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Headlines for May 19 -- We're Dealing with the Devil

May 18, 2022


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It's rare we come face-to-face with pure evil. It's happening on a daily basis but we're in denial. We are in a death struggle with the Devil.

 The Devil is our governments which have been subverted. Anyone who supports the covidscam, "vaccines", Ukraine and the shibboleths of the Left - the WEF, WHO, UN, Agenda 2030, globalism, BLM, migration, CRT, gender dysphoria etc. -- is wittingly or unwittingly an agent of the Devil.

We are in denial. We are up against Pure Evil.

What does the Devil look like? Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Clinton's, Bushes, George Soros, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Anthony Fauci, Fidelito, BoJo, Macron. Their hatred of Christian civilization mirrors the hatred Cabalist Jews feel for the goyim.

The central banking cartel is the economic heart and bloodstream of society. Our corrupt ancestors gave Satanists (Cabalist Jews and their Masonic flunkies) our national credit cards. What does anyone do with stolen credit cards?  The bankers maxed them out with gratuitous wars and phony pandemics. They bought everything and everyone. Most people have literally sold their soul to these Satan worshippers.

The bloodstream is poisoned. Mankind is doomed unless we stand behind Vladimir Putin and refuse to comply! The Satanists have crossed every red line. No one has called them on it until ... Russia.

Our national leaders are literally shit-on-a-stick. They are criminals, traitors and perverts.  Look at the corruption Hunter Biden, bagman for his dad, has been up to. 128,000 laptop emails released.  

Hunter Biden became so addicted to illicit sexual thrills that he once spent $11,400 on a single night of debauchery at a New York strip club and shelled out more than $21,000 to one adult 'live cam' adult website.

Jason-Kennney-review-1-2.jpg(This is what happens to WEF pawns. Good riddance to the man who betrayed the truckers at Coutts!)

The traitor Alberta Premier Jason Kenney quits after disappointing showing in leadership review.

The plandemic is just a club to beat Canadian citizens over the head.

Unvaccinated Ukrainians will be exempt from all vaccine travel mandates and allowed to enter and leave Canada freely. But unvaccinated Canadians can't.


Florida Governor Groups Canada with Cuba and other Marxist Totalitarian States
schumer-pelosi.jpg(Shit on a stick)

The US Senate voted to move forward a bill to provide Ukraine with another $40 billion. Only 11 senators voted against, all of them Republicans. Nobody knows exactly where this money will go, but you can be sure: this is just the beginning.

Behind the scenes, the leaders of both parties agreed that yes, we are at war with Russia, that we will fight this war "until victory" , although no one wants to clearly explain what this victory should look like, and that the US authorities are ready to spend up to 3 trillion dollars to defeat Russia.

Translated in Chrome

Vaccinated emit MAC addresses on Bluetube

Phenomenon confirmed and explained, multiple applications

Michael Flynn plans to sue the DOJ, FBI and Barrack Obama
500,000 Germans Severely Injured By COVID-19 Vaccines, Survey By Top Hospital Shows

UK inflation hits 9% on back of soaring energy costs

sri-lanka-6.jpgCRISIS IN SRI LANKA, No Gas, No Food, Country is Bankrupt, Politicians Being Beat, Murdered, Gov Buildings on Fire, Over 3000 killed in last 24 hours

Reddit -"Politicians all over the world should take notice, you had a great ride, the time to pay is rapidly approaching-you might be able to salvage something by stepping up, exposing those guilty in this world wide plan to destroy our lives. once the shtf-my guess is it will be far too late, and you cant hide forever-if at all."


Truckers Suing City of Ottawa

DEL RIO, Texas-Border officials processed a record 260,450 illegal and inadmissible aliens during April, according to newly released Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data.

More than 202,300 illegal border crossers were apprehended by Border Patrol agents, while an additional 58,140 individuals presented themselves at ports of entry-21,137 of whom were Ukrainians.

The numbers are an increase of almost 68 percent over fiscal 2021 numbers, which was a record-breaking year on its own.

The number of apprehensions is markedly higher than any April on record, including during the past 10 years, when apprehensions ranged from a low of 11,000 in 2017 to 99,273 in 2019-until last year when April hit 173,701.

Border Patrol agents in Texas are the busiest, with more than 128,000 arrests during April-an average of 4,260 per day. Along the whole southwest border, agents are apprehending an average of 6,700 illegal aliens per day.--

pelosi-son.pngWHO's Pandemic Treaty is A Clear and Present Threat to Democracy

The World Health Organisation ("WHO") and the World Economic Forum ("WEF") begin a four-day meeting on Sunday as they continue to close the net on your right to choose.

