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Jacob Rothschild - "Equality" is the End Game

December 8, 2021

Rothschild confirms that Communist China is the model, although, so far, the Chinese are far from economically equal.
Humanity is being downsized and homogenized.

"In your efforts to protect your old and failing civilization we are dismantling, we find these means necessary. If people will allow such vaccines to invade their own bodies and their children's in order to comply and to be the same or "equal" to "everyone" else they most certainly will not object to or oppose their wealth, use of resources and life styles being equalized as well."

"Everyone must do the same. In all communist nations we have fostered, it is customary that for "equality" for the desired and planned "levelling" in this new order, in order for people to have the same in their needs and wants, everyone has to be psychologically trained to obey the same commands"

"The universal vaccine programs not only open the door for behavior control through gene modification and enhancement, but more importantly for the present operation - psychological behaviour control with the vaccines is even more fundamental. Regardless of whether or not the vaccines are unnecessary and useless regarding the virus, or even harmful for many, they are the most uniform and concerted psychological weapon ever devised to control human behaviour."

This missive from "Jacob R" was written in reply to this article which appeared at 
In it, he confirms that covid is a hoax, but claims it is necessary to re-engineer humanity in order to address the problems we supposedly face.

"We see a future world without enough to go around, and therefore we must learn first to control it and then to share what is there as we deem most advantageous to those whom we choose. That is what power is for."

The NWO requires "a material levelling for equality and a radical reduction of the population of the world."

This is Jacob Rothschild speaking. My reply is, your trillions cannot buy the one thing you lack and want most, LOVE.
If you could experience God, you would want or need nothing else. You could be an incredible Force for Good, loved by billions, instead of a ghoulish parody of megalomania and greed. You can snuff out the human spirit but Truth will never be "outmoded." The only way you can be God is to know Him.

Dec. 31 -- Well congrats to all who ignored me!  This wasn't from Jacob Rothschild but from a very smart Canadian who lives in BC. I still subscribe to what he said. Is the truth really a hoax? Make up your own mind. It's possible this was designed to discredit it.

Dear Henry,

You are very good at putting your finger on the problem but as you see, this Covid ordeal is a red hot one nurtured by many flames which are global and include the control and regulation of finances, resources, production, consumption, pollution and overpopulation.

None of the people heading up institutions directly or indirectly under the control of my family, including the British Crown, the Vatican, the Masons, and the major oligarchs and corporations of the world care what you think or say.

We control the major finances of the world but also your governments, the major media networks, most jobs on the planet, and even the money in your bank accounts. These are the facts which you cannot change.

The Jewish question is a complicated one, and thanks particularly to the influence and persistence of my family, it is generally no longer considered by very many as the "Jewish problem".

You see Henry you proceed to attack us based on the old and outmoded method of arguing which is with facts and reasons. That is not the way things are done anymore.

People generally like to pretend and generally will believe anything they see most other people believing in or else they simply do what they are led to do by the media and what we want. If someone like you goes against their interests and beliefs, they are likely to discount what you say and completely shut it out of their minds. That is what is happening to you.

,,, so thanks.jpgIf you have moral qualms about people in power misleading the masses, especially misleading and controlling those who have rejected and persecuted your kind, that is your problem and not ours.

If there is a history of mutual exclusion with Christians and other outsiders looking down on your people as some kind of inferior species, or resenting you because of your success which you know full well is based on our tribal solidarity and ability to concentrate and consolidate wealth, power, knowledge and intelligence to dominate so much in the midst of ongoing adversity, then why do you try to reignite the fires of that problem which we in any case are able these days to extinguish as soon as we see a spark? Why do you waste your breath blowing so hard to reignite things with such a wind against you? .

Is it because of your high regard for what you claim is the "truth"?

Your words are uttered in another nation in our realm but are published virtually in my own backyard here in England on this site which purports to have a high regard for the truth, albeit of the outmoded kind and with a relatively small, obscure, and scurrilous following. No one of any importance will listen to you. Yet, I feel obliged that on some special occasions, as with this most recent posting of yours, to try to set you straight.


When one has vast power and wealth, you tend to be in control of a great deal, a control which has to be delegated not only to protect your interests from a constant stream of lying courtiers and usurpers, but also you have to delegate that control in order to maintain and at times, to expand your interests.

