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The Hollywood/Cabalist Breeding Program -- Part 2

April 9, 2022

emma-stone.jpg(left, actress Emma Stone is supposedly the love child of Emmanuelle Seigner and Harrison Ford, conceived during the filing of Frantic in 1987.)

Every time a movie is made, so is a baby, a future star more often than not, and the ignorant masses celebrate, encourage, and enable this practice unwittingly as movie consumers.  ALL famous persons are not randomly born, they are bred and then adopted into occult families with reasonably similar looks.  When they hit a certain age they are "discovered" and put on the fast track to success.

  (Disclaimer- Frankly this stuff strikes me as nutty but it's an excuse to gossip and post pictures of movie stars.  Matrix hacker responded to this disclaimer by saying, "You called the ideas wacky but they are 100% true or I never would promote them to others.  I never thought anything I could put together would be too wacky for you so I take the wacky  comment as compliment!")

The Hollywood/Cabalist Breeding Program Part 1

By Matrix Hacker

The purpose of the Cabalist/Hollywood breeding program is to give us false idols to worship and emulate that entertain, corrupt, degrade, and distract us.
In the world of Hollywood breeding, researcher Susan Maureen Brandt (SMB) says that females typically are made to start breeding at about age 14 and males at about age 16. 

Further, celebrity pairings, both in film and "dating" that contain an age gap of 16 years or more should always be read as a clue that their "relationship" potentially is a parent-child relationship. 

Let's now examine Scarlett Johansson.  SMB says that she is the child bred by Robert Redford and Kim Basinger during the making of The Natural which was released in 1984, the year in which Scarlett was born.  Scarlett was later chosen to star alongside her father in The Horse Whisperer which was released in 1998, the year she turned 14.  Kristen Scott Thomas also starred in the film and she turned 38 that year.  Because all movies are a cover for breeding, one of them was used to breed a child with Robert Redford and it very well may have been Scarlett.

gqeneth.jpgAccording to SMB, Robert Redford is also the true father of Gwyneth Paltrow.  She says that Gwyneth was bred by Redford and Mia Farrow during the making of The Great Gatsby which was released in 1974. 

Gwyneth's "official" narrative states that she was born in 1972 but SMB says her birth date was tampered with and this was probably done because Gwyneth's adoptive mother, Blythe Danner, would have already been pregnant with Gwyneth's "brother" Jake Paltrow at the time that Gwyneth was born. 

The surname Paltrow offers a clue as to the identity of her true mother, Mia Farrow, because both of their surnames end in ROW and the fact that her first name begins with a G is also information pointing us back to the film which provided cover for her breeding -- GG or Great Gatsby.      

SMB says that Gwyneth's mother, Mia Farrow, is also the true mother of her ex-husband Chris Martin.  She believes that Chris Martin was bred by Mia and Audrey Hepburn's ex-husband Mel Ferrer who is also the true father of Mia. 

The parent-child connection that Mia Farrow and Mel Ferrer share is indicated by the fact that both have three letter first names starting with the letter M and six letter surnames starting with the letter F which also both contain a double R (RR) in the middle.  If we remove half the letters in Martin (RTN), we are left with MAI which is an anagram of Mia. 

SMB believes that Apple Martin is either the true daughter of both Chris and Gwyneth or at least one of the two of them.  But their "son" Moses is the child of neither, but rather a stand in child, a replacement baby.  SMB identified the true child Gwyneth produced and he was adopted into another famous family in which the father is also rock star like Chris.  I can't recall the name of the adoptive father or his wife. 

SMB also says that the very public case of postnatal depression that Gwyneth had following the birth of Moses Martin was due to the fact that the real Moses Martin was forcibly removed from her to be concealed among his adoptive family and replaced with the stand in Moses Martin.       

pitt.jpgRobert Redford is also the true father of Gwyneth's ex-boyfriend and ex-fiancé Brad Pitt which means that they, too, are half siblings.

 SMB says that Brad Pitt was bred by Redford and Jane Fonda during the filming of Barefoot in the Park (BP) and that his initials -- BP -- are the giveaway. 

A check of Brad Pitt's "official narrative," however, shows that he was born in late 1963 which was 3 1/2 years prior to the release of BP so his birthdate might also have been tweaked.

 However, it is equally likely that Brad Pitt was truly born in 1963, prior to the making of the film BP, and his initials are simply serving to direct us to where, in film, to look to identify his true parents.


In my next article I will show you that both Paul Newman and his grandson Ashton Kutcher were also bred prior to when their parents met, at least according to the "official" narratives.  Brad and Gwyneth "dated" starting in 1994, became engaged in 1996, and broke up in 1997.  Their "relationship" window of '94-'97 would have served as a cover for their breeding secret "double star babies."  Brad, like his 1/2 sister Scarlett, was also chosen to star alongside their father in film and the movie they made was Spy Game, released in 2001.          

 jen-a-9.jpgBrad Pitt's ex-wife Jennifer Aniston, born in 1969, is also his half-sister because she is the child bred by Jane Fonda and Gig Young during the making of the 1969 film They Shoot Horses Don't They?  Here is a clue:  Jane is an anagram of Jen A. 

The "official" narrative of Jen and Brad is that they met briefly in 1994, began "dating" in 1998, got engaged in 1999, and married in 2000.  In 2004, right when Jen said she wanted to have a baby with her husband/brother, he cheated (i.e. bred) on her with Angelina Jolie during the filming of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  So, "officially," Jen and Brad never bred children together, but, unofficially they very most certainly did and '94-'95 and '98-2004 would have been the most likely windows in which they produced those children beyond the smokescreen of their "meeting" and "relationship" which are believable covers for their breeding-behind-the-scenes for the Cabalists who, in their role as puppet masters, also bred them and made them famous.  

I want to conclude by naming the the true parents of a popular movie star, three movie stars in total, that I was able to piece together as comprising an unofficial family genetically by employing the methods of SMB. 

Emma Stone is who caught my interest because to my eye she has the kind of looks that cute girls possess around age 12 and usually outgrow by age 17-19. 

stone-emma.jpgBut Emma Stone, at age 33 now, has never outgrown her good looks and, if anything, she has only improved with age.  So, naturally, I wanted to know who gave her these good looks.  First I took note of her official birth year which is 1988.  Then I looked at a list of all major Hollywood movies released in 1988 and scanned the names of all the stars with the aim of noting those that might posses looks similar to Emma's.  But there was really only one set of potential parents in the end because it was so obvious at this point who they were. 

Emmanuelle Seigner and Harrison Ford starred together in the Roman Polanski film Frantic which was released in 1988 and they undoubtedly bred Emma during this film.  Emma bears an uncanny resemblance to Emmanuelle, the name Emma is a truncation of Emmanuelle, and mother and daughter bear identical initials -- E.S.  

This one was easy and you, too, can train your minds to find the clues that the Cabalists have provided for us because they are all hiding in plain sight and waiting to be discovered.  The Hollywood breeding program is merely the most modern version of the Cabalist breeding program. 


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