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Cabalist Breeding Program -- Is Brad Pitt the Son of Robert Redford?

April 22, 2022

Every time a movie is made, so is a baby, a future star more often than not, and the ignorant masses celebrate, encourage, and enable this practice unwittingly as movie consumers.  ALL famous persons are not randomly born, they are bred and then adopted into occult families with reasonably similar looks.  When they hit a certain age they are "discovered" and put on the fast track to success.

by Matrix Hacker

 A reader asked me to explain why Brad Pitt and his "brother" Doug bear such a striking resemblance to one another.  The question arose because I had stated that Brad was bred by Robert Redford and Jane Fonda and adopted into the home of an unrelated cult family to disguise his bloodlines.  The conclusion I came to was that, among other possibilities, Doug might also have been bred by Redford and Fonda.  Then Henry alerted me to an article that had been written about Doug and, by analyzing it, the scales tipped in favor of a definitive answer as to his breeding.       

Upon looking the article over, what immediately struck me was that both of Brad's true parents were boldly named.  Jane was named as being his mother.  Jane is both the name of Brad's adoptive mother and his true mother Jane Fonda.  It matters not that the Jane being referred to was his adoptive mother because Jane also happens to be the name of his true mother. 

Jane Etta Pitt was bred by the cult to breed two children that would be swapped for two of Jane Fonda's biological children and this is most probably why she was named "Jane." This "synchronicity" is a clue and a minor show of the occult truth that "events don't just happen, they are made to happen."

The article then named Robert Redford under the guise of telling the story that Doug and his wife had attended the NYC premier of the film directed by Redford, A River Runs Through It, and starring Brad way back in 1992.  But this particular article was telling the story of Doug and not Brad which told me that an admission was being made that Doug is also the biological son of Jane Fonda and Robert Redford. 

The article then went on to detail how Robert Redford kissed  Doug's wife at the premier of the movie.  The show of affection was quite appropriate given that Doug's wife is the biological daughter-in-law of Robert Redford in addition to being the mother of some of his grandchildren. 

This article led me to make my final conclusion:  Doug Pitt is, indeed, the child bred by Redford and Fonda during the filming of the movie The Chase which was released the year that Doug was born.     

pitt-family.jpgPart and parcel of the official Pitt family narrative is that William Alvin Pitt (WAP), the "father" or Brad and Doug, was born into poverty and this information inserts into their story a "rags to riches" narrative.  This part of the narrative is true to a very distorted extent given to how the Satanic cult operates. 

WAP was bred by the cult for the specific purpose of becoming a cult breeder and swapping two of his biological children for those of Robert Redford who he would then raise and pretend to have sired.  As a precursor to fulfilling his cult-created destiny, he was either bred by cult family that was poor or adopted into an unrelated cult family that was poor and subjected to a hard-scrabble life.  

The childhood experience that was chosen for him provided just the kind of psychological conditioning that made him vulnerable as an adult to putting himself in service of the Satanic cult (i.e. selling his soul to the Devil) for monetary gain.  Huge financial rewards are extended to those who raise children who are not theirs and have important future roles to act out on the world stage.  The article about Doug reveals that his "father" developed a 40-home gated subdivision so that the Pitt family could live there in safety and evade the paparazzi and the streets were even named after members of the Pitt family.  So, you see, WAP did live a real "rags to riches" story but none of was accidental and he didn't earn his fortune through his "official" career of running a trucking firm like we are supposed to believe.

NOTES-- Brad Pitt has a "brother" that looks almost actually like him, not famous, with a stable family. How do you explain that? 

Hollywood celebrities are bred by a Satanic cult and the narratives that purport to tell their stories are similar to those that explain world events -- there is always an "official" version which is in diametric opposition to the Truth.  Official versions of celebrity narratives promote a fairy-tale notion that movie-star looks and talent are randomly distributed throughout society.  Consequently, they mislead us into believing that each of us has an equal chance in life of achieving fame and success.  

     The purpose of these fictional narratives is to cause us to be "asleep" or ignorant of reality.  Failing to "wake up" communicates to our Satanic overlords that we love the world of illusion that they create for us and that we want them to persist in deceiving us which also grants them permission to proceed with their stated goal of bringing to fruition a Totalitarian New World Order.  Choosing to awaken from our slumber informs them that we no longer consent to them perpetuating a fictional world for us to experience and sending this message, ultimately, is our objective.

     Disabusing ourselves of the false notion that incestuous breeding results in deformities and realizing these breeding practices are employed in the present day then gives us "eyes to see."  And what do we then see?  We see that a myriad of clues are hiding in plain sight for us to discover and interpret in the interest of deconstructing official celebrity narratives and apprehending the truth beyond these illusions.  Satanists operate according to the occult principle that they can lie to us as much as they want so long as they make the truth available to those who sincerely wish to find it.  Our challenge is to train our minds to "read between the lines" to find the truth because Satanists never hand it to us on a silver platter. 

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Comments for "Cabalist Breeding Program -- Is Brad Pitt the Son of Robert Redford?"

MB said (April 23, 2022):

Love reading these articles by Matrix Hacker as they actually explain so much about current events!

Matrix Hacker mentions Harry Potter detailing the idea of babies being adopted into other families at birth, but Game of Thrones (a much more recent TV series) really brings the concept of incest to the fore, and based on Matrix Hacker’s articles, I don’t believe this was by accident. In fact, the whole premise of the show (a bastard born of incest then being made king, this incest becoming public knowledge which then sparks several wars) is based entirely on this topic!

Given the hype around the series and the fame George RR Martin has received for the show and books, I suspect that he has been assisted with, if not entirely gifted and then taken credit for, the entire plot for Game of Thrones. It is again a case of the “Powers that Be” showing the truth to us in plain sight as to how the world really works, yet we still fail to see the obvious.

As Matrix Hacker discusses, while the show promotes the idea of incest between members the previously ruling family, the Targaryans, which enabled them to retain power for generations (as is what has been happening in reality), it then slightly discounts this idea by showing full sibling relations occasionally causing madness; this same madness led to a revolution against the Targaryens and their eventual downfall.

Thanks for the great content, as always.

JC said (April 21, 2022):

here's how i got into this topic - through porn, and i wrote a few articles about it which i will include here

so brad pitt ties in because if in 2017 you're already looking for this sort of thing and you're a huge leo fan when once upon a time in hollywood drops it hits you like a brick that leo is jack's son - the poster in the driveway is the giveaway plus leo does jack's eyebrow thing at the bar

so it just flowed from there that brad was redford's kid - the hair is the giveaway there

such a great topic - oh and rebecca volpetti bears a striking resemblance to Sarah Michelle Gellar who is major porn star - you know, they're not gonna make selma and sarah famous with their iconic cruel intentions lesbian kissing scene without extracting a pound of flesh, or in this case eggs

that's the real story - some of the biggest porn stars in the world are the biological daughters of major hollywood starlets

keep on the great work

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