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December 20, 2021

"Is David Icke obfuscating?

It's the reptilians! It's a mind virus!
It's not the Rothschilds."  I asked.

NH replied--

This is the question, IMO: has David Icke been "turned"? And the answer is "yes" but probably not overtly. That is, he probably has not been recruited explicitly, but people have been sent to gas-light the living shit out of him and he soaks up their proffered nonsense like a sponge - and believes most of it: things like aliens from another dimension feeding on our negative emotions - and shape-shifting Draco reptilians running the show on Earth.

I know people who knew David from the get-go and used to help get him new venues when the Jews would have his venues cancelled at the last minute in Vancouver - and David would stay in their home rather than a hotel. But now he shows up at the Queen E. Theatre/Auditorium in Vancouver where all the "elites" hold their speaking (brain-washing) engagements and stays in the best hotels. In short, David is short on brains, has a big ego, loves to hear himself talk and believes his own conclusions, no matter how implausible. I think he means well but is like the idiot cousin that you hide in the back room when you have visitors you are trying to impress.

Remember how he treated you when you were quarrelling with Jeff Rense? Yeah, he blew you off forthwith and denied the very credible Jim Stone Fukushima expose along with Rense. I was watching to see who would do what. Somebody ordered Rense to ditch that story and Icke backed the whole play to suppress the story, like the freaking idiot he is.

Go to any Canadian library and look up "conspiracy theory". You will find almost all of David Icke's stupid books and practically nothing else other than a thick Rothschild hagiography and a few odds and inconsequential sods. In other words, the "illuminati" absolutely love David Icke - they adore him. In fact, there is a video out there where a "truther" stumbles upon one of the Rothschild clan pruning trees on one of the Rothschild estates. The guy asks Rothschild something like "What gives you the right to try to take over the whole world?". Rothschild immediately brings up David Icke as in "Oh you are one of those idiots".

You could never ever invent a better propaganda shield than David Icke no matter how hard you tried; and sadly, my friends that know him are now mad at me 'cuz I unwisely told them he and Alex Jones are full of shit. Jones actually hits a "home run" once in a while and does some good. But I would rather get a root canal than hear David Icke blather on about "vibrations", Ayahuasca, reptilians and whatever other nonsense pops into his fevered "unconsciousness".

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year hombre. TTYL.

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