Furthermore, you find that in maintaining your control there is a tremendous burden of responsibility placed upon you where you have to make decisions to resolve a never ending array of very difficult problems, such as mentioned above - pollution, competition, exploitation, over population, etc.

Jacques Attali is a faithful disciple of our New World Order projects which come down to a global control over many things, with a world government, the means of which unfortunately require those very things your sentiments abhor which is a material levelling for equality and a radical reduction of the population of the world.

Your problem is that very few people with any common sense disagree there are such problems, and it appears that your only complaint comes down to the means we have determined as necessary for these solutions. You are correct in your assertions that many of these problems have been exaggerated and may not even exist at this time.

However, we do plan 50 to 100 years in advance and what we are more concerned about is ensuring that the things we do fear simply do not occur in the future. In this fight as we have to check foreign powers with respect to their grasping of lands and resources, as well as the increasing pollution problems, and we also, and more importantly, have to control the people of our own nations, to stop the grasping, over-consumption, and over reproduction lest they themselves become major problem in the future.

Also, with power and wealth you find out very quickly that when you have these things, it is very difficult to abandon or to share them. Yet, when you do have them you find you are able to increase them while at the same time making things more equal for everyone else under your control, and quelling disputes in the lower levels of your structure.


Henry, I doubt you will understand this or the burden we world leaders have taken upon our shoulders. We have worked exceedingly hard with all heads of state, including the British Crown and the Vatican, as well as the leading families of the world, in carrying out the plans for a new order of world governance to replace borders and national restrictions. We have entered into a vast expansion of world trade and development which needs regulation. If not by our ownership and order then by whose? I ask you.

We see a future world without enough to go around, and therefore we must learn first to control it and then to share what is there as we deem most advantageous to those whom we choose. That is what power is for.

What you are concerned about are the methods we are using to solve these problems, which you say are "totalitarian", and "communist". To us those are only abstract words like the words 'truth', 'freedom', and 'justice', and in any crisis people mainly act on emotion and not upon actual fact, critical thinking, and reason.

You are clearly not on our level or for that matter on the same level of the overwhelming majority of people who would not be caught dead reading your postings. You are welcome to your intellectual pride and puffery, but it will make no difference. You have isolated yourself in an outmoded from of communication. Logic and fact even in science has been taken over by whomever or whatever have the controlling interest and all you're left complaining about are our methods.

Regardless of the substance of the actual problem, as long as the general belief is that it is a serious one, then all that matters is the solution and the cooperation with that solution. We establish the problem and we provide the solutions. It is not fact and reason which ruled the 20th century. It is the use of psychology and that is precisely why you have no real power despite your intellectual and journalistic skills.

You think you can influence people by revealing what you consider to be the truth regarding a pandemic and vaccines used as pretexts, when you do not consider the necessity of solving the greater problems giving rise to the use of such pretexts?

Even Francis at the Vatican knows that the pandemic was necessary. Why do you think such a man, a "communist" as you say, was put in that place at this particular time in history?

Many changes have have to be made in ushering in our new order. Many appointments have had to be made and they are not all Jewish as your writings suggest, although I do wish there were more and that Francis was more Jewish.


Without any worry of causing outrage or reaction to fuel opposition to our plans as expressed in our UN and WEF agendas, let me demonstrate how naïve you are regarding our methods.

The vaccines you mention, you cannot even determine why are they are being forced on the public. Why you wonder, if they are so clearly unnecessary and useless in relation to the virus, which in any case was never a grave threat, or even very much anything more than an overture or an exercise to our culling potentials, would they do this?

Why you ask, are the governments being so draconian in forcing them on the people when they are so clearly dangerous and causing so many deaths and health problems?

Why you ask, have all of the governments under the control of our power structure suppressed the use of the cheap drugs which so effectively cure the virus symptoms, just to make way for the useless and dangerous vaccines?

It is a mystery to you and then you go off into one your conspiracy theories that we are using these vaccines to cull or thin out the human herd. You think that will scare people and wake them up? You keep asking "why?', like a schoolboy. You think cold hard facts and reason have sway with the public when they believe their governments are caring for them, giving them money, and trying to make them safe.

