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Is Cannabis the Answer for Burned Out Canadians?

January 29, 2022

depressed.jpgPandemic fatigue:
One-in-three Canadians
report struggles with mental health;
23% say they're 'depressed.'

Luckily for them, there is
cheap and safe relief.  (See below)

Source: Angus Reid Institute

 Entering the third year of the pandemic, the picture of mental health in Canada is one of exhaustion and increasing trauma.

A new study from the Angus Reid Institute finds a population largely fatigued, frustrated, and anxious - and one-in-three (36%) Canadians saying they are struggling with their mental health.

When asked to summarize their feelings, half (48%) say they've been feeling "fatigued," while two-in-five (40%) say they've been frustrated, and another two-in-five (37%) say they've been feeling anxious. One-in-ten (12%) chose happy, half the number who chose depressed (23%)....

Seven per cent of Canadians say they are "barely getting by" when it comes to their mental health in dealing with the pandemic, more than double the number measured at any point since October 2020.

Three-in-ten (31%) say they or someone in their household had an appointment with a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist in the last year. Another three-in-ten (30%) say they've received a prescription to treat a mental health issue in the last 12 months.

Makow-- A word of advice:

We are all feeling oppressed by the fact that our once wonderful country is being destroyed from within by a Satanic cult, Cabalist Judaism (Communism.)
The psychological distress described above is part of this attack on humanity in general.

Do NOT seek professional help.  Often the "therapists" are part of the problem.

Do not take pharmaceutical drugs. 

This is a time when we must seek solace and guidance from within.

Canadians are fortunate that cannabis is legal and very inexpensive. ($2.00 a dose.)

I have been using cannabis for more than forty years. Driving at night, it's turning on the headlights.

We see the white-line. 

The soul is like a human inner tube. Pot inflates it and restores our true (moral) human shape.   

It lights a fire in the soul. Light streams into a darkened room.

Expanded Consciousness.

We are not our thoughts.

We are the Consciousness (soul, spirit) that hears the thoughts.

When it works, cannabis releases us from our mental prison.

We dismiss thought and detach from tawdry social reality. We glimpse the Real World.

We do not need a reason to live. It's great just being alive.

Happiness is a function of the Spirit. All we need is our own loyalty. Believe in your Self. 

We are Spirit. Be your Best Self.  Love your Best Self because that is loving God.

orange-sativa-gummy.jpgMany of you already use cannabis; but for those Canadians who do not, I offer this introduction.

Get a cannabis gummy like the one shown on the left. Sativa is better than Indica. Take a half-a-dose on an empty stomach and wait 1-2 hours. Do other things and forget about it. There may be some mild discomfort but this soon passes.

Ideally, you will start to have exalted new intimations. Ideally, you will have a euphoric experience. The puzzle pieces of your life assemble themselves. Gauge how much to take next time.

Less is more. Too much will put you to sleep.

It's harmless.

Let me know if this works for you. (


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Comments for "Is Cannabis the Answer for Burned Out Canadians? "

Mathias from Stockholm said (January 31, 2022):

Thank you for every good and great work you do. I have benefited greatly from your courageous and diligent scholarship on feminism and the satanic new world order movement, and your news feed that you have shared with the world via Twitter and Gab.

May I say briefly, in answer to your invitation to comment on your cannabis article:

(1) After I repented of all disobedience to the Creator, and accepted forgiveness for the sake of Jesus's torture and execution, to become a disciple of Jesus, I received the Holy Spirit and freedom from bondage to Satan (bondage to committing sins).

(2) I have not missed cannabis since I gave it up in 1997, partly because of the side-effect of paranoia that I experienced.

(3) Cannabis deserves praise for its many good uses. The documentary The True History of Marijuana by Massimo Mazzucco lays these out well. But there too there is a dangerous overlooking of the side-effects cannabis can have.
(Link to film,

(4) Please, Henry, give heed to the warnings of Jesus of Nazareth, who is the promised rescuer of Humanity (and all Creation): there is no way into genuine peace with Almighty God and into eternal life, except through Jesus's blood, His innocent sacrifice on behalf of every person who wants to turn from rebellion against God and be forgiven.