    The WHO has launched a plan for a so-called Pandemic Treaty which would give it unprecedented, undemocratic jurisdiction over its 194 member nations, including the UK.

    Under the treaty, the WHO could order mandatory vaccines, digital health IDs, lockdowns, isolation, testing regimes, no-jab-no-job rules, or anything else it decided as policy, irrespective of dissenting voices. If the UK signed up, the Government would lose any sovereign power to decide this country's fate in the event of another pandemic, or other health issues.


 Russia-Ukraine Peace Talks Not Happening in 'Any Form' as Ukraine Toughens Stance

In recent weeks, the leaders of France, Germany, and Italy have all come out in favor of a negotiated solution to end the war, but Washington does not appear to be on board with the idea. When asked about the US's position on negotiations, Biden administration officials have said they feel the best way they could help Ukraine is by supporting them militarily.

Medinsky said that Ukrainian negotiators had agreed to much of the draft deal Russia proposed but said other factions of the Ukrainian government were likely against the agreement. "But they probably represent that part of the Ukrainian elite that is most interested in reaching a peace agreement," he said. "There is probably another part of the elite that doesn't want peace, and that draws direct financial and political benefit from a continuation of the war."

From a reader--- "Someone -a male friend got a severe case of COVID about a year and half ago; he was hospitalized and the only option was Remdesivir as treatment. My Friend was having trouble breathing   He is awake and he did not want the Vaccine but did not know much about Remdesivir.  He took remdesivir for a day or two; then started to get better then ran out of the hospital as soon as he could. Now still vaccine free -he just discovered yesterday -I was with him when he got the call from the doctor

 -He has serious Kidney failure and damage -growths on his kidneys that are blocking functioning. He has lost weight -lost his appetite -His Kidneys slowly slowly started to stop functioning

Nightmare. -They are hell bent on killing us -if they don't get you this way they gettcha another way
I also discovered yesterday a dear male friend in Germany died -by suicide -just couldn't handle the whole nightmare --money -work isolation pressures

So sad -- We need to continue the battle for justice and freedom from tyranny."

Biden's 'Disinfo' Board Paused, 'Scary Poppins' Drafts Resignation

The Department of Homeland Security has 'paused' it's newly created Disinformation Governance Board, after its head, Nina Jankowicz, was called out for being a Russiagate truther, and going full "libs of TikTok" with creepy Disney-themed songs in a fake British accent - lending to the nickname "Scary Poppins."


schumer-pelosi-floyd.jpgMore than two thirds of CEOs think Fed's war on inflation will trigger a recession - and one in 10 fears a severe 'hard-landing' slump, poll reveals

    A new survey reveals that CEO confidence in the economy has dropped to its lowest point since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic
    The survey, conducted by The Conference Board, found that 68% of CEOs surveyed fear that the economy is headed for a recession
    CEOs surveyed say they fear that the Federal Reserve's efforts to quell soaring inflation will trigger the recession
    11% of CEOs surveyed say they fear a deep 'hard-landing' recession, while the rest expected only a mild recession
IRAN: Digital Food Rationing Rolls Out Using Biometric IDs Amid Food Riots - Truth Comes to Light

Iran is set to be the first country to roll out a food rationing scheme based on new biometric IDs.

Where vaccine passports failed, food passports will now be eagerly accepted by hungry people who can't afford rapidly inflating food prices.

This is the realization of a longstanding agenda by the Rockefeller/UN/WEF crowd to, as Kissinger put it, "control food, and control people."
Moni worked in china as a teacher for a couple of years, she describes how people are being locked up in their apartments, not being given any food, unable to set foot outside to forage for food for fear of arrest and incarceration.  (Credit Jim Stone)
Reader---"This video was posted 2 weeks ago by US Army Special Operations Forces (SOF) recruitment entities. It is a fully legitimate military recruitment commercial.  As you know, military recruitment videos pull at young peoples desire to belong but they are also used as weathervanes, pointing the direction in which our Handlers plan to take us. This video gives me the feeling of "join us or be part of the carnage that's coming".


shit-stains.jpgInsolvent companies received millions in unrecoverable COVID wage subsidies

"How many companies that received the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy have since gone bankrupt?" asked an Inquiry Of Ministry. The Agency replied that 750 insolvent firms received payments.

