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Headlines May 24, 2022 - China Breaks with the WEF over Russia

May 23, 2022

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Just when reading about the collapse of the West was getting boring, Jim Stone revealed that Chinese delegates walked out of the WEF Davos Conference over criticism of Russia.  This is incredibly significant.

It means Russia and China are defying the Rothschild-run NWO. It seems almost certain there will be a nuclear war.

The West has allowed itself to be eaten by satanist termites. It seems almost fitting the house should collapse.  It makes me sad to think of what would be lost. How can we stop this tragic gadarene swine rush to agony? Society is certainly possessed by demons. My hope is that the Rothschild-controlled West feels so much economic pain that the Rothschilds are forced to back down. The West is the aggressor.

China denies snubbing Zelensky speech

Escobar: Russia Rewrites The Art Of (Hybrid) War

Reader---"Ha! Some are dumb enough to think the Russians are dumb!  Russia is playing Chess, as usual, as its enemy, the Rothschild-ruled west, is playing checkers. Russia also has the most cutting-edge weapons on earth. The US Navy (all navies) are obsolete, except for Russian subs. Does anyone know that Russia has a nuclear torpedo called the Poseidon, that is fired at a coastline, wiping out everything for many miles. The Jacksonville Navy base in Florida, port of the Atlantic Fleet, might get one. NY harbour? How 'bout one right through the Golden Gate in San Francisco? The Port of Long Beach, CA?

Anyway, this is big history; when the Rothschild Jewry-dominated west was finally defeated, and a New World Order, not of Rothschild origin, took over, leading to a multipolar world. Rothschild Jewry & their western Butt-Boys are getting their first ass-whopping! I love it. Their private army, NATO, is powerless to stop Russia. The west will pay dearly for allowing itself to be dominated by RJ. If the Jew-Ruled west thinks they can take on Russia OR China, much less BOTH, prepare to get Nuked"

What's this about? Is moneypox a gay disease??

 In the UK there are currently 20 cases, which are all among men from the gay and bisexual community."

A fourth case of monkeypox in Belgium was diagnosed on Sunday. Like the previous three instances, the individual in question was connected to the international gay fetish festival Darklands, which was held in early May in Antwerp."

Once again the gay community blesses us with a new desiese. As it has been noted before, the gay lifestyle is a goldmine for infectious desieses, and regularly creates pandemics and outbreaks out of illnesses which would have otherwise never spread. This is the reason why we have AIDS.

As long as this lifestyle is tolerated, we will keep getting new diseases, and many will die because of this.

The United Nations is already coming out and saying that the LGBTQ community should not be blamed for the spreading of monkeypox.


Police called to Toronto's Pearson airport as frustration flares amid delays, baggage-handling glitches


Jack-Hurn-AstraZeneca-vaccine-death-feature.jpgFamily of 26-Year-Old Who Died 13 Days After AstraZeneca Shot Weighs Legal Action

A final hearing began today in the investigation into the death of a 26-year-old man, Jack Hurn, who died last year from "catastrophic" blood clots in his brain 13 days after receiving the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.


Explosive New Study Finds Direct Correlation Between Higher Mask Usage And COVID-19 Deaths


Trump's Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn Files $50 Million Damage Claim Against FBI, DOJ

Who is oppressing whom??  Heterosexuality is under attack in a way homosexuality never was.

The National Science Teachers Assoc Just BANNED Use Of Words Including 'Mother', 'Father', 'Man' And 'Woman' Because They Are 'Oppressive'


Thomas-massie.jpgThe House on Wednesday voted 420-1 in favor of a bill that "promoted internet censorship and violations of the First Amendment" in the name of "combating anti-Semitism."

Republican Kentucky Rep Thomas Massie, left, was the lone vote against the bill.

Loss of freedom in the name of fighting antisemitism.

Doesn't this tell you that your oppressor is Organized Jewry?



Knights Templar: A Classic Crime Syndicate and In-Group Model


Monkeypox is not the next Covid-19

If the WHO has any sense left, it will douse the alarm surrounding this outbreak


shingles.jpgReader Comment
So Monkeypox is their next psychological warfare drill, but we must ask "Why did they pick a non-airborne virus like Monkeypox which isn't really contagious?" I think we can guess the answer. Monkeypox looks a lot like shingles; and not coincidentally, there is an explosion of shingles cases in those who have immunodeficiencies caused by these experimental COVID-19 vaccines. Here is a stock photo of shingles.

   Dr. Byram Bridle challenged Canadian health officials to a debate about covid vaccines; "they didn't show up"


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Headlines May 24, 2022 - China Breaks with the WEF over Russia "

JG said (May 24, 2022):

Russia wanted to become a member of NATO after the Berlin Wall fell but we're denied.

Russia also actively pursued trade partnerships around the world and was making great strides until the foreign orchestrated "color revolution" of 2014 tool place that overthrew the democratically elected government of the Ukraine. This is when the chaos started to unfold.

The NWO neither cares for the Ukrainian people any more than they do the Russian people. They both have been abused for the last 100 years.

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