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Makow -- Covid Unites Humanity Against Its Common Enemy

December 11, 2021

ok-with-that.jpeg(A word of appreciation)

The enemy is not racial or sexual minorities or Liberal dupes. The central bankers organize and fund them to undermine society.  The enemy is the central banking cartel and its agents - Freemasonry and Organized Jewry, including Communism and Zionism.

by Henry Makow PhD

Will covid bring us together or drive us apart?

It can bring us together because it has exposed our common enemy -- the satanist Masonic-Jewish world banking cartel.

The covid psy-op has destroyed the matrix in which we have lived for our whole lives.

The banking cartel has bribed everyone promoting this scam to betray the public trust.

All social institutions have been discredited. Especially government, medicine, the mass media, entertainment, the justice system and law enforcement, the church and the military.

The enemy is not racial or sexual minorities or Liberal dupes. The central bankers organize and fund them to undermine society.  The enemy is the central banking cartel and its agents - Freemasonry and Organized Jewry, including Communism and Zionism.

The central bankers belong to a satanic cult -- Cabalism -- that has been sabotaging humanity for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Their goal is to destroy civilization so they can rebuild a world that serves their greed and depravity.

They are responsible for the English, French, American and Russian revolutions. They are responsible for all major wars, recessions and depressions. 

A measure of their success: They have been waging war against humanity for centuries but anyone who mentions it is ostracized.


Ultimately they will fail because Truth speaks louder than lies, and we live in an age of instant communication.

They will fail because Satanism is the religion of death and destruction. It devours its own adherents.

They are their own worst enemies. They will self destruct.

We need to take back our governments by taking back our banking system. Let the bankers move to Israel and let humanity
prosper as God intended.

We tend to be anthropocentric. The universe is a lot bigger than the planet earth. The sun is one of 200-400 billion stars in our galaxy alone. There are an estimated two trillion galaxies in the universe.

There are seven million species of plants and animals on the planet. We see the breakdown across a range of taxonomic groups - 1.05 million insects; over 11,000 birds; over 11,000 reptiles; and over 6,000 mammals. There are 400,000 known plant species.

There are an infinite variety of shapes and sizes. Each has a beauty and dignity uniquely its own. Each is infused with an Intelligence far more intricate than a Swiss watch. This Intelligence is God.

The bankers have banished God from public discourse because God is the competition. They taught us God is Dead. They promoted existentialism.
They are liars and deceivers. We believed them.

God is Love. God is Perfection. God is a dimension in which spiritual ideals like beauty, truth and justice are self evident. 

Satanists are waging war with God by turning these ideals upside down. Ugly is beautiful; lies are truth; sick is healthy etc.

But God is a lot bigger than the Rothschilds and their cabal of miscreants. God will triumph.

How can we resist?

1. Don't let them divide us.
2. Mortify ourselves to the temptations of this world and serve God with all our Being.
3. Celebrate Christmas this year with a gusto unseen in decades!

Play Christmas carols until the Satanists are running for the exits, holding their ears!
First Comment from Connie

Dear Henry - I've noticed how many people have put up their Christmas trees and decorations early this year including myself.  I had all ready decided that I will sing carols loudly and celebrate Christmas to the nth degree not only for fun but also as an act of defiance.  Merry Christmas everyone!!!!! Happy New Year!!!!! Yahoo!!!!

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Comments for "Makow -- Covid Unites Humanity Against Its Common Enemy"

CN said (December 7, 2021):

Well written Henry!

But I would remind everyone that we likely will not have that instantaneous communication all the way through this. Take heart, however; in all the hundreds and possibly thousands of years "they" have been trying to gain control they have never yet succeeded.

The thing to remember is that this is not a group or team competition, this is, when all is said and done, an individual competition.

We do try to help each other see, particularly those we love, but whether they do or not is up to them. In the end we are like an airplane pilot gesturing and pointing in warning to another airplane pilot, for all the effect we will have.

CK said (December 6, 2021):

The common enemy can be readily identified; they have taken a blood oath that supersedes any other oath to constitution, government or nation. They signal each other using signs and symbols that are easy to see, if you pay attention.

It's only a matter of time before natural law replaces human law, which was abandoned.

Mahadzir said (December 6, 2021):

You are right, "It can bring us together" but it will not happen. Your argument is wishful thinking.

Covid will not bring humanity closer. Humanity has only enjoyed togetherness very briefly, maybe during World Cup and other sports events. The less-than-1% evil conspirators have comprehensively divided the balance of humanity into various boxes.

We will continue to be divided until Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him, returns. There is no way mere mortals can unseat the evil conspirators. Corruption has permeated all aspects of life globally. Only Jesus can bring divine judgment and establish justice in the world.

Your expose of "The enemy" will save some people (because they can now differentiate good from evil) but it does nothing to unseat their position of power. The evil conspirators are not afraid of small truths; not even if all the small truths are put together in one picture and shown to all people.

Humanity has been brainwashed well and they know it. They are 10 steps ahead of any truth movements. They are ever ready to misdirect the truth movement into a controlled opposition camp.

I believe you do understand my points. Tq for reading. May God protect you always, so that people will keep getting the small truths.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at