According to Blacklock's Reporter, when asked, "What is the total amount of subsidy received by the companies?" The Agency said payments to the 750 insolvent firms totaled $145.9 million.

Of the 750 bankrupts, almost half were tax delinquents before they successfully applied for taxpayers' aid. The inquiry said 352 owed back taxes to the Canada Revenue Agency when they were sent the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy payments.


 Russia kicks out Canadian state media

Moscow has cancelled the CBC's accreditation in retaliation for Ottawa's ban on RT


Canadian military purging anyone with a pair of testicles.

The Canadian military is facing a crisis of leadership. In a span of 18 months, over a dozen of the most senior members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) have been dismissed, placed on leave, or charged due to an explosion of sexual misconduct allegations. This MeToo movement that has swept through the armed forces has triggered radical changes within the military. Some of these changes are much needed, and many guilty of sexual misconduct are being brought to justice. However, the evidence shows that the prime minister's office and the CAF have known about many of these allegations for years.

The CAF has been struggling to reform its reputation for decades after reports of widespread sexual assault surfaced. Yet recently many senior officers have been removed despite being cleared of the allegations. Why has there been a sudden removal of the senior leaders of the CAF over the past 18 months?

The Trudeau government has used the #MeToo movement to push through radical, woke reforms of the Canadian military. Trudeau Is Purging the Canadian Military


Sabbatean Frankists- Tracing the Satanists to their Source

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Headlines for May 19 -- We're Dealing with the Devil"

MM said (May 19, 2022):

The overall state of affairs is not looking well. Faced with the pure Evil and Satan himself, the ordinary folk in North America (i.e., the White middle class) is mentally and spiritually paralyzed. Not all of them, but a very good chunk. Decades of the Jew Hollywood propaganda, professional “sports”, a long-time rotten to-the-bone two-party system in the US, and other social drugs have been poisoning the minds of the millions in the US, rendering them blind to this final destruction of the US/Canada as we know them.

A fraction of the US population which constitutes roughly 2% of the US citizens (Jews) controls every aspect of our everyday life - finances, health, politics, media, etc. Brother Nathanael is doing his best to open up peoples’ eyes, but it seems he’s got a rather limited number of them who are willing to listen and get awoken.

Not even Tucker Carlson would dare to venture there and encroach on the dangerous “red line zone” when it comes to Jewish supremacy in the US.

The treacherous Fox News keeps pretending to be a “non-mainstream” conservative media outlet, while they openly support the Jew Mafia-financed Nazis in Ukraine and keep peddling the same trite cliché regarding “midterm elections” or any other elections in the US for that matter. The name of this game is nothing else but the perpetuation of the corrupt & completely worn-out political system run by the Jewish banksters on Wall Street and in the so-called Federal Reserves.

The rest of the media outlets are openly working for Satan. If they are not spewing globalist/transgender agendas at a particular moment, they will entertain us with “reality shows” where Kardashians and other celebrity whores will be teaching our girls how to get out and fuck as many (colored) dudes as they can. Or they will let us listen to the Jew witch Joy Behar and her black Jew wannabe lap-dog Whoopie.

Arrow said (May 19, 2022):

A quote from the article: "Our national leaders are literally shit-on-a-stick. They are criminals, traitors and perverts." I'll forego the furious rant that sometimes results from pondering the "big show" and suggest that you expand your gaze and look at the building-blocks of the pyramid in order to determine that which allows them to continue their crimes. Granted the "system" is dysfunctional in it's entirety, but we must take a closer look at the machine in order to determine what's in place that allows the "Great Satan" to continue to operate unchecked.

Remove one part of the assembly and the entire house of cards will come tumbling down. The fake money system is an example, e.g., IMF, BIS; and is destined to be the impetus for such a "calamity"... and it looks as though it's set to self-destruct. We all know that this is by design so that (((they))) can institute another Ponzi scheme under cover of darkness so that (((they))) can continue (((their))) crimes on another level. One question that we must ask ourselves is, since every so-called system of governance (control) that has been established has failed, why does mankind continually allow (((them))) to replace it with another? But we already know the answer to that.

I've ruined a number of brain cells pondering such, and would suggest that the "black-robed cult" is an integral part of the "cause" and is an integral link that should be studied in order to get a clear comprehension of the evil that we're facing. The DOJ, the Supremes, and all attorneys are part of the same team. Clearly this is spiritual battle... Good vs. Evil. Just some thoughts and a note of encouragement to keep 'em coming. I check the website first thing every morning.


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