Henry, it is all psychology and the media, and despite anything I say it will make no difference to the outcome.

Don't you see that there is something much more important going on here than the actual control potential, or precedent, of people trained to receive yearly vaccines tailored to their special needs and circumstances. If my friend, Jacques, was right about centralized controls and communism, and if with Francis, the idea of "equality" is most central and fundamental to our Agendas and New World Order that when we say that "everyone must be vaccinated" then you see we not only mean it, but what you don't see is that the "equality" is the very essence of what the entire exercise is all about.

The word "everyone" Henry, is the key. It is the magic word. Everyone must do the same. In all communist nations we have fostered, it is customary that for "equality" for the desired and planned "levelling" in this new order, in order for people to have the same in their needs and wants, everyone has to be psychologically trained to obey the same commands.

In our prodigy nation of modern China, the people had to be cleansed of many of their differences and even such a small thing as everyone having to wear the same uniforms was crucial to instill cultural and material equality, or "sameness".

Of course the masks are totally useless for the virus unless you have a flu or cold and you sneezed or coughed without a handkerchief. However, it is the obedience and conformity to our top-down commands which is crucial, that "everyone" wear one subject to government mandate or command. It is like a uniform to make everyone "uniform". It is about instilling a sense of unity, conformity, obedience, and most of all "equality".

As you must clearly see by now, the vaccines are even more psychologically important in the present program. It is the impulsive and unruly human mind which must be controlled. Francis agrees. The universal vaccine programs not only open the door for behavior control through gene modification and enhancement, but more importantly for the present operation - psychological behaviour control with the vaccines is even more fundamental.

Regardless of whether or not the vaccines are unnecessary and useless regarding the virus, or even harmful for many, they are the most uniform and concerted psychological weapon ever devised to control human behaviour.

The compliance with the mask like a uniform is hardly even skin deep. It is still external, and at most it is just virtue signalling.

For the New World Order we needed a much deeper and lasting compliance. When the overwhelming majority of the people yield in allowing you to inject into them, a substance which any free and thinking person like yourself would reject and object to, not even knowing what the substances are, but trusting their governments and our media networks, then that is most certainly the most important victory our structure could every hope for.

The psychology is very simple, and I am surprised you missed it for so long. If our governments are successful in inducing or forcing "everyone" to be vaccinated, it matters not what is in the vaccines.

What matters is the sense of conformity, submission, and "equality" which is established, generating a sense of "equality" and trust which is to most people absolutely personal and internal, for what they allow into their bodies, like sex or religious rituals, is very much associated with their minds, and their beliefs which in any case they will already have surrendered, either willingly, or through the force you now see being exercised by various governments around the world.

Whether this conquering of alleged freedom, individual integrity, and personal ownership you so highly prize is to be easy or painful for you, we do not care.

In your efforts to protect your old and failing civilization we are dismantling, we find these means necessary. If people will allow such vaccines to invade their own bodies and their children's in order to comply and to be the same or "equal" to "everyone" else they most certainly will not object to or oppose their wealth, use of resources and life styles being equalized as well.

In any case Henry, just think of how influential you could be with all of the dissidents still caught up with the your archaic ways of thinking using rational persuasion and reasoning with people to try to solve problems, when it all can be done with a simple little virus, easy deception, and a little jab here and there.
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Comments for "Jacob Rothschild - "Equality" is the End Game "

BC said (December 9, 2021):

The RJ email can’t be authentic; it sounds too profane. I will read it again but I put my money on high level secret service. They are super knowledgeable but still quite profane and that email wasn’t profound enough. I really like your work Henry, I check your blog often but I must say most of you guys on alternative media have not had proper esoteric training and due to this can never get a full picture. Most of you guys aren’t even familiar with spiritual hierarchy and that characters such as JR are servant themselves.

However, evil requires structure and these people are Not to be underestimated. When either force comes to you they don’t write emails not on this level. They come in Astral worlds like they came to me. And when they come to you is because you underwent some level of transformation and you have fully developed your free will. In my opinion you are trolled by secret service. I hope this helps you.

CW said (December 9, 2021):

Dear Henry - What a big yawn from that old Satanist Jakey Rot. Imagine having all that influence and money and the best he can do is plan the end of someone like me.

