already since the end of the eighties, was the Godfather of the network in The Netherlands. Although his convictions were well known by the authorities who granted him his high position in November 2002, he still could fulfill this job until November 2012.

So for ten years he could protect all the pedophilia criminals and keep on having his own lust full fun within those circles. Here are some links to background information.

Eric B said (September 2, 2018):

Just did some quick additional research. Apparently the Dutch are big distributors and producers of child porn. Also saw huge Hague report on Child Porn/human trafficking. In many instances, the "investigators" are in bed(no pun intended) with the guilty parties and are simply there to intercept those who would want to put a stop to it.

Tony B said (September 2, 2018):

It is mystifying to me how people can be so utterly shocked by these revelations and yet accept MOTHERS MURDERING THEIR VERY OWN CHILDREN BEFORE THEY CAN EVER TAKE A BREATH OF AIR as "a woman's right." Only if the mother killed herself instead of the baby, which is A BRAND NEW SOUL CREATED BY GOD, could you possibly label that "a woman's right." But even then, it's not proper, as every soul, every body, is created through God and He is the owner of all of us. We are all God's property, we have not the right to destroy His property.

Abortion, which is usually mothers, who were meant to be the seat of mercy, callously murdering their children for reasons of convenience, worldwide, has already destroyed more human beings than all wars, all natural disasters, all anything ever in history. If you include "birth control," which in reality is no different, the numbers are simply staggering. And people have the gall of calling their particular nation "God's country."

Brendon O'Connell said (September 2, 2018):

Satanism and child sacrifice may be true on one level - obviously - but in getting caught up in the horror movie aspect of it all we miss the greatest child and adult sacrifice in recent history - Iraq and Syria, closely followed by Afghanistan and the long-term sacrifice of Africa - kept in perpetual chaos by those same European elite. How many millions are dead?

Sacrificed on the infantile alter of drugged up perpetually depressed and soul'less wealthy elite - or sacrificed at the hands of the US military controlled by Israeli Firsters in the US state department and Oval Office...I think we miss what is most important.

I wonder if the fact we see "elite pedophile" rings in the news might indicate that's where Israel and "the elite" want the the public eye. To keep their army inline ("you're next on the TV!"), to distract us from the mundane slaughter of brown people in the Middle East at the alter of Kissinger era "real politik"?

Just sayin.



This is a revelation of their character not an either-or
situation, and neither should be minimized.


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