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Putin is Globalist Scum

February 4, 2022

wef-putin.png(left, Masonic handshakes all around)

In a speech to the WEF Davos Forum Jan 28, 2021, Putin affirmed his support for the covid hoax, the climate change hoax and mass vaccinations.

Our "leaders" are chosen for us by the people they serve, the satanist Masonic Jewish world central banking cartel. Their mission is to impose the Cabalist Jew World Order, i.e. Communist tyranny worldwide.

No doubt, the "vaccines" are designed to facilitate this diabolical attack on civilization and humanity.

Conflicts are orchestrated to give the appearance of independence and to justify wasteful "defence" expenditures.

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Russian President Putin's Speech At The World Economic Forum: Complete English Translation
(Excerpt by

"At the same time there are certainly problems that concern every state without exception. One example is cooperation in studying and countering the coronavirus infection. As you know, several strains of this dangerous virus have emerged. The international community must create conditions for cooperation between scientists and other specialists to understand how and why coronavirus mutations occur, as well as the difference between the various strains.

Of course, we need to coordinate the efforts of the entire world, as the UN Secretary-General suggests and as we urged recently at the G20 summit. It is essential to join and coordinate the efforts of the world in countering the spread of the virus and making the much needed vaccines more accessible. We need to help the countries that need support, including the African nations. I am referring to expanding the scale of testing and vaccinations.

putin-hillary-secret-5.jpgWe see that mass vaccination is accessible today, primarily to people in the developed countries. Meanwhile, millions of people in the world are deprived even of the hope for this protection. In practice, such inequality could create a common threat because this is well known and has been said many times that it will drag out the epidemic and uncontrolled hotbeds will continue. The epidemic has no borders.

There are no borders for infections or pandemics. Therefore, we must learn the lessons from the current situation and suggest measures aimed at improving the monitoring of the emergence of such diseases and the development of such cases in the world.

Another important area that requires coordination, in fact, the coordination of the efforts of the entire international community, is to preserve the climate and nature of our planet. I will not say anything new in this respect.

Only together can we achieve progress in resolving such critical problems as global warming, the reduction of forestlands, the loss of biodiversity, the increase in waste, the pollution of the ocean with plastic and so on, and find an optimal balance between economic development and the preservation of the environment for the current and future generations.

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