Satan the great deceiver has deceived that old wrinkled fool and he'll burn in eternal hell like all the rest of the traitor satanists. These demented sorts think no one will ever blow their heads off, um sorry not true. These people (an insult to humanity to refer to them as such) use a lot of "magic" to make people think they are all powerful etc etc. They are carbon based creatures and subject to death like a flea or a mouse.

When I think of the vast universe and even just our little Earth in all it's amazing wonder, Jakey R means frankly fuck all in the grand scheme of things and will be wiped out and sent back to where he and his ilk belong. In terms of eternity he's just a piece of shit hanging from a dog's ass.

LF said (December 9, 2021):

When man has nothing, then he has nothing to lose. Do you want to create a perpetual war against a world of martyrs ? You will have to kill all of us, since all of us will not agree. Is that what you want to be remembered for ? A mass murderer.

Mr. JR, if that is who you are, you are looking through the wrong end of your telescope. If you have infinite power, and resources, as you say you have, then why not use that to fix the world, which you so claim to desire. Surely you have sufficient intellect to see that simple truth. Why wage all out war on us. We have nothing to lose, and only to gain by your failure, which is already imminent. Stop this madness now, before it is too late. You have everything already, why jeopardize that now.

Most if not all, of the problems of this world, have been precipitated for wealth. Think unrestricted mining and logging. If the wealth of the world is shared equally, think equality now which you so cherish, then population would self correct. You know that is true. All the problems of this world can be fixed, without this scam

Rebuild your status as a world leader and fix what you and your kind has brought down on us. There is still time to reverse direction. Christianity thrives during persecution. Who knows, if you convert, you may even be forgiven. Choose love not hatred.

You know not what you do.

Russ Winter said (December 9, 2021):

Whether this is really Rothshild doesn't really matter. It is their Sabattean-Frankist worldview and ideology laid out succinctly. And he
taunts you to boot. Pretty frightening letter.

Abdul said (December 9, 2021):

I think JR is concerned with his family’s future, you see this fake Pandemic is exposed them wide open, its only matter of time before some prominent leader in the West, or Putin comes clean and spill the beans. That’s where real hell broke loose. The Jews are greatly divided, the religious ones are asking for their Messiah through ww3, while Rothschild was telling them they’re the Messiah. Also the Jews Commies just want their utopian here on earth with their Goy men as ts, and the kids vaxxed. This fake pandemic is all about showing all of them that isn’t necessary for Messiah to come out and put sleep to the Goy for good. Rothschild dislikes the Messiah, because that’s their end ant they know it. God doesn’t want the Jews to run a superpower gov unless they run it from behind the scene just like Satan does (it’s in the Qur’an) so the more they push with their fake pandemic, the more they fail, damage, and discredit themselves. Jews are so difficult to govern if not impossible so maybe JR wants to overcome that, and make friends with the scorned goys

Emile said (December 9, 2021):

I would really hope that this would indeed be the contribution from Jacob Rothschild.

This, at least, would give us a chance for a dialogue with our real world leaders behind the screens rather than with a group of actors and nitwits currently governing our world. Of which some, remarkably, apparently have even been elected by ourselves, e.g. Boris Johnson, Trump, Erdogan, etc. Even alternatives to our current leaders aren't promising, e.g. Maduro, Castro, Lukashenko... doesn't look like results are better.

What I derive from his text is that:

- He is indeed concerned, like we all are, with regards to the future of our planet

My question: With an actual declining population in all Western countries... he should be pleased with the result. Why then are we importing (supported by NGO's) so many immigrants in both US and Europe? Isn't the current decline in populations enough to save our planet?

I also do believe that the ecosystems are dying, but wouldn't it be time to stop things like deforestation or are you not strong enough to stop people cutting trees? We are capable of checking every human for Covid-19, but can't stop deforestation in the Amazones?

- About total control over people... We had that in the past... via the church... why support anti religious efforts?

- About people thinking in emotions and acting as sheep (the majority)... then you should cherish the people who refuse the vaccine, who are the critical thinkers.

