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Headlines for May 12 - China Has Become a Dystopian Nightmare

May 11, 2022

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Xi Jingping's Obscene Lockdown Power Grab

"You can't understand CCP values if you are a normal human being with normal IQ and normal moral standard."

Xi Jinping's "zero COVID" policy is inflicting unimaginable, gratuitous suffering on the Chinese people, and harm to the economy.

In China now, the "enemy" is anyone who resists the absurd covid policies.  You must watch this video.
People are being locked in their apartments with no food. If someone in a building tests positive, they are sending everyone on the floors above and below to primitive quarantine camps where sickness could easily break out under normal circumstances. This is an extreme version of what people have faced worldwide and what we could experience in the future.
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Imagine every room in your home being fumigated with some poisonous chemical by people who just walk in and do their thing.  And the same goes on everywhere in public spaces and on the streets...   When micro-biome is annihilated, there will be no human life either.


I love how he admitted "You can't do whatever you want, unless you're in America. This is China" (6:00)


Lets ask the important question: where were all these road walls, fences etc made and/or stored?
I'd think with the 10s of miles of fencing/walls that were stored in a warehouse somewhere in preparation for this.
Too bad that even in China, nobody leaked this info out as it'd be a clear indicator something like this was going to happen.
GDP is zero when the country is locked down.
Supply chains are broken. Companies that thought of off-shoring jobs and manufacturing was a good idea are now rethinking that strategy and are planning to move jobs and manufacturing closer to their customers.

Another video from China

American leaves China after 65-day lockdown; China residents' homes destroyed after disinfection"

EU Drops Air Travel Face Mask Mandate + More

The Defender's Big Brother NewsWatch brings you the latest headlines related to governments' abuse of power, including attacks on democracy, civil liberties and use of mass surveillance.


pregnant-ken.jpg(If men can get pregnant, then they must have periods too. Do they get three days a month too?)

Women will be offered three days 'menstrual leave' every month in Spain under plans set to be approved next week

I wonder if this will result in fewer women getting jobs?


Legal forms for fighting the madness


Antibody-Dependent Enhancement: Covid-19 Case/Hospitalisation/Death Rates now highest among Triple Vaccinated in Trudeau's Canada

This record-breaking number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths has actually been a pandemic of the fully vaccinated, and not just because the majority are vaccinated either.


Force Majeure! 33% less gas for Europe! This is how Zelensky thanks Western Europe for its support: Ukraine blocks gas transit in Luhansk region


Russia REVEALS ALL in Bombshell BioLabs Briefing - Inside Russia Report

NATO was engaging in lethal biowarfare preparations right on Russia's doorstep.
The crypto bubble bursts... but is it a sign of a stock market crash to come? Digital investors lose fortunes as Ethereum loses 20% of its value in 24 hours, Luna drops NINETY-EIGHT per cent and Coinbase warns customers may lose ALL their money

    Ethereum has plunged 20 per cent in 24 hours as part of the latest crypto crash
    Bitcoin has also plunged 11.24 per cent as investors suffer heavy losses
    Luna, another large cryptocurrency, lost almost all of its value overnight
    Despite the downturn, traditional tech stocks are faring even worse
    Amazon has lost 30 per cent of its value in just one month of trading


target-trans.pngTarget launches trans merchandise for kids as well as chest binders, 'packing underwear'

The Pride Adult TOMBOYX Compression Top "is designed to keep you comfortable while letting you be your best self."


Canada's governing party has had a long-term connection to Ukrainian fascists

In previous articles, Thierry Meyssan has shown how the Banderites, collaborators of the worst Nazi atrocities in Ukraine and Poland, came to power in Kiev, in the young independent Ukraine. He shows here that, for eighty years, Banderite immigrants have been embedded in the Canadian Liberal Party to the point of occupying the number two position in Justin Trudeau's current government.


Modern tiny house for only $15K

Elon Musk Rabbit Hole


BREAKING: Senate Democrats fail to pass federal pro-abortion law

The legislation failed to reach the 60-vote threshold required to pass in the evenly divided Senate chamber.

Russia attacked Ukraine as a response of their intention to join NATO.
The super-idiots of Finland and Sweden therefore thinks it's a really good idea to join NATO now.

Scott Ritter on Finland and Sweden on joining NATO


"This too will Pass"

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Headlines for May 12 - China Has Become a Dystopian Nightmare "

JG said (May 12, 2022):

What's happening in China now is house arrest without a teather.

The Chinese public are not stupid people. The picture is becoming clearer to them.

I don't even think these orders are coming from the Chinese government itself .

Someone with a lot of influence over China must be mandating this chaos.

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