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Makow- Russia Vs. West = Men Vs. Femmes

March 31, 2022


(left, NATO General Staff and Knitting Circle)

Scott Ritter -- Russia is Succeeding Wildly in its Objectives!"

"It's all over but the shouting."   Russia is playing chess. NATO checkers.

Russia Vs. the West is very much healthy heterosexual males versus sexual deviants: pedophiles, homosexuals and transvestites.

by Henry Makow PhD

Listening to the eye-opening interview with Scott Ritter linked above, I was struck by how MASCULINE the Russian game plan is.

The Russians perceived a threat to home and hearth from corrupt Nazi-ridden Ukraine and acted decisively. This is what real men do.

valery-gerasimov.jpg(left. Chief of Russian General Staff, General Valery Gerasimov)

They were ready to confront reality rather than lie about it, as Cabalists do in the West.

They planned this invasion years in advance by first boosting their nuclear capability.
Thus, their threat to annihilate any country that interferes was taken seriously.

Then they took precautions against the anticipated sanctions. 

Finally, they defined reasonable goals: De-nazification and demilitarization of Ukraine, neutrality and acceptance of the loss of Crimea and the Donbass.

Ukraine had crossed their Red Line. Back off or face invasion.

They presented this ultimatum to the West.

miley.jpgLike a hot chick at a night club, the West brushed Putin off.

In masculine fashion, Putin proceeded to wipe out the Ukrainian air force, navy and military, using an armed force less than half of Ukraine's.

Scott Ritter said Russia used sophisticated planning to win battles of a magnitude not seen since the Second World War.

Russia Vs. the West is very much healthy heterosexual males versus sexual misfits: pedophiles, homosexuals and transvestites.

Look at the Western leaders.

Biden is a pedophile. So probably was Trump. Fidelito, Zelensky and Macron are homosexuals.

In contrast, Putin has banned the promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism.

Sexual dysphoria is an aspect of Satanism. It is anti-nature and anti-God.

(I have compassion for homosexuals. It's a developmental disorder.  They are victims. As children, they had too much mommy and not enough daddy.)

The West has acted like a woman spurned:  Stealing Russia's financial reserves. Blocking trade. Demonizing Putin & Russia.

Cutting off its own nose.

 The Western media pretends Ukraine is winning the war and concocts war crime atrocities.

female-defence.jpgThey have denied illegal bio-weapon research was being performed in Ukraine.

They think they can redefine reality according to their perversions.

A man decides he wants to be a woman? Sure no problem. This is insanity. But overruling nature, and Reality itself is what these psychopaths are all about.

 Russians who still have a firm grasp on reality versus the delusional, sexually dysfunctional West.

The reaction of female ruled Finland, Sweden and the Baltic countries is also very feminine. They all want to join NATO as if Russia poses a threat to them. Treating Russia as a domestic abuser will only increase tensions.

This war is a Reality Check.

Russia's victory is a decisive victory for humanity.


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Comments for "Makow- Russia Vs. West = Men Vs. Femmes "

Richard H said (March 31, 2022):

Ritter is a fool. He claimed, repeatedly, there was no active nuke program in Iraq, yet we discovered 122 tones of yellowcake. There was also a bioweapons program which we shut down. Saddam also had a very alrge stash of chemical weapons.

All of those things were denied by Ritter. We found them all. Ritter is simply spewing Putinist agitprop.

Putin has been a liar from before he stole Crimea or tried to stir a rebellion in The Donbas. He is losing his war now, in spite of what Ritter claims. He sent teams into kill or capture Zelensky, and they were all destroyed because of info from inside Putin's regime. The attempt to surround Kyiv failed. Every thrust has failed except the thrust from Donbas and Crimea, and they are being pushed back in the region of Kherson, and have as yet to take Mariupol.

If that is victory, then Ritter has a very strange definition of it.

The claim of Nazis running Ukraine is risible. Take a look at a few things:


Regarding Neo-Nazis, wiki search for "Russian National Unity Party" and be prepared for a shock if you select images. They have their own "Azov" division:
"In 2014, RNU members joined pro-Russian forces in Ukraine during the War in Donbass[14] under commandment of Pavel Gubarev.[15] In March and May 2014, Alexander Barkashov traveled to Eastern Ukraine and resided in Donetsk.[16] In a leaked audio recording from spring 2014, Barkashov consulted Dmitri Boitsov, the leader of the Russian Orthodox Army.[17] According to Barkahsov's words, his own son fought with a column of pro-Russian fighters against Ukraine.[18]"

The picture for Russia is grim, economically, demographically, and militarily. If Putin is wining, then it's the first time a winner was losing.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at