These are the next Newtons, Salvador Dali's, Columbus, Steve Jobs, Galilei's of this world. A world without diversity build upon a communist all are equal ideal is doomed to fail and has failed numerous times in the past. This because we simply aren't equal and never will.

you present the vaccine, total control and other restrictions as the solution to our problems of pollution, over population etc.. I am sure there are better solutions...

we can save this planet and its nature with the good capable critical people

JB said (December 9, 2021):

If you have the opportunity for additional dialog with JR, could you seek to discover what their plan is to deal with the sizeable % of injection refuseniks?

Also, Ursula von der Leyen wants to scrap the Nuremberg code. Does this reveal some lack of certainty of their victory? or else why should they care?

RK said (December 9, 2021):

Congratulations for having caught the attention of your "buddy' Jacob R. He feels as confident than his master was when he had managed to have Christ crucified : he thought he had won ,only to discover that he had been fulfilling the scriptures all along ! The success of the Satanists is due to the one hundred years Satan had obtained from God to empower his people in order to destroy the Church ( see the conversation between Satan and Our Lord overheard by Leo XIII) . Well ,time is up: it is a couple minutes before midnight ... Soon Satan will realize that all he has achieved is to bring about the universal reign of Christ on earth ,which is around the corner.
Maybe you could ask Jacob to get a copy of the third secret of Fatima (the real secret) from his "buddy " Francis ,and send you a copy ...

MS said (December 9, 2021):

I eagerly await your view on why you believe this is the real JR.

Many thoughts on this, but for now, it seems Jake is reluctant to expose the germ theory. Speaking of sneezing on people and a virus and the like. Amidst his other confessions, perhaps he thinks acknowledging this myth would jeopardize too much at the present moment. Surely, someone at his level would know this germ idea was among the greatest of their 20th century psychological & emotional projects, and indeed the basis for the equality project we witness today. Or perhaps this is just a thoughtful essay by a functionary with limited purview.

In response to Ray, the analogy of the French revolution is inappropriate, not least because it was Jake's predecessors who devised the revolt. "JR" & pals have every reason not to fear any revolt from the serfs today. Even to me, a serf, it is thoroughly inconceivable.

Mick said (December 9, 2021):

Whoever wrote and sent this satanic Manifesto to you, he did manage to send chill down my spine. Not because I’m afraid of this sinister agenda which is becoming more & more obvious and tangible with each passing day, but because it is so close to the mark. As an entity, as a social collective, us humans are so close to let the Devil achieve his planetary goals.

There are simply too few of us in this world. When I say “us”, I have no intention of saying that we are the “chosen” ones or anything special, but definitely people who still possess some Common Sense & courage to say “the Emperor has no clothes”. Too few of us, and a huge percentage of the herd on the other side of the fence ready to follow this satanic agenda to its (and ours) total demise. One should just look around when he/she goes to a local Safeway or Costco store and check the % of people who are still religiously wearing those face diapers, even outside of the stores. A good friend of mine, a general surgeon, has recently posted on his FB “it’s high time we all got our jabs and protect each other”. When a general surgeon falls under this communist spell and the 24/7/365 propaganda, what can we expect from some ordinary Joe or Martha? By the way, he ain’t the only medical professional that I know who is claiming the same “Covid vax” bs.

Kudos to you H! Obviously, your work is rubbing them Satanists/Jew Cabal central bankers the wrong way. Keep it up!

Phil in Perth said (December 9, 2021):

Why on earth would Jacob Rothschild write a reply to your article published on

What would he be doing even looking on that website? How did he find it?

By chance? Or is it one of his favourite sites? Not only that but it is
not even your site!

Hasn't he got a few more things to be doing with his time?

I am totally zapped by the thought that jolly old Jacob is zipping around on the internet and openly divulging his and their plans to control everyone and everything on the face of the earth
through this fake virus plandemic.

WF said (December 9, 2021):

Charles Darwin said that 'the most powerful determinant of the human mind' is concern for the praise/blame of the community (The Descent of Man). It is confirmed. But what does the modern global community actually think?

Public opinion polls are being censored as we speak (Good Morning Britain -- 89% against the mandates) . . . meaning it's really less a question of whether Henry is a romantic idealist than whether Yakov is a common liar.

Bottom line: THE PEOPLE ARE BEING LIED TO. So can the lying parasite continue to rule by force?

