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Australia Engaged in Another Meaningless Election

May 14, 2022

4770.jpgTweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee, Anthony Albanese and Scott Morrison 

After the Australian government has sodomized
the Australian people for two years
with the covid hoax and gratuitous lockdowns,
you'd think there'd be a major backlash.
No such luck.
The covid bullshit is hardly an issue.
Australians love being sodomized.
Certainly, they can look forward to more.

The 2022 Australian federal election will be held on 21 May 2022 to elect members of the 47th Parliament of Australia.

The incumbent Liberal-National Coalition government, led by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, is seeking to win a fourth consecutive term in office. They will be challenged by the opposition, the Labor Party, led by Anthony Albanese. The Greens, United Australia, One Nation, other minor parties, and independent politicians will also contest the election. All 151 seats in the lower house, the House of Representatives, and 40 of the 76 seats in the upper house, the Senate, will be up for election.

Will Australia's preferential system of voting  ensure representation for smaller parties?

by Matt
(Actually two readers named Matt)

The election is next weekend (21st May); however, it really is a battle between Tweedle Dee (Scott Morrison) and Tweedle Dum (Anthony Albanese); much of the focus appears to be on spending (majority being allocated to marginal electorates - a fault of democracy); neither party will do anything of note about current immigration, government debt, the UN and other global institutions, etc.

 Scott Morrison also continues to turn his back on the Liberal Party's conservative voting base, vowing to implement "net zero" by 2050:

Note that this was a key issue in the previous federal election (Labor's policy was just insane and sought "net zero" well before 2050).

Naturally, neither major party (Liberals and Labor) are touching lockdowns and vaccine mandates; however, some minor parties are including this in their election pitch:

Note that the United Australia Party is controlled by a billionaire businessman, Clive Palmer (one wonders about his connections), while One Nation is controlled by Pauline Hanson who some suspect is just controlled opposition (still, this is better than none at all).

andrews.jpgWorkplace mandates are still inexplicably in place across the country, but some have been dropped owing to staff and employee shortages.  The only state which is still clinging to vaccine mandates is Victoria (the epicentre of the NWO in Australia) via its insane premier, Daniel Andrews:

I generally won't be fussed which major party wins the election (as there's unlikely to any material shift barring how public money is spent); my main focus will be in the minor parties on the right such as United Australia Party, One Nation, etc., as they still have some potential to win Senate spots; I've also read articles which suggest around 1 in 3 voters would vote for minor parties (i.e. would avoid both Liberals and Labor), which is just huge and indicates a general level of discontent across the country.

Our State Government appears to be getting desperate with "vaccines", suggesting that the actual uptake in "vaccines" and boosters is well below the supposed 90% rate trumpeted by the media:

As an unvaxxed person, I've had my "freedoms" back since the 23rd of April. My guess is that (Victoria Gauleiter) Daniel Andrews will be back with a vengeance after the dust of the Federal election has settled. They have stepped back to only go hard later on is the feeling truthers have.
It also looks like it will be Labor government at Federal level. As sleepy and useless as Liberal are, a Labor/Greens government is worst case scenario.

Anyone pro-freedom is sick to death of Labor and Liberal though. Liberal recently introduced a digital identity bill to parliament, so the very few genuine freedom lovers within the Liberal Party by now have almost all jump ship to say One Nation or Liberal Democrats, or United Australia.

The best I can hope for is a hung parliament to keep anything completely terrible to account. Or see One Nation voted for across Australia. Being In Melbourne, I have been helping out the Liberal Democrats Party (LDP).

United Australia Party is heavily resourced, but is seen as dodgy, with possibly strong links back to the Liberal Party (false opposition?). Yet it is an option to perhaps get out of the fire.

David-Limbrick-MP-3737200357.jpgLDP has a genuine chance of getting a Victorian Senate seat in the Federal Government (David Limbrick - who fought hard against Daniel Andrews.)

In other words, Limbrick has quit the state jurisdiction and is running for a Federal seat. He was part of the rebel parliament after he was banned from entering. Although I'm supporting LDP, it's not socially conservative.

I am more socially conservative, but I'm just doing here what I can do. I believe there will be a swing towards freedom parties. There has been a campaign to put majors last and freedom parties first. Our preferential system could be used for an advantage if done correctly.
The mainstream news really only covers Labor, Liberal and Greens - that is part of the control mechanism, and of course there is endless corruption to keep them in forever - for example, their funding -

People are of the perception that only Labor or the Coalition (Liberal/ National) can keep hold of government, so by the generations, they hold a duopoly.
At an appearance in Melbourne, Senator Pauline Hanson had a heated message for Victoria Premier, Daniel Andrews:

"You've taken away the people's rights. You can't do that. I will fight you every inch of the way. You have no right to control people's lives or their businesses. You are a disgrace to being a politician. I believe that you need to go".


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