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Know Your Rulers: Chrystia Freeland

February 17, 2022

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(Chrystia Freeland)

Both Finance Minister and Deputy PM, Chrystia Freeland may be the most powerful woman in Canada.

But how can she have any credibility when she was George Soros' biographer and now serves as a
Trustee of the World Economic Forum, a Rothschild-front dedicated to dispossessing and enslaving humanity.  

Here she is freezing the bank accounts of people who object to being controlled by a phoney pandemic and poisoned by phoney vaccines.

They've been caught red-handed and they're going down.

The truckers are defending our freedom. We must stand with them.
Fidelito  does Castro with Commie Crackdown on Truckers

Convoy Spokesmen Arrested
Crisis actor "extremist" arrested in staged incident. When there are none, you have to make your own.
A Canadian describes having his bank account frozen for making a $25 contribution to the truckers.

SOS from Canada -- Is this True?

Signed Out Society

I'm a Canadian citizen who refused the vaccines.

My bank account was seized by the government for donating 25$ to support the end of mandates.

I can't pay the hydro or mortgage. I was already behind because employment insurance does not cover termination by non vaccine compliance.

I had to take the Canadian flag down for my home being vandalized.

I lost my job for not accepting vaccines because I am in a risk group but don't want my employer to know this medical info. I would take Novavax but it's still not here 1 year after it was signed.

The government won't allow me to board a plane and leave since I don't have fully proof of vaccine.

I have to show a code to go eat. I don't have a code.

Trudeau says I'm a Nazi because some ahole showed up rogue to a demonstration.

I was banned from all Canadian reddits for posting these facts and making it an awareness.

I was banned from political reddits asking if Trudeau really owns stocks in Acuitas.

This is not a plea for cash or any donation. No active wallet is attached here or anywhere. So no this is not a request for money.

These are actual facts of what is happening in Canada.

Updates coming soon before all my services are disconnected, since I can't even use wifi at Tim Hortons because I have no sit in dining code.

Like the staffer at queens park and wife of David's tea, my name email and IP are being shared on the internet list of donors that was hacked. It is not being concealed as private by the government, quite opposite.



Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said financial institutions have started freezing bank accounts belonging to protesters involved in blockades based on information provided by the RCMP.

The minister, who is also Minister of Finance, said she has specific statistics about the number of frozen accounts that will be made public "in due course, and soon," but are not being immediately disclosed as to avoid jeopardizing "operational actions."

"I do want to assure you, and through you all Canadians, that action is being taken. We are seeing it and that action is going to increase in the coming days," she said at a press conference in Ottawa on Thursday.

On Wednesday, the RCMP sent letters to financial institutions with a list of names that included protest organizers and to cryptocurrency exchanges with digital wallet addresses, encouraging them to cease transacting with them. Ms. Freeland said financial institutions are "collaborating properly and effectively."


In a final warning, finance minister says truckers at the protest will be stripped of their insurance


Video of Canadian denied access to his own funds

"Does that scare you or empower you? It doesn't scare me. We have many ways to go around this."


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Was Freeland's father a Nazi war criminal?

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Comments for "Know Your Rulers: Chrystia Freeland"

Connie said (February 18, 2022):

Dear Henry - You made my day putting that hideous picture of that hideous bitch Freeland on your site. Gee she's a real looker. May she burn in hell.

Doug P said (February 18, 2022):

Doug Plumb

1:29 AM (4 hours ago)

to Henry
When you put money into a bank account the money is no longer yours, it's the banks. They give it back to you under their own discretion and provided no other agency wants to extra-judicially take it from you. I've been screaming about this for well over ten years, no one listens. I've been de-banked for three years now. If I take a job, Canada Revenue Agency takes my money unless I file with them. Filing for income tax has brought us to this point. The income tax has never been lawful, only legal. Furthermore, all the wars and foreign occupations have been so the financial institutions can export this same system to all the other countries, else our heroes bomb them.

So now we experience the consequences of going along to get along - ignoring that our financial institutions are the greatest and most diabolical criminals in history.

Like there have been no long term studies on vaccines, no scientific experiment has ever shown germ theory (viral contagion) to even be possible, but it doesn't matter. Everything is now under a legal fiction. They can say "if you don't pay us, Godzilla will attack" and you are legally required to believe them.

EF said (February 18, 2022):

Freezing bank accounts from "undesirables" in Canada?! I think that has sent the gold price up as everyone can see the next step: freezing bank accounts from the unvaccinated.

I just saw a "living with AIDS" ad. I haven't seen anything like that since the 1980s. I really think that's the next pandemic coming--an AIDS pandemic. It won't be said that it comes from getting vaccinated, however. Anthony Fauci's start was from promoting AIDS at the start of the 1980s as the next big virus, and he should be able to continue his BS now with AIDS replacing Covid in the near future.

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