Unlikely, because the technological system really is 'unsustainable'. It is the banking system hypostasized and the fundamental problem is that now everyone is 'structurally parasitic' (qualis rex, talis grex -- 'as the flock, so the king'). Hence the need to cull in the non-overpopulated west.

There's another way, Yakov, that doesn't entail your karmic destruction. But you'll have to be a bit less Jewish and stay tuned to

GB said (December 9, 2021):

The only thing that surprises me about the JR letter is its generalism and its attempts to discourage you from the good fight. Is it a great surprise for us to discover that 99% of our populations are sheeple? The letter intends to discourage but to me it gives strength knowing that if the enemy is that brazen about exposing himself the end must be getting close. The fact that JR and his lot discount the human spirit and of course our big boss God who does love those who love Him and wins in the end, no matter what, giving us all the opportunity to prove ourselves to Him. JR ignores the true endgame of enslavement of all mankind and his own personal destruction(His boss hates all humans equally, what would make him think he is special?). Is he really that naïve to not see his own pawnship or does he think he will hold a special position after its all over? Is arrogance truly bliss? His bosses' time is short and out of their success will come their eternal failure. The war has been won, Jesus Christ was crucified, died, was buried and rose from the dead to rule for all eternity.

May God help us all!

Hadashi said (December 9, 2021):

impressive, whether it is JR or not is irrelevant, it has the same sulfurous odor of The Protocols.

and it is highly latinate in its style.

that said, here is the counerpunch: false premises which abound, not the least of which is the behaviorist premise. i have dogs that disprove these assumptions.

one utterly false and oxymoronic premise: "financial stability": anyone with a grain of understanding of the history of the financiers is that stability is their objective, quite to the contrary, there is nothing more destabilizing.

the response is to examine each and every underlying premise of this manifesto, and reply, by applying authentic historical fact.

it's all bluff.

G said (December 9, 2021):

So, the devil came out to meet you? And he comes in full pomp-and-circumstance with an assumed superiority and dominion. Let's not forget that dominion spawned the word dominate which is his and his tribe's main objective. It is anti-freedom, anti-life, because evolution is being stolen from the people, natural evolution where the creative and imaginative has free reign to realize itself. Where beauty lives with challenge and truth with determination. He/they, have stepped on all that and now reveal themselves as the enemy of humanity. His fancy words and pompous assertions show he's never had to cooperate with real people, salt-of-the-earth people, but rather knows only the camaraderie of insidious snakes who wear fine jewelry and eat caviar, but know so little of real survival in the brotherhood of man.

I don't believe this is old Jacob, but rather someone who wants to push the buttons of all self-determined people to give the illusion that there is no way out from their subservient sameness. Communism in its apotheosis. Fully anti-Creation. It's The Great Thwart. Some sick flu/flus are out there, but there is no deadly virus/pandemic. That is the fear-lie on which all their hopes hang, along with their bio-weapon jab. Can only say it's a good thing many in America are locked and loaded. We fought for our freedom once before but this time it must be for a freedom that cannot be tampered with. That is already outlined in our Bill of Rights, inalienable and unalienable, validating that all are BORN FREE.

Perhaps Henry, this was written to rile us up. It achieves that, until, that is, we step back and see it for what it is: a putrid threat, dressed in false assurance and arrogant assumption that it can, in fact, be pulled off. But it can't. Good people all over the planet won't let it. The word integrity comes from the Latin, integritas, from integer, 'intact.' That's us, intact human beings, strong and whole, in spite of all the tampering they've done with us. Something inside us sees, rises, and will fight to the death for our natural heritage. Jacob (or whoever wrote the pompous non-edict) can got back to trimming his roses for now. You made a wonderful response to him/it, Henry. And even if his mind denies it, just to read your message must have put his soul in anguish.

We are the people, and we know love. Love has a duty to stop evil in its tracks. One-by-one, duty-bound, we fight as best we can. Slavery in not an option.

Ray said (December 8, 2021):

I'd like to add, as a Frenchman that as I learned in the French History,
The French aristocracy in 1788 were as arrogant toward the people (serfs),
as Jacob & his pals are today ?? & we know what has happened after 1789,
to all of them & their lackey then, the priesthood , which today is replaced by the "respectable" MSM, PEDOWOOD et al..

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