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Canada- Are "Vaccines" about to Become Mandatory?

January 10, 2022

margie2.jpeg(A mother's face does not lie. Fidel Castro meets his son at PET's funeral. This happens when you ignore people who warned you.
And when you allow every institution in your society to be subverted because you don't want to get involved.)

(Disclaimer- This may be fear mongering but the important thing is that it's quite conceivable.)

(From a reader)


Next week all the Provincial and Territorial Premiers will be meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos for perhaps the most important event in Canadian history.

(See "Provinces could make vaccination mandatory, says federal health minister. Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos. Vaccination remains the only way out of the pandemic.")

By as early as late next week the Federal Government will break Canada's Constitution Act 1982 by imposing an unconstitutional mandate that removes the irrevocable Right To Ones Own Autonomy And Anatomy.

That mandate will imply that every citizen in Canada no longer has the right and ability to make their own choices and decisions, and, that every citizen in Canada must comply with any medical treatment or experiment proposed to them by any level of government.

Wait, it gets so much better... On top of the illegal mandate that will remove your right to make your own decisions regarding your own body and path in life, they are going to remove the rest of your rights and freedoms too! The Federal Government is also going to impose the Emergency Measures Act. This Act will be applied across all provinces and territories.

The Emergency Measures Act suspends Section 2 and Sections 7 through 15 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms for a term of up to 5 years before a Parliamentary or Judiciary review in needed for an extension.

Turd-o Satanic-puppet.jpgThis means no citizen will have the freedom of conscience or religion. No citizen will have the freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression. Nor will any citizen have freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of association. The right to Life, Liberty and Security will be removed. The Government, and its authorities, can search, seize, detain, arrest any citizen or property without just cause or any legal recourse. Citizens will no longer be protected from cruel and unusual treatment or punishment. And, any citizen can be discriminated against by authorities based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age and mental or physical disability.

The Rights and Freedoms  that Canadians today take for granted of could all be gone by as early as next week. Welcome to the tyrannical dystopia Canadian compliance has allowed to destroy a once-great place to live.

On the heels of federal Minister of Health Jean-Yves Duclos stating provinces will likely move to mandatory vaccination policies, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney took to Twitter to reject the idea for Albertans. Globalist traitor Kenney is already deeply unpopular but the Opposition socialists are no better.  Who thinks he'll cave under pressure? (
------------Justin Trudeau Signed Multi-Million Dollar NDA To Cover Up Sexual Relations With Minor
------------ Trudeau's sponsors paid $2.25 million to silence minor he had sexual relations with
------------Fidelito's Lockdown Timetable from August 2021

----------------  "We're not a country that makes vaccines mandatory," Fidelito said in May

First Comment from Jim Stone-

Within two weeks over 30,000 truckers who drive the Canadian border are going to quit because Canada is going to mandate the vax for international crossings, and that's just on the Canadian side, lots of American truckers are going to quit too. 70 percent of what goes into Canada arrives on truck, with an enormous portion of the remaining 30 percent arriving on rail. Rail workers will also be quitting due to the mandates. What position will that leave Canada in?

Truckers and rail workers are at an intelligence level that broadly accepts the vax. That level is defined as: Professional, but not a PhD. Why would that group be so "vaccine hesitant"?? Is it because they saw too many sports players die? Is it because radios can't be censored? I'll say it like it is: Despite the decline in CB radios in use on trucks, truckers are still connected. They are the hardest group to censor because they HAVE TO communicate one way or another. Is that why so many truckers are refusing the shot? Is it because they can't be shut up??

Question: What is going to happen to Canada when the cross border truckers quit? They are going to. They know what the shot is. What is going to happen in the United States when the likes of scamming Sotomayor get their way?

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