With love from dark Stockholm, Sweden,
In the Holy Spirit,
JJ Mathias Thomas
Descendant of the Tribes of Israel, according to the testimonies of my forefathers who lived in Czechia for at least 1000 years

Michael K said (January 30, 2022):

Just saw your "Is Cannabis the answer" (I look everyday)
no to "profession help" no to "psych meds" - critically important.
very honest, thank you - I am (was) almost there with you on "40 years".
I have stopped - about 2 years now - I enjoy a new mental (even spiritual) clarity, I sleep better, read better, my mood is more uniformly very good.
In sum: pot taught me in about just the way you express very well; however, I find I can proceed with those lessons intact but without the actual agent.
My new slogan: "Sobriety is Resistance" (of course, I am life-long zero alcohol).

And I am suspicious of just why the Rulers have chosen to legalize. I always said "when they make it legal, I'm quitting!" - and how about that! - that's just what happened.


Thanks Michael

whatever works best for you

everyone answers to God alone


Marc, said (January 30, 2022):

Dear Henry. While reading your work for years this is the first time ever commenting. Been smoking the green for over 30 years. The day i saw Mr Trudeau directly addressing our children on tv is the day i stopped. The embrace of the green lady is soft but STRONG.
The awful state of things in this country really snuck up on me fast. We are in the middle of a spiritual battle as many have taken note of. I cannot afford to be inebriated any more than i already am through the hypnotists that ARE the mass media, mass entertainment industry,
social media, teachers, lectures.. you get the picture. I don't think it's a coincidence that we legalized it and put it on every street corner just before all the shenanigan's started. I write today to warn everyone reading to not lull themselves to sleep now.


Thanks Marc

I disagree but I am always willing to post intelligent disagreements.

As I tried to explain, I am not talking about inebriation. I'm talking about mystical experiences.
No doubt Fidelito and his sponsors subscribe to the inebriation theory. It is Huxley's SOMA




Much regards Henry

The fact that you are willing to post contra views is fantastic. We need more men like you today. They are in short supply and nowhere in Canada these days is any dissenting view allowed or tolerated.

While i did not sense any suggestion of inebriating oneself in the article... you can see my concern when we are all in pain and looking for a way out.

For what it's worth my spiritual eye is brighter now... and my energy better than it was with herb in my life.

God bless you Sir.

JM said (January 29, 2022):

Growing up in the ‘40s and ‘50s my big brother and sister sometimes affectionately called me Pothead.

Started smoking it in the ‘60s. Usually in the evening.

It was a big help later on with the sleep disturbance that occurs during perimenopause.

It would be years before I would get the thyroid hormone and other bioidentical hormones I needed.

It provides relaxation and sometimes insights that withstand the test of time.

EG said (January 29, 2022):

Thanks for this piece that will help relax and heal the masses. After all it is GOD-mother nature made and not chemicals, so our creator made it for us to use.....

It is well known that cannabis and it's non-thc part hemp are miracle workers, just as GOD planned it.....

As our friends the truckers are mostly beer drinkers (beer being the first man made relaxant from herbs as mother nature allows) they are well known for cannabis use as well (depending on piss tests they have to do to keep rolling); SO if they that want to protect our Freedom and bring us FOOD we need to live by ingest it without side effects; so can we.....

Hemp is used to make a variety of commercial and industrial products, including rope, textiles, clothing, shoes, food, paper, bioplastics, insulation, and biofuel..... (with all these uses no wonder Uncle Sam et al outlawed it)
vs The only issue i know of first hand is 'if you are susceptible to psychological issues, please be sure to consult a doctor before consuming'.....

Relax, smoke a joint, enlighten yourself to your inner truths; your SOUL is there waiting to be at one with you....

Wade said (January 29, 2022):

Great article, however do you smoke weed? I do on the regular everyday and mostly at night and I can tell you from over 20 years of experience that Sativa is not the best - in my opinion. And especially if someone attempts to eat a sativa gummy on their first try, it will 100% cause anxiety — I’ve seen it happen to my brother first hand, who is a paramedic.

I would sincerely recommend either a hybrid or indica. Hybrid is a little of both and Indica in my opinion is a relaxant, often aiding people like myself with insomnia and depression.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further in depth, I’m always here for you.

God speed Henry!

David said (January 29, 2022):

Not a user myself, but I suspect you're on to something here. If you haven't seen it, check out the South Park Post-Covid special on Paramount +. Take a guess as to what its creators solution is to ending the "pandemic"...!

Sadly, unvaccinated Canadians in Quebec have been banned from buying cannabis. (I would guess other provinces to follow.) Most places in the U.S., including here in Florida, recreational cannabis is malum prohibitum.


Thanks David

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