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Headlines for April 26 - We're Sleepwalking to Nuclear Catastrophe - Lavrov

April 25, 2022

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Biden's Jews Want World War III - A proxy war has begun

"This is our principled position. We start from it," Lavrov said. However, the risks of nuclear war are now "very significant. I don't want them artificially inflated. There are many who would wish for it. The danger is serious, real. It cannot be underestimated."

Russia's top diplomat compared the current situation to the 1962 Cuban missile crisis - the Caribbean Crisis, as it is known in Moscow. Back then, he said there weren't many "written" rules, but the implicit rules of conduct were clear for both Washington and Moscow to follow.

"In those years, there was a channel of communication that both leaders trusted. Now there is no such channel. Nobody is trying to create it. Separate timid attempts made at an early stage did not give much result," Lavrov said.

In place of the implicit rules of that era, Lavrov said, today "rules are a buzzword the US and its allies use when they are required to behave 'nicely.'"

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin says the US aim is to make Russia so weak it can't invade another country again


Israel Promotes "Ukraine is George Floyd" Message With Giant "Ukraine Can't Breathe" Banner

Eventually they all just meld together - Covid, Vaccines, Floyd George, 9-11, Ukraine - "We place the spectacles on the goyim noses," the Protocols boasted.  Remember that poor migrant child that washed ashore wearing photogenic blue shorts and red shirt?

Nearly 20 US food plants have been damaged or destroyed over the last year or so, around the same time supply chain breakdowns already began shorting the US food supply.

Russians destroy munitions before Ukrainians can sell it.

Multiple billions of dollars worth in several buildings.  The whole ball of wax. American light anti tank weapons. American mortars. Old Ukranian stock. Stuff Ukraine was assembling. Stuff from other EU countries. Huge anti tank missiles. Huge anti aircraft or whatever else missiles. Even Russian stuff. An entire warehouse full of spent casings to be reloaded. THE WHOLE BALL OF WAX, - AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, The Ukranian forces abandoned this which means they had no ability to relocate it before being overtaken. That means they are losing. There are enough weapons in this stache to win a war against a major power, the discovery was THAT BIG.
It is not just the first warehouse full at the beginning, they go through multiple warehouses and prove NATO is supplying Ukraine with a dream stache.

aslavewaits.jpgNigeria showed that cell phones are tools of control by limiting the service of 73 million SIM cards in cell phones, more than a third of the 198 million in Nigeria, and barring them from making outgoing calls because they have not been registered in the national digital identity database.


Members of Congress, their Aides and Federal Courts are Exempt from Vaccine Mandate!

What more do you need to know???


Paul Joseph Watson is Excellent -- Contrasts the simpering campaign to "support Ukraine" with the fact that the war is impoverishing many people who can't afford spiking gas prices.


A National Vaccine Passport Has Quietly Rolled Out - And Red States Are Joining


The World Health Organization is Building a Global Vaccine Passport


votingisfiction1.jpgElection fraud in France.

The screenshot was taken 30 minutes before the end of voting. She was on the verge of winning. 30 minutes later, she lost by a margin of over 10%.

Did LePen take a fall, like Trump by conceding??

Jim Stone- This said, Trump is a traitor too, and Le Pen as well. It's all a Sadducee vs. Pharisee theater, with gullible sheeples as spectators !

Dominion Voting Systems (DVS) working its "magic" during the elections in the US, Canada, and yesterday in France.
Look at the Le Pen numbers: more than 14,4 million at 21h20, and then, o miracle, at 22h45 she had only 11,6 million votes left. This is clearly impossible. In any case, worst case, she should have stayed at these 14,6 million, and Macron should have gained extra millions of votes from Overseas voters. But 2/3 of those are Le Pen voters. So what happened? How did Macron get some 5 million more votes AFTER 22h45. Impossible! It is obvious that millions of LePen votes got eliminated from the count in between 21h20 and 22h45 to make up "in advance" the previsible loss of Macron after the Overseas count. ... Wake up !

Look, it started off as a Le Pen win, but then the infamous algorithm took 3 million votes out, flipping them to Macron, or, worse, simply eliminating them from the count !!!   It it not me, but the News Networks who give the numbers. Just start to think. All electronically managed elections are fraud ! We are all gullible sheeple, casting votes for nothing !

married-to-jews.pngDoctor Who Warns of Covid Vax Dangers Says Pfizer Offered Him $1 Million to Shut UP


Movie about the Holomodor has not has the attention it deserves


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may have put a bull's-eye on special perks that Walt Disney Co. has enjoyed in his state for more than 50 years, but he's keeping his hands off hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks recently lavished on the entertainment giant.


Cardiologist says 30 percent of vaccinated pilots would fail health screenings due to vaccine injuries

If passengers actually knew what was going on at the airlines and the FAA, they would be livid, and everyone would be jumping on a class action suit against all of them," he said.


polis.jpgJewish and Gay, Jared Polis

Colorado Governor Jared Polis Signs Bill Legalizing Abortion Up Until Birth

"A fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus does not have independent or derivative rights under the laws of this state."


Trump continues to SHILL for the "vaccines"

Parents File Lawsuit Accusing School Of Secretly Transitioning Their Kids To The Opposite Gender


Poking Holes in the Brain-Blood Barrier. Is that such a good idea?

Vaccine Safety Myth - Current Covid vaccines inevitably stimulate immune attacks against the BBB risking neuro-degenerative illnesses like Alzheimer Disease


Discrimination is OK as long as favors deviants.

Canadian university (Waterloo) advertises for tenure track research chair in its Faculty of Environment - but only women or people who identify as transgender, non-binary or two-spirit are allowed to apply

The Scamdemic: Total Bullshit from day one. Orchestrated & Executed by Rothschild Jewry/Globalists. The PCR "test" was exposed as fraudulent early on but continued being used. Now it's been discontinued because it was total Bullshit!

Many heads need to roll over this crime against Humanity!

musk-exorcist.pngMusk buys twitter

I was banned by Twatter and won't return unless I get an apology and personal invitation from Elon himself!


EXPOSED: Full List of Klaus Schwab's Next Generation of WEF Young Global Traitors



"We should start considering the possibility that space-based weaponry is being used against Russian oil and chemical plants as well as against US food processing facilities. Dmitry Rogozin clearly suspects some such development in the mysterious fire at the Russian space center in Tver. His order to Russian pilots to stop using GPS, as well as this threat to any power attacking Russian satellites are additional clues that some such development is at hand. Jim stone thinks that space-based weaponry may have been used against the Moskva. There have been very reasonable questions about the mysterious fires in California that left trees intact and burned out houses neatly."

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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