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"Jacob R"--Expect A More Virulent Omicron Variant to Murder the "Unwanted"

December 31, 2021

Jacob-Rothschild1--768x512.jpgI have just received a missive from "Fred B" the Canadian who was posing as Jacob Rothschild. (Same email address) Egg-all-over-my face, but I don't mind being wrong. I wish I were wrong about everything. "Fred B" is brilliant. Everything he said in his "JR" pose could indeed have been uttered by Jacob Rothschild himself. His latest prediction:

"They will now introduce another more very lethal virus to target the frail ones in our nations in order to cause far more extensive causalities and fear, to impose further restrictions on our basic rights for their resets and agendas, and also to force everyone into their biological, psychological, and technocratic vaccine-control programs." 

Act II- The Real Killer Virus
by "Fred B"
(abridged by

Behind the noise there appears to be a well-planned narrative and a script which in lockstep unison all of our governments are following.

In such a performance with live ammunition, the next Act may be that billions of real people will die.
This massive deception and contrived pandemic perils clearly are not over. The evidence since March 2020 shows that none of the pandemic measures were justified or necessary to make people "safe" from the Covid-19 bio weapon used to start and sustain the pandemic. No, not one measure was necessary- not the unprecedented lockdowns, the social distancing, the uncountable masks, the billions of litres of disinfectants and hand lotions, or the vaccines. The actual threat from the virus (a US engineered Corona virus) did not warrant any of these extremes. All of the measures have been totally out of proportion with the facts.

We have been subject to a long-term and meticulously planned operation where the Covid pandemic and the vaccines have been used as control measures, or "pretexts" as Archbishop Vigano has said, for ushering in the UN Agendas or WEF economic and technological resets.

If that is the case then it is highly doubtful that... they have any intention to bring the "emergency conditions" justifying all of their restrictions and mandates to an end.  


We can only muse what fatal plague will next sweep down upon us to...sustain all of the control measures in order to carry out the plans of the gods who rule over us. 

How can we more accurately deduce...what likely is planned for us next? We have to connect the links from what we know:

1. We first have to accept the fact that the only power on earth which could pull off such a universal pandemic fraud is one with an unlimited money supply.
2. We then have to ask what exact money power is standing behind all of our governments on one hand deliberately to stall our economies and on the other hand to ensure there is an unlimited supply of fiat to sustain the essential needs of the people for the duration.
3. No government on the face of the earth would carry on with the pandemic measures unless fully financially backed.  
4. Those of us who were awake in March 2020 were aware of facts showing that it is mainly the IMF and the World Bank bankrolling the entire show. ...
7. Even without following the money to the source behind the credit, it is highly doubtful that anything on such as scale as the Covid plandemic could ever get off of the ground without that octopus brain and controlling tentacles of the Rothschild banking dynasty which covers the globe.   
8. Both the Rothschild banking dynasty and the lesser Rockefeller dynasty have been the principal backers of the planned UN Agendas and the WEF Great Reset.
zombie-stare.jpg9. The planning evidence behind the Covid pandemic is as sound and as irrefutable as the fact that the Covid-19 virus is a US bio weapon. However, few people these days really care about it, or about any source issues, or about causation, or even about actual motives. The deductions are just too tedious for them - too many dots for them to connect. For many, getting to the root of things like this causes them too much cognitive dissonance regarding their loyalties or comfortable belief, and for most, they avoid such controversies as they tend to live more in fear of losing their jobs or some other form of security. ...

14. They have been at this for a very long time now. There is not one major government, political party, corporation, university, or church which has not been co opted over the past 50 years with uncountable people recruited, educated, funded, groomed and appointed to take over key positions of decision-making power, and there are countless other influential people in and out of all of these major institutions who have been induced or coerced into compliance.

15. The reason why stealth and fear are used to achieve their ends is that the controllers ... know full well if they were to disclose their plans they could never obtain compliance or consent from the people. The implications of their plans are that extreme.

16.... They want to be able to select us not just for various jobs and positions regarding what they deem as "essential", nor even for better control over our behavior, but more importantly, their plans are all geared to control who and what we are, our very natures - who is to exist , in what form, and for what purpose .

17.  The thinking of these people is the same of the "brave" people in their ranks who were recruited at the first-year level in many universities in the past, based on their positive reaction in reading Huxley's Brave New World. 

18. Everything over the past 60 years has been geared by that "top-down" order in "getting rid of" the unwanted.

19. There are few people in any influential position in any major institutions who disagree with finding ways to eliminate those deemed non-essential or unwanted.  

20. To facilitate their long-range plans, the laws and safeguards to protect the vulnerable and unwanted have been systematically relaxed and in many cases completely discarded. ...

26. With the dissipation and the disappearance of the Covid virus then the alleged "pandemic emergency conditions" should also disappear, and there should be no pretext left for any continued Covid vaccinations or vaccine passports.   That is not what we are seeing.

