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Vaccinated Have Joined a Death Cult

December 18, 2021


Many people suffering horrible adverse reactions
to covid vaccines still swear by them. They act like
there is a nobility in being poisoned and dying:
self-sacrifice for the "greater good."  Posters at Medscape
rarely express any anger at having their immune system destroyed.
I'm reminded of "bug chasers" -- people who try to get
AIDS as a status symbol. Mankind has been inducted
into a Satanic cult. Satanism, the religion of Death,
destroys its adherents.

Think Jonestown. Think Heaven's Gate.    Mass murder-suicide is what satanic cults do. Does mankind have a Death Wish?

Below, a young man reports on his girlfriend and her friends who are having adverse reactions yet still champion the vaccine and disparage those who refuse it.

"Literally every person is complaining they basically feel like they're dying BUT oh so grateful they have access to a life saving vaccine. "

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The vaccine indoctrinated are a lost cause - my experience.

I have been dating a lovely lady for the last few months. I personally don't care about vax status, as long as they still advocate the right to choose/informed consent.

Having been dating, I've shared tons of info, peer reviewed studies, recent revolution about the FOIA for natural immunity. Ryan Cole, Dr Peter, stats from the UK, Isreal, I mean you name it I've shown it.

adverse-react.jpgLast night, I was called over to her place. Come to find out she looked and felt like death after receiving the booster and wanted someone to take care of her. While nursing her symptoms, (nausea, headache, body arch's, fever, chills, pain in her arm and neck, twitching in her torso, cold sweats, She looked like shit.) She's texting all night.

She's in a group chat. Come to find out her and her SUPER liberal friends, about eight of them, all went and got the booster together And then brunched.

I took the phone and read through the group chat and it was horrifying to read. Literally every person is complaining they basically feel like they're dying BUT oh so grateful they have access to a life saving vaccine.

And talking mad shit about un-jabbed, how much of a pussy they are, how selfish, and how self righteous they are for making this sacrifice for the good of other.

"My sister has asthma" "my dad always get sick and I would feel terrible if I killed him" there were comments in there about lunatic Joe Rogan, savior tony fuckface, anti science trump supporters, like straight up CNN brainwashed.

Lost cause. I like this girl but damn this is probably it for us.

You can't bring them back once the group think and CNN get their claws in.


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Comments for " Vaccinated Have Joined a Death Cult"

Tim said (December 19, 2021):

You are saying the vaxxed have joined a death cult. Exactly.

As Jesus said, many are called, but few are chosen. In the ZUS military, they are saying 3% refused it. Ok, that is a symbolic number, the 3 percenters and all that, but few held to the truth, held to life. At least 90% of them chose death. And good riddance to them.

What poet was it who said, he decided to walk the path of truth, till he realized all the blades of grass there were sharpened knives?

It is the new Tower of Babel. It will end just like the first one. They will turn on each other. It won't be pretty.

It won't start in Ukraine, or in Taiwan. It will start at the center, at the chosen Capital of the world, Jerusalem. When the Hasidics begin assembling their third temple, which they have all built out and ready to piece together, it begins.

When the acolytes of that desert demon realize the temple is built they will launch all they have at Israel. The Israeli response will be nuclear. The New Babel will fail.

No lying conniving insider fed me this info. It is my informed guess, and I figured it out all by myself.

My wisdom is that freemasonry must be completely outlawed, upon penalty of death.

Al Thompson said (December 19, 2021):

I think the lesson to be learned is that most people from government and religion are liars and they will do it even if it costs many people their health and even their lives. Vaccines, are not a reasonable medical procedure and they should always be avoided.

When anything is a lie, it comes from the mind of the Evil One. It’s frustrating seeing so many people bite on the poisoned bait. Imagine the stupidity of vaccinating people against a so-called disease that has about a 99.75 survival rate. But the constant repetition of medical lies is what is causing people to behave in such a dangerous manner. Bad medical advice leads to more poor health and even death.

People should always seek out the truth and then act accordingly. They will always get a good result as that is a major benefit from the natural law. Truth is a part of natural law and it works perfectly. You can’t make a bad decision if it conforms to the truth, right reason, and common sense.

Andrew said (December 19, 2021):

The vaccinated are eaten up with disease and vaccine virtue. That was my observation at recent high school class 1963 Christmas Party. I avoided the subject of vaccines but others didn't. I estimate less than 50% of my old classmates were vaccinated. One who was vaccinated and using a walker mentioned that he was having trouble walking since vaccinated and that was the only reason he hasn't gotten his booster. So they might as well have Joined a Death Cult... Sad to say.

Nice article,

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