28. All indications are that the planning authorities and our governments are using the Omicron virus to continue with the pandemic conditions and most likely with the purpose of introducing another vaccine to carry on with their coercive vaccine programs. 

33. If mandatory gene altering vaccines or any vaccines are essential to all of these one-world-order control plans over us, then it is clear that in the ensuing weeks there will be news that Omicron has naturally mutated into a new variant, threatening to kill droves of vulnerable people everywhere.

34. Of course, the new variant "Omicron #2", or whatever they are to call it, will be just one more bio weapon flu virus from the arsenal of bio weapon viruses from the thousands and thousands of quite heinous and legal gain-of-function experiments carried out on a host of Corona viruses over the past 25 years.

34. Such a scenario of releasing another Omicron "variant" would be in keeping with their now-established precedent that Covid virus allegedly naturally mutated to Alpha and Delta variants over the past 15 months.
35. In my province (BC) and in other localities, hospital wards are now being made ready for the alleged new wave of Omicron. Why is this?

36. If there is no new wave of anything serious, then there is no basis for any more such pandemic preparations or forced vaccine programs. 

39. However, if a much more lethal variant of Omicron bioweapon virus is introduced onto the world stage at this time, one more lethal than the Covid one, then all of the Covid measures and infrastructure  in place, and all the pandemic practice and protocols would look like a godsend, and no one could very well blame any government, media, or establishment figures for the excesses and harms they perpetuated during the Covid pandemic. The planners have obviously thought of this.

42. The mRNA vaccines turned out not to be very effective or specific to the Covid virus. Why the booster vaccines if the Covid virus is so much on the wane? What are the vaccines really specific to? Why the new testing method to replace the false-positive PCR testing? Why the clearing out of hospital wards and announced suspension of all "elective" medical procedures?

43. Are the vaccinated or the unvaccinated going to be more or less vulnerable if such an Omicron bioweapon variant is released?

44. Surely, something wicked this way comes.

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Comments for ""Jacob R"--Expect A More Virulent Omicron Variant to Murder the "Unwanted""

Peter said (January 2, 2022):

The thing with Fred B is, he has absolutely no clue.

He writes:

The actual threat from the virus (a US engineered Corona virus) did not warrant any of these extremes. All of the measures have been totally out of proportion with the facts.

That's bullshit. There is no virus, so there are no obviously also no variants/mutations.

All of the measures have not been totally out of proportion with the facts, they were and are totally unnecessary as there was never a pandemic.

Read the the publications of Dr. Stefan Lanka ( ) and watch his videos to come into the reality.

It is super important to pull the rug out from under the feet of criminal governments around the world: NO VIRUS, NO PANDEMIC! THEY ARE MASSMURDERER, ALL OF THEM!

Watch TRUST ULTRA TRUST NAOMI - and all the other spacebusters videos:


Peter (

CI said (January 1, 2022):

As we’ve learned the “viruses” are duds. The real meat of the matter is the jabs and other ‘treatments.’ They use the fake news to drive people into the clinics for subsequent death shots. Outside of that, normal healthy people and those of us who could care less about jabs, masks, and social distancing, and largely don’t care about any bugs floating around.

The New World Order is setting themselves up for a huge disappointment with all this. All they’re accomplishing is injecting the same suckers over and over. There rest of us couldn’t be bothered.

David M said (December 31, 2021):

Fred makes some good observations, and he is correct that as viruses mutate, they tend to become less infectious. One central theme where I think he is off the mark is this idea of covid as a bio weapon.

All the evidence indicates the virus does not exist, at least not in the way it has been presented. David Icke has never been contradicted on this, as FDA admits it never isolated the virus. This is self-evident in the recall of the PCR test by the CDC, as Fred himself seems to acknowledge.

Therefore, Delta and Omicron have never been isolated either. These scarients were merely rolled out to refuel the hysteria at critical moments.

In all likelihood the Dark Winter we have entered is the result of the ADE and other vaccine effects starting to kick in, as long predicted by Dr. Tenpenny and others.

See Mike Adams recent report about 25,000 deaths per week already likely happening. The hospitals are not clearing out in anticipation for a new, more deadly scarient. They are already overwhelmed with the vaccinated, as shown in the latest figures out of Germany and the UK.

That is why the hospitals here in the US that just fired their unvaccinated staff are begging them to return; they are already experiencing the death wave!

In conclusion, the coming death wave will be blamed on a new deadly varient, which will in turn be blamed on the unvaccinated. However, it will be caused by the true bioweapon: the vaccine. Of course, I would not be surprised if the PTB at the same time intentionally release a real deadly virus, such as smallpox, to move things along a little more efficiently, as the now primed immuno-compromised vaccinated would drop like flies.

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